Trick or treat

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Mike-ro-wave tummy is like my favorite Mikey tummy tbh.
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"Mikey, hurry up!" Luke called through the Mikey's bedroom door, "Well, I'm sorry that my costume is so damn tight." Michael chuckled as he stepped out of the room, Luke could tell his old costume from the Don't Stop video didn't quiet fit too well anymore, it was always a bit tight but now it was really tight, his belly and love handles were extremely visible. "You ready to go get some caaaaaandy?" Michael giggled, "Yeah, let me just get my pillowcase." Luke mumbled and Michael shook his head, "I heard the our whole street was selling king size candy bars, so I thought we should have something bigger than pillowcases." Michael smirked then went outside, wheeling in 4 wheelbarrows. "Hell yeah!" Calum exclaimed as he took one from the black and red haired boy, "You guys ready to get some candy?!" Michael beamed and they all cheered, "Let's go!" He exclaimed and they went outside, wheeling their wheelbarrows down the street, of course getting a few weird looks from people as they were 19-21 year olds walking down the street with wheelbarrows filled with king sized candy bars inside, "Last hous." Michael mumbled as they went to the last house, it was almost 12 am and the wheelbarrows were getting rather hard to move. They walked up to the last house and saw a note on the door with a large box on the porch, "Candy bars are in the box, please only take one." Michael out loud and opened the box, his eyes widening and jaw dropping into a huge smile as he saw 4 five pound chocolate bars, "Now we know why we only take one." Ashton chuckled as Michael picked one up and placed it in his wheelbarrow, "Damn, that's huge." He mumbled as they each got one, "Let's head back home now." Ashton smiled and they went back home, seeing a huge truck in the front, backing out of the drive say and leaving. "Oh yeah....I kinda ordered some candy online and bought some at the store." Michael mumbled with a slight blush, he had no idea why he was embarrassed about this, he just ordered some candy, no big deal, well his bandmates thought it was just some candy, but when they tried to get in the house, candy bars and bags were blocking them from getting in. "Michael how much did you buy?" Ashton asked, only getting a small shrug from Mike-ro-wave. "How are we gonna get inside?" Ashton asked, "Eat our way in?" Michael suggested and looked at his bandmates, not sure if they would be up for the idea of having their bellies probably triple in size. "Let's eat." Ashton smiled and Michael is a little surprised that they all agreed, but shrugs it off as they all start to chow down on the millions of diffrent candy bars that they could grab, shoving them into the mouths and getting chocolate all over their faces, Michael could hear the fabric of his costume creaking from his swelling gut, it now twice the size of a basketball, his costume was already tight before, but it was really tight now. He took off the leather gloves as they were just making it harder to tear open wrappers and he began to eat twice as fast, hearing his bandmates making suttle groans as they were getting fuller, but Michael was as full as he thought he should be, he had eaten a huge amount of candy bars, but still had plenty of room in his growing gut for more. He kept shoving candy after candy in his mouth, his belly get bigger and bigger as he ate more and more, until he had nothing left to grab, now laying on the floor with his huge gut pointing to the ceiling. He saw his bandmates had big bellies too, but his was by far the biggest, he sat up and rubbed his belly softly through the fabric of his costume, which was so close to ripping may he add. Michael pulled his wheelbarrow inside, basically rolling towards it to pull it, "You still have room in that big 'ol gut of yours?" Calum teased and Michael blushed, "Shut it, you're all eating too." Michael mumbled at his bandmates who were still eating candy as well, "Yeah, but we don't have bellies the size of the sun." Luke smirked and Michael blushed harder, but eating his 5 pound candy bar as his bandmates did the same, eating all their candy and they each were eating their last piece, Michael gulped his down and burped into his hand, rubbing his beach ball belly that was twice the size of his bandmates, but Ashton was still holding his last piece, feeling beyond stuffed. "I can't eat anymore, I'm too stuffed." He groaned and Michael scooted next to him, "Yes you can." He smirked and tickled his belly, making Ashton laugh and Michael shoved the last piece in his mouth. "There." He smirked as Ashton ate it, sucking the chocolate off his fingers. He tried to stand up, but groaned and laid back down, hearing a loud rip and he went beet red as he saw the rips in his sides of the costume, "I think Mike-ro-wave ate a little too much." Calum smirked, "Shut up." Michael mumbled and pulled himself up onto the couch, rubbing large slow circles on his stuffed gut, letting out a small groan or burp every so often, the four stuffed boy's falling asleep from the candy coma that was taking over.

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