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"You want me to do what?" Michael asked over the phone, "I need you to be Santa for tonight." Santa stated over the phone. "B-but, I'm not like you. Just because I'm your nephew doesn't mean anything." Michael mumbled, "Please Michael." He asked. "Okay fine, but if I do a crappy job, it's your fault." Michael chuckled and hung up the phone, but dialing again and telling his bandmates to come over ASAP. "What's wrong Mikey?" Calum asked as they walked inside his apartment, "My uncle just called." He mumbled, "Which one? You have like 10." Luke asked. "The one who gives children coal for being naughty." Michael smirked, "Why'd he call? He never does." Ashton asked, "He wanted me to fill in for him on Christmas Eve." Michael mumbled, "You're gonna be Santa?!" Calum exclaimed, "I-I guess so." Michael stammered and sat down on the couch. "Wh-what if fuck up? What if I ruin Christmas?!" Michael gasped, "Michael, calm down. It's not like you're just a random person he chose, you're blood related to him, you're Santa's goddamn nephew. It's in your blood to be jolly!" Luke smiled and poked Michael's tummy, making him giggle. There was a knock on the door and Michael answered it, seeing no one there but just a huge red bag and he picked it up. "What's in it?" Luke asked as Michael put it on the coffee table, "I don't know." Michael mumbled and opened it, biting his lip to hold back a fit of laughter. Three green elf costumes and a Santa suit were inside. "What the fuck?" He laughed and took out an elf costume, "I'm guess you guys are my elves." Michael chuckled and tossed them each a costume, then going into his bedroom and changing into the Santa suit. He had to make the belt as tight as could for it to fit, it still a little loose and he put on the fake beard, but he took it off, complaining it was too itchy. He walked out into the living room and burst out laughing, seeing his bandmates dressed up in green elf costumes. "Okay, look at yourself first before you laugh." Ashton smirked and Michael scoffed, he picked up the red bag and a note fell out. "Dear Nephew, here are costumes for you and your friends. There is a surprise outside. Warning, Rudolph can get fussy." Michael read and his eyes went wide, they ran downstairs and went othside, seeing a red sleigh with all of Santa's reindeer attached to it, the presents loaded into the back already. "Ashton's gotta drive." Michael laughed, "What? Why me?" He asked, "None of us know how to drive." Michael sighed, "I don't know how to drive a fucking sleigh!" He exclaimed, "Just drive." Michael groaned and they all got in, it took Ashton a few tries before he could actually get the sleigh off the ground, but once they were in the air, it was smooth sailing. "There's the first house!" Michael smiled and pointed to a house with Christmas lights hung all over it, Ashton landed the sleigh on the roof and Michael got out, picking up the right bag of presents and was about to go down the chimney, but stopped. "What's wrong Mikey?" Calum asked, "I-I-I'm scared." Michael stammered, "What if I wake the kids up or something?" He mumbled. "Just get in there." Calum laughed and Michael took a deep breath, "Bring us back some cookies Mike." Luke smirked, "Only Santa gets the cookies you idiot." He laughed and went down the chimney, coughing slightly from the soot (coal and ashes that are in a fireplace). He got out and went over to the tree, bending down and put the presents under the tree with shaky hands, then filling up the stockings that hung above the fireplace, he walked over to the coffee table that had a little plate on it with frosted Christmas cookies and a glass of milk next to it, a little note saying "For Santa". Michael ate the cookies and drank the milk, then he had to go back up the chimney, which was not easy might he add. He sat in the sleigh and it took off, "How the hell am I gonna eat 7 billion cookies?!" He gasped, realizing that he had to do so. "And drink 7 billion glasses of milk." Calum smirked, "Ugh, my tummy hurts just thinking about it." Michael groaned, but he had no choice. That was his job for the night, give kids presents and eat cookies, and after each house, Michael's belly got bigger as it was filled with milk and frosted cookies, the Santa suit was even getting tight! "So when's the baby due Mikey?" Calum joked as he patted Michael's stuffed belly, "Shut the fuck up Calum." Michael groaned, resting a hand on his belly and burping into the other. "One more house left Mikey." Luke smiled, "Oh thank god, I'm so fucking stuffed." Michael huffed as they landed on the roof, rubbing his yoga ball sized belly. He grabbed the last sack of presents and went down the chimney, with a bit of a