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Burping kink

Muke smut

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The boys of 5sos were engaged in a rainy day game of truth or dare, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor for some odd reason, they were bored out of their minds and Calum had suggested it, so here they were. So far, Calum and Luke have kissed, Ashton has gone streaking, and Michael had prank called Casey Moreta. "Michael, truth or dare?" Calum asked and Michael smirked a bit, "Dare." Michael smirked. "I dare you to drink those 3 colas shaken up." Calum smirked as he pointed to the three 2 liter cola bottles and Michael's eyes widened. "I'll puke!" Michael exclaimed, "Michael, you're stomach can pretty much handle anything, just do it." Ashton chuckled and Michael saw his blonde boyfriend biting his lip, not knowing if he was worried about Michael puking or not, but that's what the red head was assuming. Michael stood up and grabbed one, shaking it and opening it as fast as possible and then opening it in his mouth, swallowing as fast as he could and soon it was empty, Michael's belly poking out more, then chugging the rest after shaking them up. "Babe you alright?" Luke asked as he got up, seeing how bloated Michael was and he looked a bit paler. "Y-yeah, I just don't wanna play anymore." Michael mumbled as he held his tummy, it tight from all the air bubbles in it. "Sorry Mikey, I shouldn't have made you do it." Calum cooed, "It's okay." Michael mumbled and then went upstairs, Luke following him and the red head was burping every other step, making Luke bite his lip. Michael laid down and Luke laid next to him, wrapping his arms around his waist and resting his hands on Michael's round tummy, it hard like a rock from how tight the air bubbles were stretching it out. Michael rolled onto his back and whined, "You feeling okay?" Luke asked, "I feel like a balloon." Michael giggled and burped rather loud, making Luke bite his lip and Michael smirked, knowing that was the face Luke made when he was turned on. "Am I sexy?" Michael smirked and Luke nodded, "You always are." Luke smirked and Michael blushed a bit. Michael leaned closer to Luke, his chin now resting on his shoulder and he burped really loud right in his ear, feeling Luke's hard on poke his thigh and a smirk spread across Michael's face, purposely pressing his belly against Luke's body to let out the air bubbles inside of him, burping right next to Luke's ear each time. "Alright, that's it." Luke stated as he flipped Michael onto his back and pressed his lips to the red headed boy's, one of Luke's hands on Michael's round tummy and pressing on it, pulling away and a flurry of burps erupted from Michael's lips, then he let out a puff of air. "Do it again please." Michael groaned as he arched his back a bit, making his belly raise up closer to Luke and the blonde pressed down on Michael's gut, making 2 large burps escape him. Luke kissed down Michael's chest and peppered his belly with kisses, leaving a hickey near his naval and hip. "Fuck me." Michael moaned as he bucked his hips, "Gladly kitten." Luke smirked as he pulled off Michael's bottoms, his hard cock bouncing up and smacking against his hill of a stomach. "Eager babe?" Luke smirked and Michael rapidly nodded, being flipped over quickly and a loud belch escaping his lips as his belly was squished against the mattress. "Oh god you are so sexy." Luke moaned as he pulled his bottoms off and rolled a condom on, coating his fingers with lube and sliding 2 fingers in with ease, "I may or may not have used that present you got me for my birthday this morning." Michael mumbled and let out a burp into the pillow, "Don't muffle them babe." Luke demanded and Michael nodded, propping himself up on his elbows so he didn't burp into the pillow. Luke removed his fingers and slid his cock in, knowing Michael was stretched enough for it. As Luke thrusted into Michael, his tummy pressed against the mattress and each time he was about to moan, a burp came out instead and that made Luke go faster, "Oh-oh god fuck! Luke I'm gonna c-cum!" Michael moaned, burping afterwards and making Luke release into the condom, Michael climaxing with a moan and he fell into the pillows, panting as Luke pulled out and threw the condom away, "Oh my god." Michael huffed as Luke laid down, snuggling into Luke's chest after being cleaned up by his blonde boyfriend. "Maybe we should buy more cola." Michael smirked, "Just sleep kitten." Luke cooed as he rubbed Michael's still bloated belly, the red head falling asleep.

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