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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. It's gonna be all lovey-dovey in the beginning, I hope you like it :)
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Michael leaned over the table and kissed Rachel, being extra lovey-dovey today for some reason. He had taken her out to dinner for no apparent reason, basically cuddling her all day, and he may or may not have made her a bubble bath with candles and music that they took together. "Did I ever tell you that you're pretty?" Michael smiled, "You may have mentioned it once or twice." Rachel giggled and they're food came, making Michael have to let go of her hands to eat. Michael and Rachel ate, talking in between and after Michael had finished, his tummy began to feel a bit strange, but he pushed it away thinking he just ate too much. "Thank you Mikey." Rachel smiled as they walked to the car, Michael pushed her against the car gently and pecked her lips, "Anything for my angel." Michael smiled and kissed her nose, caressing her cheek with his thumb. "Such a pretty face." He whispered and kissed her cheek, kissing down her neck and playfully nibbling on her collarbone, "Mikeyyy." She giggled and he pulled away. "When we get home." She smiled and Michael rolled his eyes, "Ugh, fiiiiiiiiine." Michael groaned and they got in the car, the weird feeling in his tummy increasing and he burped a couple times, "Stuffed much Michael?" Rachel laughed as they began driving. "Ugh, I guess so." He huffed and rubbed his tummy with one hand as he drove, "I think I ate too much." He mumbled and Rachel playfully pouted at him, "Stop it." He chuckled as they pulled up to their house, they walked inside and Rachel went upstairs to shower, as soon as she went upstairs, Michael burped like 5 times in a row. "What the- BRUUPPPP!" He belched and flopped onto the couch, another flurry of burps escaping him, "Stop it!" He snapped to his tummy, for no apparent reason. Rachel heard him shouting and she came downstairs with kinda wet hair and one of Michael's band tshirts on, "Why are you screaming?" She asked, "I - BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped and groaned, "That." He huffed. "Drank too much soda?" Rachel asked, "I didn't drink any." He mumbled and sat up, "My tummy feels weird." He grimaced and rubbed his belly. "It was probably what you ate." She shrugged and he whined, "I don't like it-BRRRRRRUUUUUPPPP!" He belched, "Oh my god, stop!" He exclaimed and shoved his face into a pillow, "Babe, calm down." Rachel chuckled and Michael opened his mouth to speak, but another loud burp came out. "Fucking hell." He mumbled, and Rachel pulled him closer, "How about I rub your tummy?" She asked and he nodded, she lifted up his sweater and rubbed his tummy, making him smile but then he burped a couple times. "Make it stop oh my god!" Michael groaned, "Michael, relax." Rachel mumbled and Michael stood up. "It won't stop and my tummy feels all...floopy loopy!" Michael huffed and Rachel snickered, "Floopy loopy?" She laughed, "That's how it-BRRRRRRUUUUUPPPP! For fucksake!" He snapped and sat on the floor, laying on his tummy. "Babe, you need to chill out. It's just a little burping." She shrugged, "Loud, wet, disgusting ones." Michael huffed, "I don't care at all." She smiled. "It's been happening non stop- BRUUPPPP!" Michael burped, "See!" Michael groaned. "Mikey, I get it." She sighed, "I'm sorry that I'm being bitchy." Michael mumbled, "I except your apology, on one condition." She smirked and he looked up, "Come cuddle." She opened her arms and he got up, laying down and let out a really loud wet burp, "Oh my god!" He huffed, "Chill out and go to sleep." She smiled and he nodded, closing his eyes and falling asleep in her lap, burping a few times before he did.

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