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Somebody stop him

He's making my heart burst

Fucking cutie

Okay don't judge for what I'm about to do okay lol I love the movie that I'll be using stuff from


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"Ice creeeeeeaaaammmm!" Michael cheered as he rushed towards Dairy Queen, his bandmates following behind him and they chuckled at their chubby mate. It was 12 am and Michael was in need of ice cream, no he wasn't pregnant, just a little piggie. They followed Michael inside and waited in line with him, the black haired boy ordering first and getting probably the biggest Blizzard that they offered, then his bandmates ordering and he sat down, immediately digging in once he got his order. "You're a massive dork you know that?" Luke chuckled as Michael smiled widely whilst kicking his legs slightly, acting like he was 3 when eating his ice cream. "I'm aware of that, yes." Michael giggled and continued eating his gigantic blizzard, managing to fit the whole treat into his tummy, his belly swelling up from the amount of ice cream it had in there. "Mmmmm." Michael moaned as he pushed his fingers into the top of his bloated belly and hearing it gurgle as it digested the large amount of food. "Eat too much?" Calum asked, "And too fast, ugh." Michael groaned and sat up, "It seems a bit bigger than it should be." Ashton mumbled, "Nuh duh." Michael scoffed. "No, I meant more bloated than it should. Like, normally you could eat 90% of this with no bloating at all, you shouldn't be as bloated or as full as you are." Ashton explained and Michael looked down at his protruding belly, "Well, all I know is that I feel icky." The pale boy pouted and stuck his tongue out in a nauseated manor (did that make sense? Lmao), "We can go home if you want?" Calum chuckled and Michael nodded, yawning as he began to feel tired from how full he felt from the ice cream treat. Michael's belly kept gurgling and rumbling as they drove home, loud enough for everyone in the car to hear and this concerned them all, "You feel ill Mikey?" Luke asked as he walked with Michael inside, "Not really, just kinda blah." Michael mumbled as he rubbed at his eyes and Calum saw Michael's tummy had swelled up a little more, not pointing it out so he wouldn't freak Michael out. Luke laid Michael down in bed and the black haired boy curled up under the sheets, a loud growling noise emitting from his lower belly and he groaned, "Don't let me eat so much next time." He huffed as he put his hand on his gurgling tummy. "I'll try." Luke smiled and left the room, Michael rubbed his round tummy softly but that just making it let out a really loud groaning sound and Michael gulped, a little nervous. Michael sighed and fell asleep, scrunching his face up every so often when his belly would groan in disagreement from how much he ate, or at least that what he thought was the reason. As Michael slept, his belly emitted a pale blue glow for only a few seconds before it started to de-swell (is that a word lol). When Michael woke up, he noticed the bloating in his tummy had went away and he smiled, glad that the pain had vanished and he went downstairs, worry spreading through his chest aways his bandmates' eyes widened. "Michael, did you bleach your hair in your sleep or something?" Luke asked and Michael gave him a confused look, "Your hair is fucking white!" Ashton gasped and Michael went wide eyed, rushing to the bathroom and gasping as he saw his reflection, also noticing he was a little paler than normal. He put his hand down on the counter top and he jumped back as he saw ice spread underneath his palms, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Michael shrieked and a thin layer of ice began to spread over the bathroom, his bandmates rushed in and they went wide eyed at the sight, Michael fell to the ground as the situation became extremely overwhelming for him and he blacked out, Calum rushing to pick him up amd almost dropping him from feeling how fucking cold his skin was. More and more ice spread around the room, it beginning to spread out into the hallway and they took Michel to his bedroom, laying him down and shaking him awake, needing him to wake up and calm down to try and make the ice stop. Michael opened his eyes and immediately went into panic, his bandmates huddling around him to calm him down. "Breathe Mikey breathe, you need to calm down." Luke cooed and Michael began panting, trying to calm down and eventually getting his breathing steady and calming down, the ice slowly fading away as he relaxed. "You're fucking Elsa." Calum chuckled and Michael laughed, "I guess I am." Michael giggled, bow smiling as he continously played with a snowflake that he created. "Did the ice cream do this to you?" Ashton asked and Michael shrugged, "We may never know." Michael smiled and placed the snowflake on Ashton's nose, giggling.

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