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Request by @PainterzRulez1269. I'm making Michael the youngest, so he gets the most attention (and eats the most).
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Michael was curled up on Ashton's lap, is lion tail wrapped around his waist as the alpha played with his blonde hair. Luke and Calum on either side of Ashton as the lion hybrids cuddled, Michael's belly growled loudly. "You hungry Mikey?" Ashton cooed and the youngest nodded, "We're hungry too Ash." Luke pouted, "FOOD!" Michael roared and jumped up, running into the kitchen and sitting down in front of the fridge, looking up innocently at his mates. "Mikey, babe you have to move so I can get the food." Ashton laughed and Michael shakes his head, "Mine food, gets your own." He roared, showing off his lion fangs. Michael opened the fridge himself and took out every meat he could find, raw burgers, steak, ribs, chicken, turkey, and salmon. "Mikey, you can't eat all that by yourself." Ashton cooed, "Yes I can." Michael glared and started knawing on the ribs, Ashton had to admit, Michael was so damn cute when he was stubborn. "You're gonna get a tummyache Mikey." He cooed again and Michael shook his head, continuing his eating. Ashton sighed and turned his attention back to the other two cubs, "Wait in the living room, I'll go get you guys stuff to eat." Ashton smiled and kissed their heads, the cubs did what they were told and waited in the living room whilst Michael was chowing down on the meat he took out, stuffing his belly. Luckily he was wearing sweats so he didn't have to worry about his belly breaking or buttons popping off, he put a now clean bone in the pile he created and burped, rubbing his beach ball belly. Ashton came home and saw Luke and Calum sitting on the couch, when they saw him they jumped up, they were starving. Ashton put the bags down and they immediately starting digging in, stuffing their faces with the raw meat. Ashton had finished and let the younger ones eat, he stood up and tugged on his shirt, his tummy was poking out and his shirt was riding up a little, he walked into the kitchen and saw Michael laying on the floor, surrounded by clean bones and his face covered in leftover meat, his big gut pointing to the ceiling. He chuckled and bent down next to Michael, picking the stuffed boy up and Michael groaned, his eyes fluttering open. "You full baby?" Ashton cooed, "Stuffed." Michael groaned and nuzzled his head in the crook of his neck, Luke and Calum came in, sucking on their fingers to get every last bit of meat, their bellies pushed out but nowhere near as far as Michael's gut did. "Can we go sunbathe?" Michael mumbled as he rubbed his belly softly and they all nodded, going outside and laying on the green grass, Michael cuddles up to Ashton and played with the older hybrid's long sandy blonde hair, Luke and Calum cuddling beside them. "I should've listened to you Ashy." Michael groaned and wrapped his arms around his belly, Ashton pulled him into his chest and rubbed his beach ball belly, Michael's blonde hair tickling Ashton's neck, all four lion hybrids fell asleep. They woke up to rain pouring down on them, Michael squealed and ran inside, his "brothers" following him and they all shook their heads to get the water off (like dogs). "I hate the rain." Ashton mumbled and everyone agreed, "Wanna cuddle?" Michael babbled and hugged Ashton, they all went into the living room and Michael was curled up in a ball on Ashton's lap. The emerald green eyed boy was getting lost in Ashton's hazel eyes, realizing how beautiful they really are, Michael started playing with Ashton's hair again, loving how soft it was. 'He's so pretty' Michael thought, "Thank you Mikey." Ashton smiled and Michael blushed, "Did I say that out loud?" He blushed and the older boy nodded, "You're pretty too ya know?" Ashton smiled and Michael blushed harder. Ashton placed his lips on Michael's and the blonde boy wasted no time kissing back, his lion tail swaying behind him. After that say, they started to grow feeling for each other, Michael was caught dozens of times staring at Ashton, then finally Michael got up the courage to say the five words, "Will you be my boyfriend?". Of course Ashton agreed and they were extremely happy.

1 year later
They had 4 female lion hybrids now, Kylie, Lucy, Lauren and Catherine. They were a year old and Michael thought it was probably about time to teach them how to roar, he was currently on all fours in the living room, trying to get them to roar. "We can't do it mummy!" Kylie pouted, "C'mon girls, yes you can." Michael cooed, then roaring. They tried copying, but only tiny growls came out, "You can do it." Michael smiled and they all roared, Michael and Ashton then clapped, then licking their heads as a sign of affection. "Great job girls. Mummy and daddy are so proud." Michael cooed and they all roared again, this time Michael joining them. "I'm so proud of them." Ashton smiled and Michael licked his cheek, "I'm proud too." Michael grinned.

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