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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Mikey VS Food Pt.2!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Another week, another challenge." Ashton smirked as they got into the car, "I'm starving and I can't wait to pig the fuck out and-are you fucking recording this?!" Michael laughed as he saw Ashton holding the camera. "Ugh I hate you. Anyway, hi I'm Michael Clifford and I'm here in California to take on the Knucklehead challenge!" He smiled to the curly haired lad holding the camera. "But before I make a pig out of myself, I'm gonna hit a couple hot spots for food and see what other amazing things I can bite into." Michael smiled and then the car stopped, "And so our journey begins!" He exclaimed and Ashton turned the camera off right after Michael's tummy made an animalistic growl. "I got that on tape!" Ashton laughed, "Shut up." Michael mumbled as they got out of the car. "Is this the place?" Calum asked, "Yeah, burger and beer joint." Michael smiled as he took off his coat, throwing it in the car as he was now just wearing a tight Harley Davidson tank top. They walked inside and they all sat down at a table, this restaurant wouldn't allow Michael in the back to watch how they cook it as they said they didn't want to show their kitchen on TV or show any special ingredients they used in the food which Michael completely understood, but the owners of the restaurant were glad to talk with Michael about it. "What exactly is the Mother Burger?" Michael asked the owners, Louis and Harry, "It's a 10 pound burger with all the toppings." Louis smiled, "If someone asks for it off, we won't do it because you need to have all the toppings for it to be the Mother Burger." Michael nodded along, "How many people have actually eaten the whole thing?" Michael asked, "Um, I think 2 have." Harry smiled, "Only 2?" Michael laughed and they nodded, "Well, it's gonna be 3 now." Michael chuckled to the camera. "Are you really gonna eat the whole thing?" Harry asked, "Hell yeah I am!" Michael exclaimed and they all laughed. They got up and the couple went into the kitchen to make Michael the burger, "The worst part about it is the waiting." He smiled and his tummy growled again, "Oh my god shut up tummy." He scolded it, earning a laugh from his mates. Then Harry placed the 10 pound burger on the table and they cut it into 4 sections with a damn hacksaw, "How are you gonna fit that into your gut?" Calum asked, "It's simple, I just will." The dark blue haired boy smirked and picked up a quarter of the burger, shoving his face into and taking monster sized bites out of it. He ate each quarter pretty quickly and was drinking non-alcoholic beers to wash it down, not wanting to be drunk off his ass that night. He leaned back into the booth after he swallowed the last bite and groaned, "Uuuugh, I'm so stuffed." He whined and rubbed his soccer ball shaped belly. Ashton turned the camera off and helped Michael stand up, paying for it. "Mike, we gotta go." Calum mumbled, "Why?" Michael asked, "We've gotta get to the hot dog place before it closes at 10 pm and it's 9:30 right now." He rushed and Michael's jaw dropped, "I can't do that challenge now! I'm stuffed like a damn turkey!" Michael gawked, "Too bad dude, we can't do it tomorrow because we have to air the episode today." Luke shrugged, "Oh my god this is gonna suck." Michael huffed as they walked to the car, waving goodbye to the owners. "I look pregnant." Michael mumbled, "Just wait until you do the Knucklehead challenge." Ashton smirked and Michael gulped, a little nervous now. "Well, let's pray I don't burst." Michael chuckled as they got to the hot dog place and they went inside, Ashton sat Michael at a table as he looked too full to stand, then they got the owner out to talk with Michael, Liam Payne. The British boy sat at a table with Michael, "So, how did you come up with Knucklehead challenge?" Michael asked, "I just saw all these hot dog places around making chili dogs and chili fries and such, but I thought that was too normal so I just tripled the size of it as well as adding toppings." Liam explained, "And if you're taking on the challenge, you may have an issue with that stuffed stomach of yours." He laughed and Michael blushed, "I'm still gonna eat it. All of it." Michael smirked, "I'd love to see that." Liam smirked, "Oooooh, you will. Trust me, I have never lost a challenge and I don't plan on that happening anytime soon." Michael smiled, "Oh, by the way, do you know a boy named Niall Horan?" Michael asked and Liam nodded, "Been