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"Mikey, you got whip cream on your nose." Rachel giggled and Michael went cross eyed, trying to see the cream on his nose and she just wiped it off with a napkin, a smile spreading across Michael's face. The two had gone out on a date, finding a need to go out and have a little time for themselves, so they had gone to McDonald's and split a milkshake, cliché but who the fuck cares? It's cute! They had already eaten there meals, just wanting to split a milkshake because Michael insisted they do so, although the pale boy had already eaten plenty for his sensitive tummy. "How did you get so cute?" Rachel asked as they finished up, "Well, you see my grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother was a tiny wittle bunny." Michael giggled, "Now you're even cuter." Rachel cooed and she pecked his lips, the couple walking to the car and as soon as they sat down, Michael let out a loud burp and clapped his hand to his mouth, giggling at Rachel's grimace. As she started to drive, Michael burped right next to her ear and burst out laughing, "Mikey!" Rachel groaned and Michael continued laughing, burping in between fits of laughter to bug Rachel, not knowing how mad it made her. When they got home, she stormed inside and went straight to the bathroom, turning on the shower and her music so she could try and calm down. Rachel sat on the floor of the shower, letting the warm water soak her from head to toe and letting out a heavy sigh. She was acting like a pouty 5 year old, huffing and pouting slightly. Rachel finished showering and dried off, getting dressed and going to the living room, cuddling next to Michael and he smiled at her, kissing her forehead and he put his hand on his tummy, "Ooh." Michael moaned and Rachel sat up, "Kitten what's wrong?" Rachel asked. "I don't feel so good." Michael breathed out and he started looking pale, sweating a bit and Rachel felt his forehead for a fever, not getting anything and Michael whimpered as his tummy gurgled. The younger girl pulled him closer so his fluffy head was resting in her lap, rubbing his rather bloated tummy and he whined from the pain, "Don't like it." Michael sniffled and then his belly made a loud growling noise, making him jump up and dash to the bathroom, Rachel following him and finding him puking his guts out, she went over to rub his back as he finished and collapsed to the side, panting. "Ow! Ow!" Michael cried as he clutched his chest, making Rachel panic and she called 911, not willing to risk Michael having a heart attack or something. "Fuck!" Michael screamed as Rachel took him downstairs and laid him on the couch, "It hurts Rachel." Michael sobbed and Rachel bent down next to him, gently playing with his hair to try and calm him down as paramedics came in, having Rachel move so they could make sure Michael was okay. After about an hour of checking and questions, "He just has some food poisoning as well as some air bubbles trapped in his chest. He just needs to take these pills just for today and needs help getting the air out." A paramedic explained to Rachel, handing her a bag with two white pills inside. "How do I have air bubbles in my chest?" Michael asked as he sat up, Rachel just shrugging and chuckling. The paramedics left and Rachel went to the kitchen, getting Michael some water and coming back, sitting him up and making him take the pills. The lilac haired boy made grabby hands at his girlfriend, pouting slightly and Rachel awed at him, laying down next to him and he snuggled into her, smiling a bit. "Will you help me get them out?" Michael asked with a slight blush on his cheeks, Rachel nodded with a little hesitation and Michael put her hand on his chest, telling her to rub it in hopes that it would work. The teen girl slowly rubbed his chest and Michael let out a couple burps, his face lighting up as he realized it was working and Rachel smiled a little, continuing to rub his chest and listen to his burping, it honestly beginning to freak out. His burps were starting to gross her out and she was freaking out at how many were coming out at once, after only 10 minutes she jumped up and ran out of the room, crying and leaving a very confused Michael on the couch. Rachel laid in their bed, crying and she honestly couldn't figure out for the life of her why. An hour later, Michael walked through the bedroom door with a blank expression on his face, Rachel thinking he was gonna ask what's wrong but he just laid down, not saying a word. Rachel sniffled and wiped her tears away, "Mikey?" She whispered, "What? Am I disturbing you again?" Michael retorted and Rachel was a little taken back. "Disturb me?" She asked and Michael sat up, "Yes! Disturb you!" He snapped, "I am in fucking pain and I just need a little help from my girlfriend! But nooooooo, she had to be a child!" Michael shouted as he stood up, "She's acting like a fucking 2 year old! She fucking cries at everything!" Michael shouted once more before storming out of the room and going downstairs, slamming the door behind him. Rachel let out a sob, was she really acting like that? She could hear Michael burping up a storm downstairs, frowning as she knew he was in pain and having to force the burps out by himself, falling asleep with a frown on her face. Rachel woke up, sitting up and she went into the drawer next to their bed, pulling out a hardcover notebook and a pen.

Dear Mikey,
I'm sorry for being a child, it was really rude of me. I have no excuse or reason for why I cried, I just did and that makes me like a child. I feel awful for hurting you, I'm not a good girlfriend for doing so. You're my sunshine, my whole world, my only reason. Without you I have no purpose. I should take care of you, I should help you, I should be caring. I wasn't any of those. I'm so sorry sunshine, I don't deserve you. I love you so much it physically hurts, I couldn't imagine a life without you. I never wanna let you go, I know I fucked up, I'm sorry.
Rachel xx

Rachel tore out the page and folded it, going downstairs and frowning slightly as she saw Mikey laying on the pull out couch, curled into a ball under the blanket and sleeping peacefully, a trash bin next to the bed in case he got sick. She set the letter down next to him so he could read it when he woke up, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek and seeing him smile in his sleep, making her heart flutter. The teen girl went to the kitchen, deciding since it was 5 am that she could make a little breakfast for Michael so he could wake up to it, she made him his favorite breakfast and put it in the oven so it wouldn't get cold, writing a small note for him so he would know where to look. Rachel went back upstairs and laid down, going to sleep and cuddling a pillow, waking up to someone laying on top of her and she saw Michael ontop of her, his arms wrapped around her. "I love you too sunshine." Michael whispered and kissed her softly, smiles on both of their faces.

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