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Mainly focuses on Mikey Wikey during the eating part

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{890 words}
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Thanksgiving is an American holiday that most people know of, well most people that live in North America and Canada. So, people from places such as Australia, don't really have much of a clue on what the hell this holiday is. Like Michael for instance, the purple haired boy had to look it up as he had no clue what it was, a fan asked him if had ever celebrated Thanksgiving and he was confused, he had to admit, the encounter was rather embarrassing. So, here he was, on his bed and looking on his laptop to see what Thanksgiving was, he didn't really expect much of the holiday, probably thinking it was just a little eating and maybe some presents or some shit like Christmas or something, but when he looked it up boy was he so very wrong. He was looking through countless site that described the holiday and he was getting eager to celebrate it, his mouth watering as he looked at pictures of what most Thanksgiving feasts consist of. He stood up and rushed downstairs with his laptop in his hands, "Guys! Guess what I found out?" Michael exclaimed, "That you're loosing your hair?" Calum smirked and Michael scoffed, "No idiot, this fan asked me about this Thanksgiving holiday or something so I looked it up and it looks like the best holiday ever!" Michael cheered as he showed them the laptop screen, watching as his bandmates scrolled through the site. "Well, we could do it, I mean today is actually the day it's celebrated and we could just do a quick run to the store to get what we need. But, the thing is....what do we need?" Ashton chuckled, "We need to make a fucking feast! Duh!" Michael laughed and they all scoffed at him, "No idiot, what food?" Calum asked, "There is a fucking list on the website." Michael laughed and his bandmates looked it over, then Ashton grabbing the keys. "I'll be back." He smiled before leaving and when he came back, holy shit they had a lot of cooking to do. They were gonna make turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, yams, pasta, mac and cheese, stuffing, and dozens of pies. "Damn, Ashton, you really went crazy with the food." Michael chuckled as they cooked and Ashton just shrugged, "You said a feast, so we're making a feast." He smiled and they continued xooking, it taking only 4 hours before they were finally able to set it all out on the table and to say Michael was eager was an understatement, "C'mon! Let's dig in!" Michael beamed as he sat down, the rest of them did the same and they all grabbed a turkey of thir own, stuffing food in their faces. Michael didn't even bother using forks with the turkey, he just tore it apart with his hands and shoved it into his mouth, eating the entire turkey in about 10 minutes and he leaned back in his chair, burping as he rubbed his bloated belly, it puffed out a bi from eating the turkey, next he took huge scoops of mac and cheese, pasta, yams, and mashed potatoes, devouring them and he felt his belly growing, making his belly creak and he groaned, leaving back again and he looked at his bandmates, they looked about the same as he did with their bloated tummies, just slightly smaller than he was. "I gotta get unbutton my jeans before they burst." Luke groaned as he unbuttoned his jeans, his bandmates copying his actions and their bellies rolled out onto their laps, a basketball size for each of them. "Ugh, I'm getting stuffed." Ashton groaned and Calum nodded in agreement, "I'm still hungry." Michael mumbled and they looked at him like he was insane, "What?" He asked, "You look like you swallowed a basketball." Calum laughed, "You look the same way." Michael retorted, rubbing his big belly before continuing to eat, "You're an eating machine dude." Luke laughed and Michael shurgged, continuing to stuff himself silly, they continued to eat and eat, all for out of them breaking r heir chairs of devouring there pies, which they just shoes thir faces into might I add. By rhe time they were done, they all had huge beach ball bellies, pie tins and empty plates filled the table, and they all sat on the floor from breaking their chairs. "Ugh, I'm so stuffed and I can eat one more bite." Ashton groaned and Michael fed him his last bite, "There, you just did." Michael smirked and tried sitting up, but Dr ell back down. "Uh oh....." Michael mumbled, "We have to roll." He mumbled and they all groaned, before rolling themselves to the living room, all of them just laying on the floor. "Best. Holdiday. Ever!" Michael panted as he rubbed his belly, "Let's do this every year." Luke smiled and they all nodded, Michael groaned. "I don't think I'll be able to set for another week." He groaned and his bandmates laughed, "Liar!"

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