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"It's such a pretty day." Michael smiled as he leaned on the boat railing, staring off at the sea water. He heard the motor stammering, "Uh oh..." Calum mumbled, "What's wrong? Don't tell me the motor is fucking broken." Michael huffed and then felt the boat stop dead in its tracks, seeing they had hit land. "Okay, the motors just overheated, but we'll have to wait awhile and we're now kinda stranded." Ashton sighed as they got off and were now on the sandy island. "Guess we have no choice but to walk around." Ashton shrugged and Michael groaned over dramatically as they began walking more, talking off their shoes and socks so they didn't get sound in them. About 10 minutes of walking, Michael was whining like a toddler, "I'm hungry" and "I'm tired" were the only words that came from the orange haired boy's mouth. Suddenly, Michael smelled something amazing, making his belly growl, he follows the smell and his bandmates follow him, seeing Michael shoving his face into a bowl of pasta that was on a wooden table filled with food. "Michael! What are you doing?!" Ashton exclaimed as he pulled the pale boy away from the feast, "I'm starving." Michael mumbled with a mouth full of pasta and sauce all over his face. "This could be poison you idiot!" Ashton screamed, hitting the side of his head, "It's not poison." They heard a British accent say and they looked to the side, seeing 4 boys that looked a little older than them, wearing clothes like them but they were ripped and dirty. "How do you know?" Ashton asked and Michael rushed to the table, shoving turkey into his mouth and scarfing down basically an entire turkey in minutes. "We made it." The curly haired one smiled and Michael froze in his place, now feeling guilty for eating their food. "Sorry-UUUUURRRRP!" Michael burped at the end, blushing as he looked down. "Don't worry about it, you must be starving if you ate like that." The Irish boy laughed and Michael looked up, "S-so I can eat this?" Michael smiled and they all nodded, the orange haired boy dived in, shoving his face into a cake. "You all can eat, you look like you're hungry." He smiled as the 3 boys looked at their bandmate who was stuffing his face and his shirt already riding up from the Thanksgiving like feast he was putting in his belly, turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, yams, pies, cakes, and brownies. Michael's bandmates thought about it for a moment and then decided to eat some before the pale boy ate everything by himself, Michael's belly was now like a basketball and he just kept eating and eating, as the four ate, they learned the boys names were Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry. Niall wrapped a tape measure around Michael's waist as the oblivious boy continued stuffing his face as well as his friends, "Why are you measuring us?" Ashton asked, "No reason." Niall smiled and Michael burped, food all over his face and he rubbed his lower belly, "Oh, I'm full." Michael mumbled, "We can't let this food go to waste Michael." Harry cooed and put some mashed potatoes and gravy on a spoon for Michael, feeding it to him and Michael just thought he was being generous, but oh boy was he wrong. As the four boy's were eating, Liam and Niall were standing by a large pot of water that was boiling over a fire, "When can we cook them, I'm starving." Niall whined, "At the rate they're eating, we'll get our dinner soon." Liam smiled as he saw how bloated the boys were becoming, Michael was being fed because he was too bloated to move, food was all over there faces and their shirts were riding up above their navals. "Ooooooooooh, my belly is stuffed." Liam heard Michael groan and saw the orange haired boy laying on the ground, arms wrapped around his double the size of a beach ball gut, Harry then rolled him over to the pot. "What's happening?!" Ashton asked as the others were rolled to the pot, "We're gonna eat you limb by limb." Liam smirked as the boys tied bibs around there necks. Michael saw the fear in his friends eyes, he decided to cause a little distraction so his friends could get away, "You can't eat me yet, look at how little I am!" Michael exclaimed as he patted his belly, "I mean my button hasn't even popped yet, I'm still hungry and you aren't gonna be filled up at all by a skinny little thing like me." Michael smirked and they sat him on a chair, tying his hands behind the chair with a vine from a tree. "We'll stuff you so much you won't be able to move an inch." Louis smirked and Michael gulped, "What about the others?" Niall asked, "We'll get to them later, this little pig his our main focus right now." Louis smiled and they went to get more food, Michael gave his bandmates a look and they thanked him before they rolled away, too big to get up and walk. Michael's eyes widened when he saw how much food the 4 boys brought back, "Are you sure that's gonna fill me up?" Michael smirked, trying not to sound scared, "I think you'll be full after you eat enough to feed 4 families for a week." Harry smiled and Michael's jaw dropped, but he quickly shut it. Turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fries, donuts, muffins, cookies, brownies, ice cream, pie, and cake filled the table. "Open wide piggie." Niall smiled and fed Michael mashed potatoes and gravy, Michael getting food all over his face as he was fed huge portions of everything, his gut swelling up after each bite. His button was creaking from the pressure and suddenly it snapped right off, making his gut roll out onto his lap, this made the boy's even hungrier. Michael was chewing really slowly and swallowing rather hard, his belly stuffed to its max but he knew he has to eat more to keep his bandmates safe. He gulped hard and looked at the table, seeing only desserts were left and he almost let out a sigh of relief, he must have like 30 pounds of food in his tummy, he didn't even know that was possible. "I'm still not b-big enough for you guys." Michael panted, his belly the size of a yoga ball. "Really?" Louis laughed, "You look like you swallowed a damn yoga ball, how can there still be room in this thing." Niall laughed as he pokes Michael's drum tight belly, "Don't ask, just feed me." Michael huffed and a brownie was shoved in his mouth, he wasn't sure what would burst first, the seams in his tshirt or his belly. He swallowed the last brownie and then his shirt ripped down the sides, making the boys' mouths water, "You know, there's sill food on the table." Michael smirked, then let out a really loud, deep burp. Louis fed Michael the rest of the food, Michael practically forcing himself to swallow the last bit of ice cream at the end, leaning back in his chair and burped. They untied his hands and laid him down on the ground, rolling him to the pot, but when they tried to lift him, he wouldn't budge. "I can't get him up." Louis huffed as he tried pulling Michael up, "Let me try." Liam mumbled and tried lifting him up by his underarms, but failing once again. "He won't even budge." He grunted as he tried lifting up the now 700 pound boy, "Considering how much you f-fed me." Michael huffed, it hard to breathe from how full his belly was. "Screw it, we'll eat him alive." Harry sighed and Michael went wide eyed, "" He gasped. "Hey! Eat something worthwhile instead!" Ashton shouted as he and the other suddenly appeared, a little less bloated than before and holding an steak that looked like it weighed just as much as Michael did. Michael sighed in relief when the boys left him alone and went for the steak, letting his bandmates walk, well kinda waddle, over to him. "Ooooooooooh, they stuffed me good, god I'm so full." Michael groaned, "Let's go back home, I don't think we need to worry about eating for awhile." Ashton laughed and Michael grunted in response, his bandmates having to roll him back to the boat, it was really hard to get him up the ramp since gravity was making him roll back down. They finally got him on the boat and they got the boat off the island, now able to go back home, Michael was laying flat on the ground off the boat, unable to move from his bulging belly. "I'm never ever gonna eat again, oh god." Michael groaned, "Liar." Ashton laughed and rubbed his belly for him, "How am I gonna get in the house when we finally get home? Hell, how am I gonna get off the boat?" Michael chuckled, "We'll roll you." Ashton smiled. "I'm just praying the paps won't be there." Michael laughed and closed his eyes, falling asleep as Ashton rubbed his protruding gut.

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