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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Mikey and Niall

Fat Mikey (700 pounds)

Not a smut entry (the title kinda throws it off)

I'm in love with Michael Magixx, not gonna lie

Still love Mikey a hell of a lot tho

This is short and it's sucks, I'm sorry

{876 words}
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Michael walked, well waddled, into the kitchen, seeing his Irish roommate with an XL meat lovers pizza that made Michael's mouth water. "You aren't gonna touch this." Niall scolded, seeing Michael eyeing the pizza. "Whyyyyyy?" Michael whined as he sat down, his belly resting firmly on his lap and close to touching his knees, "Because I have to take it to a family party and I can't have you eating it." Niall explained and Michael nodded, it hard to resist the dish that made his belly growl and his mouth water. Niall's phone buzzed and he looked at it, "Shit I gotta go, don't touch the pizza or else." He warned before leaving, Michael just waved him off as he walked out the door and he heard his belly let out an animalistic growl, "Shut it okay?" Michael mumbled as he rubbed it and standing up, tugging on his tight sweater that showed every single bulge and roll his body had, which was a lot, he waddled over to the couch and laid down, still rubbing his growling gut and it was really starting to annoy him. "Shut upppppp!" He whined as it growled at him for the millionth time, "Okay! Fine you win!" Michael snapped, getting up and going to the pizza, about to grab a slice but he stopped himself. "Fuck, what am I doing?" Michael mumbled, resting his head in his hands, his mind fighting with him. "I could always get another one before he comes home." Michael mumbled and he found himself stuffing a slice in his mouth, getting barbecue sauce all over his face as he shoved more and more into his mouth, he finished the last slice and groaned, sitting on the kitchen floor and rubbing his full belly, "Ugh, that was too fast." He groaned to himself and he heard the door open, "Fuck...." He mumbled and he heard Niall's footsteps come closer but instead of yelling he heard nothing, making him look up. "What did I tell you?" Niall asked and Michael looked down at the large mound of flesh that was resting on his knees, "I-I-I'm sorry, my gut won the fight. I'll buy another one, I'm really sorry." Michael apologized as he struggled to stand up, Niall helping the black haired boy stand up. "Remember that I said or else?" Niall smirked and took Michael's hand, "What are you gonna do?" Michael asked as Niall stopped infront of a door, "You'll see in a second." Niall smirked before opening the door and Michael gulped as he was brought inside, then the light was turned on and his eyes went wider than the moon, seeing boxes and boxes of pizzas piled high. "Holy shit, how many pizzas are there?" Michael asked as Niall sat him down in a metal chair, "Oh, just every single one." Niall shrugged and then metal cuffs held Michael's arms and legs down to the chair, one also going around his waist and squishing his belly, making him groan. "What the hell Niall?!" Michael shouted and then he saw robotic hands open pizza boxes, grabbing slices and Michael's belly growled again, but the pale boy didn't know if it was because if it was because he ate so fast or if he was hungry, "This is or else." Niall smirked as a robotic hand force fed the black haired boy pizza slices, getting sauces and grease all over his face as he tore through the boxes. After about 10 boxes, Michael was beginning to sweat and pant from how full he was getting, the metal brace not helping his stuffed belly by applying so much pressure. "You okay Michael?" Niall asked and Michael nodded, not telling the truth at all. "Good because I wasn't planning on stopping." Niall smirked and continued to feed him, Michael's whole waist expanding into a sphere shape and he actually broke the metal brace around his waist, his gut bouncing out. "Fuck! I'm gonna explode!" Michael panted as he was nearing the end of what seemed like the neverending boxes. "You're okay, I know you weren't gonna be able to resist that pizza, I was testing you and since you failed it....you're being punished." Niall explained, "I had a damn pizza! I could've bought another one and we would be fine!" Michael snapped, a piece of meat lovers pizza being shoved in his mouth, "Less talking, more chewing." The blonde smirked and Michael kept eating, not knowing that if he would burst before he finished. Michael swallowed the last bit of pizza, Niall uncuffed him and Michael fell to the floor, groaning from how packed his belly was. "Niall, I'm gonna pop." Michael huffed as he rubbed his sphere body, "That will teach you not to eat my pizza." Niall smirked as he rolled Michael to his bedroom, getting him on his bed and Michael flipped him off before completely falling asleep, slipping into a food coma.

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