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Single daddy Michael

So I'm redoing my Dangerous fan fiction because I deleted it, but now I'm redoing it!!

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Michael swung the axe one final time, chopping the log of wood in half and he wiped the sweat of his forehead, then tugging his black beanie down a bit and rubbing his hand over his face, scratching his beard a bit. Michael lived in the woods in a log cabin, not the most normal place to be but he loved it because it was safe and he could do his job easier, being a lumberjack in the city isn't so easy. He lived with his best mates from highschool, Ashton, Calum, and Luke, not being in a relationship for 7 years since his wife Amy passed away after she gave birth to triplets, her body couldn't handle it and she lost too much blood. That's when Michael moved into the forest with his family and his mates, his house was too much of a reminder of her for him, he needed to get away from the city and that's when he became a lumberjack. He sat down on a tree trunk and took deep breaths, tired from his long day of work and he ran his fingers through his platinum blonde hair, putting his hand on his belly as it growled like a wild animal. He got up and walked back home, putting his axe down before opening his arms for his three 7 year old daughters, Ashley, Lucy, and Casey, to run into. "DADDY!" They squealed and tackled him to the floor, making him laugh as he hugged them tight, "Hey girls." He smiled as he kissed their heads, "Can we play daddy?" Ashley asked, "Let me get some pancakes and cider first okay? Then we can play." Michael smiled as he ruffled her hair and they got off him so he could get up, then he walked to the table and Ashton set down a plate of 50 syruppy pancakes and a mug of apple cider infront of him. "Thanks Ash." Michael smiled as he started eating, stuffing pancakes into his mouth as he sipped on his cider and he felt the buttons on his flannel vest start to strain against his growing gut. He ate the last bite and swallowed the last of the cider, causing the bottom 3 buttons to pop off. "And there they go!" Mark, his son, laughed and Michael rolled his eyes, "Shut up." He chuckled and rubbed his beach ball belly, basically feeling himself gain weight. "Can we play now daddy?" Ashley asked as she tugged on his hand and Michael stood up, his belly bulging out infront of him. "Yeah, just can't play too rough because daddy's really stuffed." Michael smiled and his daughters nodded, grabbing his hands and pulling him onto the couch, climbing onto him and poking his huge belly, also fiddling his beard in between their short fingers. "What're you doing?" Luke giggled "Daddy said to not be rough." Casey shrugged and Michael chuckled, "It keeps them busy." He shrugged and then giggled as Ashley tickled his side, "TICKLE TIME FOR DADDY!" Lucy squealed and the 7 year old dug their fingers into the platinum blonde sides, making him burst out into laughter as they tickled him, "Okay! Stop stop!" Michael laughed as his face turned bright red, making his daughters stop and then they ran upstairs to their bedroom. "Hey Mark, come here." Michael smiled as he waved his 18 year old son over, seeing his mates leaving the room. "Is everything alright?" He asked his father, "Everything is fine Mark, it's just that now that you're 18, I think it's time for you to learn the ropes of being a lumberjack." Michael smiled and Mark's face lit up, "Really?" He asked and Michael nodded, "I've been waiting for you to tell me that for so long." Mark smiled and hugged his dad, Michael gladly hugging back and then pulled away, Mark then rushing upstairs for some reason and Michael got up, going over to the fireplace and picking up one of the wooden dolls he had been working on. One of his hobbies was making wooden dolls, usually giving them to his daughters, although sometimes he would make one and put it on Amy's grave, he enjoyed doing it in his spare time and then giving them to his little girls. As he kept working, he didn't realize how many hours he had been working on it until he felt someone put their hand on his shoulder, looking up and seeing Luke. "Michael, it's almost midnight. Why are you still up?" The blonde cooed and Michael set the doll down and put the carving knife away. "I lost track of *yawn* time." Michael mumbled and Luke stood him up, having to hold him up because he was almost asleep already. Luke picked the