struggle from the size of his belly. As he was filling up the stockings, he herd footsteps and froze, "Are you Santa?" He heard a little boy ask and he turned around. "You're not Santa." He pouted. "Of course I am. Don't you see my belly?" Michael smiled and jiggled his belly, the little boy nods. "Do you have room for cookies Santa?" He smiled, "I always have room for cookies." Michael grinned and the boy giggled, "I made them myself Santa." He cheered as he handed Michael a plate with two gingerbread cookies on them, Michael ate them. "Those were the best cookies I've ever had." Michael smiled and the boy's face lit up, "Really?" He asked and Michael nodded, "But they made kinda thirsty, do you have any milk for me?" He asked and he nodded, the young boy handing him a small of milk and Michael drank it. "Thank you so much." Michael smiled, "Your welcome Santa." He giggled. "I gotta go, but will you be here next year for me?" Michael asked and the boy rapidly nodded, "And for that black hair of yours." Michael started as he ruffled the boy's hair, "You should dye it, it'll look great on you." He grinned. "Now go back to bed and then you can open your presents in the morning okay?" He asked and the not nodded, scurrying back upstairs and Michael climbed back up the chimney, but once he reached the top and was almost out, his belly stopped him. "Did Santa have too many cookies?" Ashton laughed, "This is not funny, help me out." Michael whined and they pulled him, he finally got free and got into the sleigh, "You okay Mikey?" Calum asked as Michael rubbed his overstuffed gut, "Bellyache." He mumbled and burped into his hand. "We just have to return the stuff to your uncle and then you can go home and sleep." Luke smiled, "Good because I am stuffed to the max." Michael groaned and the black leather belt couldn't handle the pressure of his bulging belly anymore, causing it to snap open and Michael's belly puffed out more. It took 2 long hours, but they finally got to the North Pole, Michael tried to buckle the back again, but it was no use and he was about to get out, when Santa himself came up to his side of the sleigh. "Well done nephew." He smiled, "How do you eat all those cookies in one night?" Michael groaned, "You'll get used to it." He grinned, "Wait, what do you mean?" Michael asked. "I only have one Christmas left before I die and I need a new Santa to fill in for me." He sighed, "Wait, die?! You're dying!" Michael gasped, tears evident in his eyes. "It's okay Michael, I've done my time and now it's time for you to do the same." He smiled, "Wait, wh-what about the band? I-I-I can't just leave my best friends." He sniffled, "Michael, take the job." Ashton smiled, "You-you sure?" Michael asked and they all nodded. "O-okay, I'm the new Santa I guess." He smiled. The next night, 5sos did a concert and at the end, Michael had to break the news, telling the fans that he would no longer be performing and tears fell down everyone's cheeks. Michael did one last final bow as a guitarist and hugged his bandmates, then the next morning, he had moved to the North Pole, taking the role of Santa.

3 years later...
It was Christmas Eve and Michael was flying over town, but something caught his eye, a stage with bright lights and music was playing. He immediately flew down there and right onto the roof of the arena, "Ho ho ho!" He shouted from the roof and then went down onto the stage, "MICHAEL!" Everyone screamed and his three best friends embraced him in a hug. "We miss you so so so much." Luke smiled, "I've miss you guys too, a lot." Michael sniffled. "I'm sorry for leaving, but it had to be done." He sighed, "Without me, without Santa, kids would be sad and depressed. There would be no Christmas. I'm sorry for leaving, I really am, but again, it had to be done." The audience clapped and Michael smiled. "Wow, you've really changed haven't you?" Calum smirked, "Well yeah, I have a big belly and somewhat of a beard." Michael laughed. "Oh, I have something for you guys." Michael went into his red beg and pulled out two silver drumsticks, with Ashton's name in them and the date the band was made, he handed them to Ashton then took out a guitar pick for Calum, and then took out his old back guitar with the X's on it. "Luke, this is for you." He smiled and handed him the guitar, "Mikey, we-we can't take these." Ashton managed. "Take them please, something to remember me by." He sniffled, his voice cracking before they all broke down into sobs, a group hug forming. "I-I-I better go, I have presents to deliver. But, don't think of this as a goodbye, more like a see you later." Michael smiled before he went back into the sleigh, everyone waving to him as he left.

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