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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Sorry that it's been taking so long, I've been having writers block with this
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Rachel didn't know what it was, or why she felt this way about it, but something about Michael's burping, scared her. Yes, she's afraid of him burping, deal with it. She doesn't know shy though and it freaks her out! What scares her the most is when they go to parties and Michael drinks a lot of soda and/or beer, making more air bubbles form in his tummy. Tonight was one of those nights where the couple was invited to a party and Rachel offered to drive so Michael was planning on drinking a bit, which meant burping. As they were at the party, Rachel had been drinking lemonade and fruit punch instead of her platinum blonde boyfriend who had probably had about 4 beers already. She felt two arms wrap around her waist, "Hey beautiful." Michael slurred, a half empty beer bottle in his hand and she could smell the alchol on his breath, the tipsy boy placing a sloppy kiss on his neck. "You're so prettyyyy." He mumbled, "You're so drunk." She chuckled, "I'm not that drunk." He pouted and chugged the rest of his beer as he pulled away, gripping onto the wall to stay upright. "How many drinks are in that tummy of yours?" Rachel giggled and poked his tummy that was sticking out a little as it was filled with beer. "Only...only..um...what was I saying again?" He mumbled and a small burp left his lips, making Rachel flinch a bit. "I'm sweepy." He pouted and rubbed at his eyes like a child, "Let's take you home sweetie." She cooed and helped him get to the car, buckling his seat belt for him and giving him a little kiss on the nose before driving him to their shared apartment, he had let out a few burps as she drove and she got a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach. She helped him into the house and he sat on the couch, letting out a really deep loud burp and Rachel ran out of the room, beginning to cry from fear. Michael suddenly sobered up from hearing his baby girl cry, he got up and went after he, finding her in bed and crying into a pillow. "Rach, babe why are you crying? I only burped." He asked, "Th-that's the problem." She mumbled, "My-my burping scares?" He asked and she nodded, his heart sinking. "Oh bay, I didn't know, I'm so sorry, I didn't think you cared, please don't hate me or leave me. Oh god, please don't leave me!" He rushed out and hugged her tightly, kissing her neck. "Babe, it's okay, Mikey it's okay." She cooed, "I-I scare you." He sniffled, "That's okay babe, can you just maybe try and do it quietly?" She asked and he nodded, "Anything for my baby girl." He cooed and nibbled her neck playfully, making her giggle.

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