Dinner Date

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

-parent issues
-rape (NOT SHOWN)


He looks so cute and shy awwwwwwww

I'm still not over the red hair, then he fucking changes it blue

Michael you dildo



{1080 words}
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Michael sat at the dinner table, pushing the microwaved cup of noodles he had made himself for dinner, his father not caring enough to even leave him money for a pack of gum. He heard the door creak open ad he jumped, trying to hide from the young man and he rushed into the closet, hearing glass shatter and he winced, his heart pounding against his ribcage. "Michael! Where the fuck are you?!" Zach, Michael's adoptive father, shouted and Michael covered his mouth, trying to keep quiet so the man just went to bed after his long day of drinking. The closet door was swung open and Michael shrieked, being yanked out by his collar and thrown against the wall, hitting his head hard and he groaned. "Shut up wimp." He spat and Michael bit back tears, getting a harsh slap to the cheek. "Why did I even adopt you?! Such a worthless fuck!" Zach shouted and smashed a glass bottle against Michael's shoulder, making the 16 year old cry out in pain. "SHUT THE FUCK UP PUSSY!" He snapped and Michael immediately shut up, taking the abuse as he was punched, kicked, and even cut, he was burping a lot and that just caused more abuse, it pissing Zach off extremely. Michael let out a small burp and Zach cut a long line down his arm, "No wonder your mother put you up! She didn't want a pig like you!" He snapped and kicked Michael into the wall, "Take your pants off." He stated and Michael froze, "N-no, Z-Zach-" Michael began, "NOW MICHAEL!" Zach shouted and Michael did as told. After an hour, Michael laying on his bedroom floor and his phone rang, he immediately answered it so he knew it was Rachel. "R-Rachel, help me." Michael whimpered, "Mikey, sweetheart what's wrong?" Rachel asked, "I-its my d-dad, he-" Michael began, "MICHAEL!" Zach shouted, "Mikey come over." Rachel rushed out and Michael hung up, climbing out the window after quickly packing a some clothes, running to Rachel's and he burst through the door, falling to the floor and sobbing, bleeding from many cuts where Zach had cut him with a beer bottle, Rachel rushed over amd he sobbed into her chest. "I-i-it hurts Rachel, I hurt so much!" Michael sobbed and she stood him up, taking him to the bathroom and tending to his injuries, wrapping his cuts and bruises. Rachel took him to bed and they sat together, Michael being the little spoon like usual and Rachel holding his petite pale hand in hers, playing with his small fingers and ignoring his constant burping, knowing he was terrified and he would burp loads, but she didn't mind one bit. "Thank you for being here for me." Michael sniffled and Rachel twirled his blonde fringe in between her fingers, "I always will be." She cooed and Michael weakly smiled, then he let out a burp and blushed. "Do you think my dad is right?" He mumbled, "He never is, but about what?" Rachel asked, "That I'm worthless." Michael mumbled, "Mikey, no, you're not worthless." Rachel cooed, "You're so important baby." She cooed and Michael started sobbing, "He-he-he hurt me s-so-o mu-uch, he-he e-ev-eve-" Michael choked out, not able to finish. "Breathe baby, just breathe and hold my hand." Rachel cooed, her heart breaking at the sight before her. His eyes bloodshot and filled with pain, fat tears of pain falling down his cheeks, his poor body trembling and jerking with every sob racking him. "He-he-he fucking r-r-raped me." Michael sobbed and collapsed forward, basically ontop of Rachel and her heart broke, "He fucking raped me!" Michael screamed and Rachel hugged him tight, "Baby boy, shhhhhh. It's okay baby." Rachel cooed, cradling him and rocking him back and forth. "You're safe now I promise." She cooed and wiped his tears, a sniffle and a burp escaping him. "We should get some sleep Mikey." Rachel mumbled and Michael nodded, getting up and heading for the door, "Where are you going?" She asked, "The guest room, I don't want to keep you up with my burps." Michael mumbled and she pulled him back onto the bed, "You won't okay? I wanna cuddle with you." Rachel cooed, "But-" Michael began, cut off by a kiss and he smiled. "Just stay." She grinned and laid down with him, taking off his jacket and jeans so he wasn't too hot, then pulling the blanket over to them and he snuggled into her chest, slowly falling asleep and doing so peacefully. When Michael woke up, he saw a breakfast tray on the bedside table and Rachel running his fingers through his hair. "You're too sweet to me." Michael giggled, "I try." She smirked and Michael chuckled, kissing her softly.

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