Doctor Who

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, I'm making Michael be such a fanboy about the doctor, it's too cute. This is kinda short, sorry about that
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5sos were in their hotel, watching Doctor Who as they were all cuddled up on one hotel bed under a big comforter. "Wouldn't that be cool, to like travel through space and stuff." Michael smiled and cuddled closer to Ashton, his cheek squishing against the oldest boy's shoulder. "It will never happen Mikey." Luke sighed, but boy was he wrong. They hear this wooshing sound and Mikey wiggles out of Ashton's grip, going to the window and his jaw drops, the T.A.R.D.I.S was right outside! "Holy shit!" Michael gasped, "What? What's wrong?" Calum asked, "Get over here!" He exclaimed and they all walked over to the window. "No way that's real." Luke scoffed, "Luke Hemmings! Are you blind?!" Michael exclaimed, "The fucking T.A.R.D.I.S is outside!" Michael shook Luke by his shoulders, then rushes outside and his bandmates follow. "Woah." Michael mumbled and all their eyes widened as they saw the doctor leaning against the T.A.R.D.I.S, "Hello boys." He smirked, "Y-y-you're r-real." Michael stammered, freaking the fuck out inside."Who are you and how the fuck did you get here?!" Ashton screamed and Michael clapped his hand over his mouth, "Don't scream at the doctor you dumbass." Michael scolded, the doctor laughs and walks closer to them, "Can the doctor bot be a fan of good music?" He smirked, "You-you like our m-music?" Michael gawked, having a nerdgasm (yes I just used that phrase). "Why yes I am." The docotr smirked, "Wow." Calum sighed, "This is bullshit. He's just a criminal who wants our stuff." Luke scoffed, "Luke! Don't insult the doctor!" Michael whisper-yelled. "Here's proof, my badge." He smiled and handed Michael the badge, the platinum blonde furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "It's blank." He mumbled, the docotr inspects it and grimaces. "Ew, I look bad in that, especially for a 900 year old time lord." He grimaced and they all gasp. "I told you Luke!" Michael beamed, "Would you like to travel in the T.A.R.D.I.S?" He asked and Michael went wide eyed, "Are-are you s-serious?" He stuttered and the doctor nodded. They all nod and run into the T.A.R.D.I.S, "This is happening! It's actually happening!" Michael exclaimed as the doctor fiddled with the controls, "Any specific place place you wanna go?" He asked and the Michael's belly growled like a bear, making him blush. "What's your favorite food Michael?" He asked, "Pizza." Michael mumbled and he tapped a few buttons and fiddled with controls, the T.A.R.D.I.S beginning to move and Michael squealed slightly, "Dude, chill." Luke laughed as the T.A.R.D.I.S stopped moving and the doctor opened the door. "Wow." Michael gawked as he saw what was infront of them, a fucking planet made of pizza and he could see a river of soda flowing through it all. "Eat up." The doctor smiled and they all run out, Michael being the first one to shove food in his mouth, basically eating the pizza slice in one bite. They chowed down on all the pizza they could grab, Michael was pigging out so much that his gut ballooned up to a beach ball size and there was too much weight on his front too stand, so he had to get down on all fours and eat his pizza like a cow. The doctor laughs at the platinum blonde boy, his flannel busted open and jeans popped, gut hanging down as he ate, "Are you a cow or a human?" He laughed, "Mooo." Michael joked and ate more pizza, then flopping onto his back and seeing his bandmates with guts about half the size of his belly. He rolled over to the soda river and he accidentally rolled too far, falling into the river and he surfaced, floating on his back. His bandmates following his actions, "This is the life." Ashton smiled and Michael took a long hose out of his pocket, sticking one end in his mouth and the other in the soda. "Why do you have that on you?" Luke laughed as Michael drank soda, "For special occasions like this." Michael smirked and continued drinking, eventually drinking the river dry and all of it resting in his protruding gut. "I'm a full now-BRUUPPPP!" Michael burped as he was pulled out of the river, too stuffed to move. The doctor sees their stuffed state, especially Michael's as he was by far the most bloated, "Can you guys even walk?" He laughed and everyone tried to get up, but laying back down and Michael couldn't even move an inch, "T-too stuffed." Michael panted, it hard to breathe with the amount of food in his gut. His bandmates could roll on their own, but the doctor had to roll Michael to the T.A.R.D.I.S. As they arrive home, they wave goodbye as the docotr gets ready to leave, "I'll be back boys, watch out." He smirked, "Wait? Why do you wear a bowtie?" Luke asked, "Bowties are cool." He smirked before disappearing, then everything became black and Michael opened his eyes, seeing he was cuddled up under a huge comforter with his bandmates on a hotel bed, seeing Doctor Who playing on the TV. "Remind me to never watch Doctor Who before I fall asleep." He mumbled and got confused looks from his bandmates, but they nodded.

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