Hansel and Gretel

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Michael sat down on a rock, groaning in frustration. "Fucking hell we are definitely lost." Michael mumbled as he leaned his head in his hands, "Your fault for loosing the map idiot." Calum mumbled, "I can't control the wind!" Michael snapped as he stood up, "You could've held the map tighter to keep it from blowing away!" Calum shot back, "I'm not fucking Zeus! I don't control the wind dumbass!" Michael shouted, then his belly growled like a wild animal. "How are you hungry?! You ate all the trail mix!" Calum screamed, "It's not my fault I have a huge stomach!" Michael snapped and Ashton had to break the two apart before they took a swing at each other. "Calm down both of you. Calum, it's not his fault for loosing the map and Michael, we are all hungry so don't complain. Plus, it is kinda your fault for having a huge stomach." Ashton mumbled and all of their stomachs growling at once as if a point had to be proven, "What?!" Michael gawked, "Mikey, you used to be 160 and now you're 400, who's fault is that?" Ashton smirked and Michael blushed as he looked down, not really able to the ground with his protruding tummy in the way. "Okay, that's true." Michael blushed, not that ashamed of being as overweight as he was, just a little shy every now and then. "Should we just walk down that path?" Michael asked as he pointed down a path with what looked like sugar dust on it. "Sure, why not?" Luke shrugged and they walked down the path, they kept walking and suddenly Michael started running, but didn't get far and he sat down infront of a gingerbread house, panting and sweating a bit from running. He immediately starting shoving chocolate from the fence into his mouth, not able to resist since he was so hungry, his bandmates sat down and joined him, except for Ashton who refused to do so. "HEY!" The heard a girl scream and they all jumped, looking up and Michael swore she was the prettiest woman he has ever seen. He stood up walked over to her after swallowing what was in his mouth, "We are so sorry miss, but me and my friends are just lost and we haven't eaten in awhile, we just couldn't resist." Michael explained in the sweetest voice possible, causing his bandmates to roll their eyes. "Oh, if you guys are hungry I'll fix you guys something to eat." She smiled and Michael nodded, "That would be great thank you....um." Michael mumbled, "Amelia." She smiled and moved the head wrap she had on a little, "I'm Michael." The green haired boy smiled and she took his hand, bringing him inside and signaling for the others to follow. "I'll be right back, make yourselves comfortable." Amelia smiled and kissed Michael's cheek, making him go redder than her lipstick. "Oh my god." Michael mumbled, sitting down on a chair but it broke right away from him weight and he realized it was chocolate. "I think everything is candy here." Ashton sighed and his bandmates started eating the chocolate furniture before Amelia would get back, making their bellies puff out from so much. "I wouldn't eat anything of this." Ashton grimaced as Amelia set down huge plates of cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, and hot fudge sundaes. "Oh stop being such a health freak, a little sugar didn't kill anyone." Michael scoffed as he bit into a brownie, "That's what you said the day you started gaining weight." Ashton retorted as he poked Michael's squishy side, "Fuck off." Luke mumbled, "Fine, go ahead and get fat. I'll be outside when you realize what a mistake you guys are making." Ashton huffed and left. "He doesn't know how good this feels." Michael smiled as he rubbed his belly and Amelia walked over to him, sitting on the floor next to him on her knees. "How heavy are you?" The red head smiled, "I'm around 400, probably 430 after this." Michael chuckled and leaned back because of the pressure that was building up in his gut as it was bloating out into a big sphere shape. "You'll be more than that if you stay here." Amelia giggled and Michael chuckled, his mates making fake gagging sounds of the obvious flirting she was doing and Michael flipped them off. "Do you mind if I, um, touch your tummy?" She asked and Michael gestured for her to do so, she rubbed his big belly and he smiled, "Oh my god that feels good." Michael mumbled as he continued eating. "I better go make you hungry boy's some more." Amelia smiled before running off to make more, "She's nice." Michael smiled and the others chuckled,  making him glare at them. Amelia would refill the table with plates every time the 3 boys would finish them, resulting in them becoming stuffed with candies and pastries until they were spheres, now they laid on the floor as they groaned, burped, and rubbed the sphere bodies. "You boys were hungry huh?" Amelia cooed as she bent down next to Michael, the green haired boy nodded as he burped a bit, "I can't eat anymore." Luke groaned and the others agreed, "Let's get you boys to bed." She cooed and (somehow) carried them upstairs, into the guest bedroom and she got Michael last. "I think you're more than 430." She grunted as he laid him in bed, making him blush. "I'll cook you guys a nice breakfast in the morning." She smiled and they nodded, saying goodnight and she kissed Michael's cheek before leaving, making him smile and he fell asleep. Calum woke up at around midnight, noticing his sphere body was no longer and he just had a basketball belly, he heard rustling downstairs and he walked down it carefully, seeing Amelia with dozens of cookbooks am at first he thought it was for the breakfast she was talking about earlier, but then he saw something on the cover of the book that made him almost scream. He dashed back upstairs and shook Luke and Michael awake, "We need to get Ashton ASA-fucking-P!" He whisper-yelled and they gave him confused looks, "Amelia is gonna cook us!" He stated and Michael scoffed, "She's too nice and that's just crazy." Michael mumbled and fell back asleep, but Luke seemed totally convinced. "You wanna go find Ash?" Calum asked and Luke nodded, both of them climbing out the window, with difficulty,  to search for their friend. They found him, with long curly hair and a small beard, "It's been a day, how the hell do you look like that already?" Luke laughed and Ashton shrugged. "Why are you here and where is Mikey?" Ashton asked and Calum explained everything, seeing Ashton's eyes widen and the sun started to rise, "We better hurry before Michael is no more." Ashton mumbled and they all rushed back to the house, smelling food was being cooked and they heard a loud burp, knowing Mikey was being fed but when they opened the door, they didn't expect what to see what they did. Michael was sitting on the floor with a protruding yoga ball belly, empty plates surrounding himx he was still eating like a pig, he was sitting on a platform and a screen was on the wall, 1,000 on it in red print. Luke thought he looked like a beached whale. "You are eating so much." Amelia smiled, "I'm  growing boy." Michael smirked and she kissed him, "I think you've grown enough." Ashton scoffed and Michael jumped, Amelia glaring at the 3. "What do you mean?" She asked, "You're fattening him up to eat him!" Calum shouted and Michael gasped, "What the hell? How dare you accuse her of something like that! Amelia is a sweetheart and she loves me, why would she cook me?" Michael retorted and she kissed his big belly, "I saw her looking at human cookbooks last night!" Calum shouted and then Ashton rushed over to Amelia, tackling her to the ground and if Michael could stand, he would have punched Ashton. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" He shouted and Ashton held Amelia whilst Calum and Luke tried snapping Michael out of it, but he was in denial. "She loves me!" He shouted, "Oh my god you are so oblivious!" Amelia shouted and Michael went wide eyed, "They are completely right you dumbass!" She screamed and anger cursed through Michael's veins, "Giys, help me stand." He mumbled and Calum and Luke helped him stand, then Michael hit Amelia with his belly, making her fly into the burning oven. "Hole in- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!- one!" Michael exclaimed and then fell back down to the floor, "Let's go home." Calum smiled and they rolled Michael to the door, unable to get him past unless he ate some to make more room and he ate the doorway, making it easier so r hey could roll him out. When they got home, they put him on a serious diet to take him back down to 600 because he could only keep the diet going for that long.

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