best friends for years and years, why do you ask?" He smiled, "Just wondering because I filmed an episode with him." Michael smiled, "How about Louis and Harry Styles?" Michael asked, "Been friends for 20 years." He smiled, "Sweet." Michael grinned, "Now I'm gonna make that food for ya and give you some beer with it." He grinned and walked away from Michael's table, "Soooooo, how's your gut doing?" Ashton asked and pointed the camera towards Michael's gut, "Fucking awful, it's stuffed right now and now I'm doubting if I can even complete this challenge. Uuuuuuuuugh." Michael groaned, "You'll eat it all, somehow." Luke chuckled, "Ugh, my belly will burst before my button does." Michael mumbled, he leaned forward on the table and rested his head in his arms, "The worst part is not the stuffing, it's the goddamn waiting and suspense." Michael smiled and they laughed, "Ooooh, here it comes!" Calum teased as a crowd was forming around them and Liam walked out with the 20 pound chili dog, covered in fires and melted cheese. "Oh fuck me." Michael mumbled as he tied a bib around his neck, "You have 1 hour, and it!" Liam declared and Michael started shoving food in his face, not bothering with a fork as he shoved ripped chunks of chili dog in his mouth, the spicy chili going all over his face and fingers. "I have to spread my legs to make room for my belly!" He shouted to the crowd and they all laughed, then continued cheering him on as he washed the last of the first hot dog down with non-alcholic beer. "Uuuuuuuuugh!" He groaned, burping loudly, "I'm so stuffed, I don't think I can so it." He mumbled, "EAT! EAT! EAT!" The crowd chanted, "Fine you win." He laughed and continued shoving food in his face, swallowing a handful of fries and then he shimmied, "What the hell are you doing?" Calum laughed, "Shimmying to get the food down." He retorted like it was the most obvious thing, shimmying a little more and then shoved more food in his face, chugging what was possibly his with beer that day. His tank top was riding up and up and he kept burping, his gut now sitting on his knees as it was bigger than a beach ball, and he only had a couple bites of hot dog and a few fries left. He shoved the last of it into his mouth and chewed it as fast as possible, chugging one final beer before raising his hand in triumph and the crowd cheered. "I really didn't think you could do it Mikey." Luke laughed as they helped him stand, "I didn't think so either." Michael mumbled as he licked the chili of his fingers and took the messy bib off, holding his belly as if he was pregnant and he waddled, yes waddled, to the door but they're was one issue, he was stuck. "Uh, guys!" He called and they turned around, Luke and Calum walking over to him and they all burst out laughing, except Mikey. "It's not funny!" Michael snapped, "Hell yeah it is." Calum laughed and Michael saw Ashton recording as the brunette and blonde began pulling him, "Don't tape me! Turn the fucking camera off!" Michael shouted, "Nope, this is funny as hell, it's pure gold." Ashton laughed and Michael groaned, they finally pulled him out and they caught him before he fell flat on his tummy. "Thanks." He blushed and they helped the stuffed boy get to the car, Michael still cradling his beach ball belly. "So, today in Mikey VS Food, I beat the Knucklehead challenge. I just got stuck in the doorway as you all saw, as you must know I am very stuffed, like a fucking turkey, and I probably won't watch for another week or two." He smiled, "And that was a fucking lie." Calum laughed, "Seriously, look at this thing! I don't think I'm kidding." Michael exclaimed as he lifted his shirt, revealing his tightly packed belly. "Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed, stay tuned for next week's episode when I take on the Carnivore Challenge with my buddy Niall." He smiled and Ashton turned the camera off, "The Carnivore challenge?!" He gaped as they got Michael into the car, Mikey nodded, "Dude that's 10 pounds of pizza! I don't think you and Niall can do it." Ashton exclaimed, "I just ate a 20 pound chili dog with 10 pounds of burger already inside of me, I think I'll be okay with a partner as well." Michael laughed and the groaned, rubbing his belly as they drove off, "So *burp* fucking *burp* stuffed *burp*. I'm gonna-BRRRRUUUUPPP- explode." Michael burped, "I can only imagine." Luke laughed, "Ugh, I look fucking pregnant with quads." He groaned, "By the way, what do you want for dinner?" Ashton smirked, "Fuck off." Michael groaned and they all laughed.

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