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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. This was really fun to write :).
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Michael sat in his room, eating candy bars he had bought earlier, happily eating them when he realized something, he had accidentally eaten the wrapper too, but the strange thing was, it was like he was eating normal food, not plastic. He ate the rest of the candy bar as well as the wrapper and then bit it his pillow, he was eating it like it was normal food! He had gotten some sort of eating abilities where he could eat anything, literally anything. After his little discovery, he goes downstairs and starts eating everything, his belly growing as he did so. Michael realized that he could help people with his new ability, he could almost anything, except for vegetables, yuck, he despised those. He could wear a costume and he could have a cool superhero name, something like.....Mike-matter! About a month after this, he had made a red costume that was made of very stretchy fabric so it could handle his growing girth, found a lair, and obtained an enemy, who went by the name Louis. Louis was a British boy a couple years older than Michael, he had two minions named Liam and Niall, Liam had super strength and Niall had the same abilities as Mikey, Louis had a pet monkey named Harry as well, along with an eyepatch and a robotic left arm. Michael had woken up when morning to his 'superhero' phone ringing, he picked it up and heard someone panicking on the other line. "M-Mike-matter?" He heard a distressed Ashton ask and Michael's heart raced, "Yes?" Michael asked, "Me and my friends need help, we've been captured by a man with a robotic arm." Ashton panted and Michael knew immediately who it was, "I'm on my way Ashton." Michael rushed on as he began grabbing his costume, "How do you know my name?" He asked and Michael froze, his best friends had no idea he was Mike-matter and he didn't plan on them knowing for a while. "Lucky guess." Michael rushed out and then hung up, quickly changing into the red costume and rushed to the garage of his lair, hopping into his Mike-mobile and speeding down the road, knowing exactly where his best mates were being held hostage. The red and black haired boy pulled up to the abandoned building, jumping out of the car and racing inside, running down to the basement and suddenly being pushed against the wall, making him grunt out in pain. "Well, well, well, look who it is?" Liam smirked as he pinned the pale boy to the wall, "Where are my friends?!" Michael snapped and Liam tightened his grip, "With my boss idiot. And I think Louis and Nialler have something planned for a pig like you." Liam smirked and tossed Michael over his shoulder, "PUT ME DOWN!" Michael screamed and punched Liam back as hard as he could, it not doing much as he was only held tighter to the older boy's body and taken down a long hallway, then being thrown to the floor. "So, we meet again Mike-matter." Louis smirked as he leaned over the superhero, Michael jumped up and pounced onto Louis, grabbing him by his costume collar. "Where are they?!" He shouted in the villain's face, "They're with my good buddy TNT." Louis smirked, "You hooked them to explosives?!" Michael snapped and slammed Louis to the floor, a TV turning on in the dark room and Michael's jaw dropped in horror as he saw Calum, Ashton, and Luke tied together, a box of unlit TNT beside them. "They can't hear you no matter what, unless you find them, but...that's impossible since you're gonna have to get out of this first!" Louis screamed and Liam shoved Michael down into a chair, metal cuffs and a belt locking his arms, legs, and waist to the metal chair, he felt his hair be tugged on and his head was pulled back, his green eyes meeting ice cold blue ones. "We're gonna have a little fun Mike-matter." Niall smirked and then let go off his hair, Michael tried to bite the restraints but they only became tighter and he groaned as the metal belt squeezed his belly a little too hard. "LET ME-" Michael began but was cut off by a cloth being put over his mouth, making him inaudible. He glared at Louis and bit into the cloth, eating it and smirked once he swallowed it all. "You must be hungry huh?" Louis smirked as he started pacing around Michael, "What do you have for me?" Michael smirked and then Niall brought over a machine holding 10 gallons of ice cream with a hose attached to the lid, Louis picked up the end of the hose and Michael turned his head away, "Eat!" Louis shouted, "Never!" Michael snapped, "Well, if you don't eat then I'll just have to ask Niall here to light the TNT and cause a little explosion to happen to your friends." Louis smirked, "You wouldn't dare." Michael glared at him. "Oh, but I will." He smirked, "Fine, just don't hurt them." Michael agreed and Louis shrugged, sticking the hose in Michael's mouth and turning it on, vanilla ice cream flowing into Michael's mouth and he gulped it down, making his belly swell up and the metal belt creaked as it added too much pressure to it, then the metal snapped and Michael's gut flopped onto his lap, only halfway through and it continued to grow, finally it was all gone and Michael's gut was the size of a beach ball. "I know you loved to eat, but there's one thing you have yet to love." Louis smirked and Niall brought a large container of broccoli, making Michael grimace at the smell of his only weakness; vegetables. "You're not main me eat that!" Michael exclaimed and turned his head away as a forkful of broccoli was held up to his lips. "Remember about are deal." Louis scolded and Michael gulped, hesitantly opening his mouth and eating the vegetables that were put into his mouth, but after the container was almost empty and Michael's gut was twice it's size, he decided to play a little trick. "N-no more." He whined, pretending to be stuffed to his max, "Are you too full for anything else?" Louis asked and Michael slowly nodded his head, "You can't save your friends from me! I will finally destroy Mike-matter! MWAHAHAHA!" Louis exclaimed and Michael felt his hair be tugged on again, "You must be thirsty Mike." Liam smirked as he put the end of a 5 liter soda bottle in Michael's mouth and the red and black haired boy was forced to chug the bottle down, his gut swelling up more with air bubbles and cola. He let's out loud, deep burp and groans, feeling a little stuffed to be honest. The restraints are taken off him, but before he can react, Liam picks him up and he's being carried down a dark hallway, a door is creaked open and he sees his 3 best friends, "So goodbye to your friends Mike-matter!" Louis cackled and Michael jumped out of Liam's arms, punching the British boy and he was sent room the floor, then he hit Niall and he was knocked out. Michael lunges at the Louis and pulls off his robotic arm, causing the older boy to shriek as Mikey ate the metal, swallowing it and the burping again, patting his bulging belly. Michael rolled off Louis and crawled over to the TNT, eating it before it could explode, "Mike-matter?" Luke mumbled and Michael looked up, "It was still lit." Luke informed Michael and then the TNT went off in Michael's gut, making him swell up more and he burped out smoke. "You pig! You have to ruin everything!" Louis shouted as Michael ate the rope that tied his mates down, "Eh, that's my job." Michael shrugged and stood up, burping loud enough to scare Harry and make him run, Louis chasing after him. "Thanks Mike-matter." Calum smiled as they were walking out of the building, "It's my job to save people like you, now I must be going." Michael smiled as he got into the Mike-mobile, "You look familiar? Do we know you?" Luke asked and Michael rapidly shook his head, then speeding home and quickly going inside their house when he realized something, how was he gonna hide his yoga ball size belly?! He began to panic as his friends would be home soon and he heard the front door open, he quickly went onto his bed and tried to cover hide his belly with the blanket, but he was doomed. "Hey Mike, you'll never believed what-why is your gut the size of Jupiter?" Ashton laughed as he saw the red and black haired boy's bulging belly, "I-I-I'm Mike-matter." He stammered as all of his friends walked in, "What?" Calum asked, "I saved you guys, I was force fed broccoli and ice cream so you didn't expolde." Michael mumbled, "You did all that for us?" Luke asked, "Well, it is my job, but you guys are like my brothers, I couldn't let you get hurt." Michael smiled and his mates hugged him, "We love you dude." Calum smiled, "Love you guys too." Michael grinned.

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