lumberjack up, grunting from how heavy he was and then taking him to his room upstairs, the older boy already asleep before he was even halfway up the stairs. Over the next month, Michael was teaching Mark the ropes of being a lumberjack, although it was getting rather hard for him as they went on because he was packing on a lot of pounds, all those pancakes and cider taking a toll on his figure, but he isn't trying to prevent it from happening, in fact he's just eating as many pancakes and drink as much cider as he can for every meal, making multiple buttons pop from his bloating. Currently, Michael was having one of his regular meals, 150 syruppy pancakes about a gallon of cider, his beach bally gut almost hanging off his lap from how big it was getting. Michael chugged down the last of his cider and then all the buttons on his flannel vest popped open, exposing his pale belly and Calum walked over. "Every time Michael, every time you eat you do this and I'm sewing your buttons back on for the 20th time this week." Calum sighed and Michael just burped in response, letting out a hiccup at the end from all the cider in his packed gut. "Yeah, Mike you should slow down on how much you eat, it's getting harder for you to lift the axe above your head." Ashton sighed and Michael shrugged, "I'm fine, it's not like I'm gonna explode or anything." Michael chuckled, letting out another hiccup after Calum finished sewing the buttons, "Too much cider again?" Luke laughed and Michael let out another hiccup, then the three little girls rushed into the room am over to there daddy. "We wanna give you a makeover!" Lucy squealed and his mates snickered,  "A makeover?" Michael asked as Luke and Calum helped him stand, "Please daddy?" They all pouted at once, giving him the puppy look that he just couldn't say no to. "Okay, let's go." He smiled and they pulled him to their bedroom, that was thankfully downstairs, and they sat him down on Casey's bed, hearing it creak. The 7 year olds took out all their princess makeup that Ashton had got them for their birthdays, then started giving Michael is makeover. As they were putting on blush, well basically coating his empire face with it, Casey decided to break the silence. "Daddy, why do you have a huge belly?" She asked and Michael blushed, "Because I eat a lot." Michael stated, "Why was uncle Cally mad at you?" Lucy asked, "He wasn't mad, just kinda upset that I popped my buttons again." Michael shrugged, "You always pop them daddy." Ashley giggled as they began "braiding" his blonde beard, when they were really just making knots in it. "It's my belly's fault." He smiled asked gland they giggled, "ALL DONE!" They squealed and their uncles came out, bursting out into laughter at the lumberjack who was caked with makeup, then showing them his reflection and he laughed. "I'm not definitely not manly anymore." He laughed and then went to the bathroom, of course after asking his little girls if he can take the makeup off, he had to shave his beard because there were too many knots to comb it now, but it grew back. After another month, Michael had become bedridden after becoming 800 pounds, this kinda making the girls sad. "I'll still be able to play with you guys, I'll still be making you dolls. I just can't get up anymore, I still love you with all my heart. I promise." He cooed as he hugged them to his chest, playing with their hair. They climbed off him and kissed his cheek, "Can you girls do me a favor and get your brother for me?" He asked and they nodded, getting Mark. "Hey kiddo." Michael smiled as his oldest child walked into the room, the 18 year old sitting on his father's bed next to him. "How was work today?" Michael smiled and put his hand on Mark's hand, "Cut a 100 trees." Mark grinned, "That's my boy." The platinum blonde smiled.  "Now Mark, I really never thought this day would come. But, my time of cutting down trees has come to an end and I need someone to take over for me. So, Mark, I want you to have my old axe." Michael mumbled as he handed Mark the wooden axe. "D-dad, I-I can't." Mark stammered, "No, Mark, you can. You deserve this, please do this, do it for me." Michael smiled and Mark nodded as he put the axe down, "Give your old man a hug." Michael mumbled and Mark hugged him, the pale boy hugging back just hands tight. "Now go eat because I know you're starving." Michael smiled and Mark nodded, going downstairs and eating pancakes.

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