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-slight mention of vomit
-slight mentions parent trouble

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Did he loose weight? His cheekbones are more prominent and his jawline is sharper. (Bad angle in the picture for it to be noticeable, sorry lol)

I don't approve of this, BUT I'll still love him forever and ever

His eyes are red rimmed and kinda puffy, they're also kinda purple-ish blue.......Mikey baby what's wrong?


{1215 words}
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Rachel didn't really hate anyone, or dislike them either, she was an awfully nice person, it took quite a bit for her to hate someone. But, there was this one boy she hated, Michael Clifford. Rachel just despised the boy for only one reason, he had a burping disorder that she couldn't stand, it was just so gross and yuck! The brunette avoided him purposely, not wanting to hear him belch and all, she despised him with a passion. Sigh, anyways! Rachel was currently running late to class, walking in whilst the teacher was taking attendance and she the only available seat was next to that blonde boy she wanted out of her life, Michael. Rachel froze and she felt eternally fucked, knowing she wouldn't be able to handle sitting next to him and she glanced at him, seeing him sadly looking down at his desk and her heart sank a little, but not that much as she had a burning hatred for him. "Rachel, sit down." The teacher declared and Rachel sat on the floor, "What on Earth are you doing?" He scolded, "I'm sitting, I can't sit next to him. So, I'll sit here on the floor." Rachel explained and everyone glanced at Michael, seeing him avoiding eye contact from everyone. "Rachel, you must sit in that seat or you will be sent to the principal." The teacher warned and Rachel sighed loudly, sitting on the desk annoyingly and she heard Michael mumble a small and sad "I'm sorry", making her glance at him and the sight she saw nearly made her heart crack in two. Michael was tensed up, clearly holding back tears so people wouldn't laugh at him, he was biting his lip to keep it from quivering, and his fists were clenched tightly so he could keep the tears in while his hands rested on his thighs. He looked like he was gonna break down........and Rachel was the reason for it. As the class dragged on, Rachel could tell he was trying to hold in his burps so she didn't have to hear them, but it was hard as some slipped out and it was causing him pain to hold them in, suddenly Michael's face paled and he raised his hand high, "Sor, I need the toilet." Michael rushed out, immediately being allowed to go and he rushed out of the classroom, obviously not feeling well from holding the burps in, Rachel was beginning to feel awful for what she had done, her heart going out to the poor boy. The bell rang and Rachel walked towards the boy's bathroom near the classroom, hearing people talking and Michael's retching. "It's okay buddy, let it out." She heard a boy coo, "Calum, make it stop!" Michael cried and he made an awful retching/burping noise before Rachel heard him vomit more, making her heart drop out of her ass.......why was she so rude to the poor boy? She sighed and walked to the cafeteria, sitting where her and her friends usually sat, but unfortunately, her friends had all caught a stomach bug and maybe Michael had it considering he was throwing up, she didn't wanna think too much about it. She sat alone, eating her lunch and she looked up, seeing Michael and his friends walking over, "C-Can we j-join you?" Michael blushed and Rachel smiled sadly at him, "Sure." She grinned and Michael's eyes sparkled in happiness as he sat down with his three friends, "These are my friends Calum, Ashton, and Luke." Michael grinned and they all waved, "Are you feeling okay? I heard you throwing up earlier." Rachel cooed and Michael blushed, "Well, um my disorder can make me throw up or gives me a fever sometimes. Kinda like a period with b-burping I guess." Michael explained and Rachel felt so bad, she didn't know all that happened to him, she just thought he burped a lot, she didn't know he would get pain. "Oh Mikey, that's awful." She frowned and he shrugged, "I'm used to it, I don't mind it." Michael mumbled and they all continued talking, the bell ringing too soon for them and they went to their classes, Rachel unable to get the blonde boy out of her mind now. She felt awful for treating him the way she did, he was sweet and kind, but she didn't care enough to even get know him, she just cared about his burping and wanted to stay the fuck away from it, she laid her head down on her desk, mentally sighing at how bad she felt and then the dismissal bell rang, making her jump up and start to walk home. As she was walling past the park near her house, she saw Michael on the swings, kicking his legs back and forth and sadly staring at the ground, he was the only one there and she felt her heart crack at his sad expression. She walked over and sat on the swing next to him, making him smile as he looked up. "H-hi." Michael mumbled and she smiled, "Hey Michael." She smiled, "Why are you all alone?" She asked and he shrugged, "I didn't wanna go home, my dad is there and I'm gonna wait until he leaves for work." Michael mumbled, "Why wait?" Rachel asked, afraid of the answer. "He doesn't like me around." Michael mumbled sadly and Rachel put her hand on his, lacing then together. "Wanna come home with me? My parents wouldn't mind." She cooed, "I-I-I don't know, I wouldn't wanna be a burden especially with how you feel about my disorder and all." Michael stammered, "Mikey, it's okay now, it doesn't bother me that much anymore, besides, I could use some extra company." She grinned and stood up, Michael repeating her actions and they walked to her house, "I have to admit.......I can kinda have a itty-bitty crush on you. Okay a huge gigantic crush." Michael blushed as they walked onto Rachel's porch, making her giggle and turn to him. "I can't believe I've never known how sweet and adorable you are." Rachel smiled and Michael giggled, blushing and looking down, but Rachel picked his face up and kissed him softly, feeling him smile against her lips and she pulled away. "W-wow." Michael mumbled, "Did I steal your first kiss?" She asked and Michael nodded, "That's definitely not the last one you'll be getting from me." She smirked and he blushed, following her inside.

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