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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

More Niall and Mikey

A little insecure Mikey in the beginning

2013 (I think, idk whatever year Mikey first dyed his hair brown) Mikey and 2015 Niall

It's short but sweet!!!!

Forgive me for my terrible puns lol


{1020 words}
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"No, No, No, NO!" Michael shouted as he tried pulling the door open that led him and Niall out of the cake factory they were currently stuck in, having tried every exit possible but to no avail, they were trapped. "Fucking hell!" He cursed and kicked a metal pole, "Ow and now I think I broke my foot." He grumbled as he sat on the floor, holding his foot. "Mike, just relax, our bandmates will figure out we're missing and find us." Niall shrugged, "Pfft, they'll realize you're gone. Mine won't because I'm just the fat guitarist no one cares about." Michael mumbled, "Hey, don't say that. You're not fat at all and you know they love you." Niall cooed as he sat next to Michael, "How can someone love a fat boy?" Michael frowned, looking down at his lap and seeing his doughy belly sitting on it a little, flowing over his jeans and the button looked like it was gonna pop. "You're not fat, just chubby." Niall smiled and hugged Michael, squeezing his waist a bit and Michael smiled, snuggling into the older boy's chest. Michael's belly growled loudly and he blushed, "Your little tummy is gonna have to wait awhile, I don't think the machines work here after hours." Niall explained and Michael whined, wanting food in his empty belly now. He could could be at home, eating a big tub of his favorite ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, while watching Pokémon, but noooooo, he just had to get stuck in the damn cake factory. Michael laid in Niall's lap for what seemed like years, but was really just four hours before he jumped and went over to the conveyor belt, pressing the green button and all these lights flickered on and the belt started moving. "See! It works!" Michael exclaimed, but then 2 robotic hands grabbed him by the arms, laying him on the conveyor and as soon as he opened his mouth, a nozzle stuck itself in it and rich, creamy chocolate frosting squirted into his mouth at a rocket speed, making him swallow as fast as he could and his belly swelled up, now his lower belly sticking out from under his tshirt, he groaned at the sudden stretch in his tummy, Niall pulling him off the conveyor belt and helping him stand. "You alright Mike?" He asked as Michael leaned on him, "Yeah, my gut just looks like a pillow." Michael groaned and and he rubbed it, "Although, it feels kinda.......nice." Michael smiled. "Really?" Niall asked and Michael nodded, getting back onto the conveyor belt purposely and getting fed pink, chocolate, vanilla, and many other frostings, Niall being put on as well and Michael was now laying on the floor, rubbing his basketball shaped belly with pink frosting all over his face. "Oooooh, I ate too much frosting, uuuuugh." He groaned as Niall got up, helping the brown haired boy stand. "You feel sick?" Niall asked, "Surprisingly, no." Michael chuckled as he stood on his own, undoing his belt and button before waddling, yes waddling, to where all the cake layers were being stored. Michael grabbed about 10 tiers, stacking them ontop of each other on a plate, then grabbing bags of frosting and squirting it on, "If you're gonna make a cake, then you better let me join the party." Niall smirked, setting up his own cake and they added all the toppings they could find, sprinkles, frostings, chocolates, candy, even other pastries, they put everything on them. Michael and Niall tied bibs around there necks and Niall smirked, "Let's dig in." He grinned before they shoved their faces into their cakes, gobbling them up quickly and Michael flopped back, his huge beach ball gut pointing to the ceiling as he rubbed it with his chubby hands, Niall doing the same. Michael stood up and burped a couple times, helping Niall stand and they waddled over to this at least 60 foot tall vat of cake batter, Mikey immediately climbed the ladder, it being difficult because of his huge gut but he made it to the top nonetheless. He hovered over the vat of thick creamy chocolate cake batter, licking his lips as he looked at it, then he felt Niall shove him in, grabbing onto the Irish boy's hand and taking him in with him, both of them making the batter splash up into the air, raining back down on them as they resurfaced, wiping the batter away from their eyes and then they realized something, it was like fucking quicksand! "Niall, we only have one choice." Michael mumbled as they sank, "We have to eat it." He stated and started taking huge gulps of the thick batter, Niall copying him and and it only took 3 hours, but they managed to eat the entire thing. Now, they laid at the bottom of the vat, huge yoga ball guts pointing to the ceiling. "What happened to you 2?" They heard a familiar Aussie accent say and they looked to the side, seeing Ashton and Liam standing in the wide opening in the vat. "We ate too much cake- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael belched, rubbing his belly. "You're covered in batter!" Liam laughed and they rolled them out, "We're gonna have to clean you guys up when we get home." He smiled and they rolled them to the car, trying trying to get them inside but no such luck. "Suck it in guys." Ashton huffed, "We're fucking trying!" Michael snapped, "Just forget it! We're not gonna fucking fit!" Michael shouted as they laid on the sidewalk, "We'll just roll you home I guess." Ashton mumbled, "That's not at all embarrassing." Michael grumbled and they were rolled home, getting cleaned off before they fell asleep in bed, the sugar highs they had came crashing down when they got home.

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