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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. P.S Mikey and Niall are not dating, they're just really close friends and get cuddly and they call each other cute little pet names and give each other little kisses on the cheek, head, neck, and nose. Just clearing that up for this oneshot and this has a crappy ending, sorry.
{1682 words}
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Michael and Niall were sitting in Michael's hotel room, finishing up what seemed like they're 20th pizza each. "Ugh, no more." Michael groaned as he laid back onto the bed they were sitting on, huge beach ball gut pointing to the ceiling and his chubby hands rubbing it. "You sure dude? Because I was just gonna-" Niall began, "Don't you dare dial room service!" Michael groaned as he sat up against the headboard, the two of them were surrounded by pizza boxes and their flannels were taken off because they would've just popped open by now because they're guts were huge. Michael was getting this weird feeling, like someone was watching him, "Do you ever feel like you're being watched?" Michael huffed, "Yeah, for like a month." Niall mumbled and Michael nodded in agreement. Michael and Niall's feeling were right, they were being watched. For the past month, 2 female teenage scientists were observing Michael and Niall for an experiment they were looking for subjects on. They noticed how fast the purple haired boy and the blonde gained weight, it was impossible for the human body to grow out as fast as their's were, the two had an abnormally slow metabolism. They were shocked to see Michael outgrow yet another pair of jeans in just a couple days, seeing him jump around his hotel room as he tried to pull them up past his thick thighs and plump bum. Michael kicked the empty boxes off the bed and laid down under the blanket, being pulled into Niall's chest for some cuddles, Michael's tummy getting rubbed by the blonde boy. After Michael fell asleep, Niall noticed the two scientists standing outside, he got up and walked over to the window, "Who the hell are you?!" He snapped and Michael woke up, waddling slightly to the window. "Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing here?!" Michael exclaimed and they shushed him, "I will not shush! You're fucking stocking us!" Michael scolded. "We have been for past 6 months, we're seeing if you were good enough for our experiment." The purple haired one mumbled, "What experiment?" Michael asked, "It's a test to see how fat people can get and all the people we've seen have to fast of a metabolism but you two have an abnormally slow one, it's impossible for the human body to gain weight as quickly as you 2 can." She rushed out and Michael blushed, looked down at his still swollen gut and remembered all the buttons he's popped and jeans he's tried squeezing into. "What are you implying here?" Niall asked, "We were wondering if you two were up to volunteering for the study?" The brunette asked, "Absolutely n-" Niall began, "Niall, can we talk for a sec?" Michael interrupted him and pulled him away from the window. "We have to take this job." Michael whispered, "What? Are you crazy?" He asked, "No, I just think it would be a good idea. Think about it, eating all we want, our managers not being able to tell us to go on diets. The fans may fire a little hate our way but c'mon, we can get past that. This is a good thing for us." Michael smiled and Niall sighed, walking back to the window. "It's a deal." He grinned and Michael jumped and high as he could, which wasn't very high and his gut shook, "Meet us out front." The brunette smiled and the two boys left, leaving a note behind for their bandmates. Michael and Niall rode with them in a van, after putting on some tshirts that were way too tight. When they got to the lab, they noticed how freaking quiet and clean it was, there wasn't a single speck of dust anywhere! Michael and Niall were led to a room with and extremely wide and long bed, a flat screen TV in the corner, a closet filled with XXXL that the pair would grow into eventually, possibly even grow out of. "Okay, you may wanna know our names first." The brunette chuckled, "I'm Dr.X and she is Dr.S." She smiled and the purple haired girl waved at them, "Michael, I need you step on the scale." Dr.X grinned and Michael stepped onto it, "What does it say?" She asked and he blushed a dark red, "I-I don't know." He blushed, "What do you mean?" She smiled, "I-I can't read it, my belly's in the way." Michael mumbled and Dr.S laughed, making him blush even more. "Well, what do you want me to do?! I have 20 large pizzas in here!" He exclaimed as he poked his tummy, "You're 260 pounds right now." She read and Michael gawked, "Minus the weight of 20 large pizzas in your gut, which means you are 210." She explained and Michael nodded. Dr.S wrapped a tape measure around his waist, "Minus 5 extra inches from the bloating and you are 45 inches." She smiled and Michael nodded, sitting back down and they weighed Niall, who was the same weight and measurement. "This experiment is too see how fat a human being can get, we will be giving you large portions for each meal, you may ask for more if wanted, if you grow out of your clothing, just let someone know and they will get you new ones. We have chosen you for your abnormally slow metabolism and we were amazed how fast the two of you could gain. As we go on, you may get more popular among social media and people may come to do interviews with you, we figured that wasn't a problem since you were both in bands. If you two begin to regret your decision later on, you may leave anytime you want, just ask and you may go." She finished and they nodded along. "Okay, get some sleep and we'll feed you in the morning." Dr.X grinned and they left, Michael laid down and Niall immediately pulled him into his chest, rubbing his belly for him as the two boys fell asleep. At precisely 9 am, Mikey got up and paced around the room, his belly growling like bear as he felt like he would die of starvation soon, the female scientists were studying him in a diffrent room as they had set up cameras around the large room from diffrent angles, observing the boys in "secret". "I need food! Oh my god!" He groaned and woke up Niall as he flopped onto the bed, "Hey, babe, chill okay. They'll bring us food soon." Niall smiled as he kissed Mikey's head, "I'm need soon to be now." Michael whined as his belly growled extremely loud. Then, the door opened and two XXXL pizzas came in on carts for them, Michael immediately grabbed one and started devouring it, cheeks stuffed to the max as he chowed down and filled his belly. Niall ate his as well and no one was expecting Michael to say what he did, "Seconds?" He asked and the scientists were shocked at the purple haired boy's words. "Michael, are you sure you two want more?" Dr.X asked into the microphone, it sounding through the white walled room. "Yes!" He exclaimed, "Michael, it's impossible." She huffed but then his belly growled like a bear, "I told you!" Michael smirked and opened his mouth, pointing to it signaling he wanted more. They kept sending in more and more pizza, Michael finally gave in after his 6th one as he was sweating and panting from stuffed he was, "N-no more." He panted as he laid on the tile floor, huge yoga ball gut pointing to the ceiling. "We figured as much." Dr.S laughed and Michael groaned, propping himself up on his elbows and Niall slid a pillow under Michael's head and laid next to him, rubbing his bulging belly softly for him and Michael smiled, he enjoyed being the little spoon and the belly rubs his best friend gave in, so what if it seemed as if they were dating, they enjoyed it. As time went on, the 2 didn't seem to regret their decision at all, in fact they thought it was the smartest decision they've ever made. Michael and Niall had obviously gained a lot of weight, their former bandmates were a little upset at first that they left the bands, but they were happy that they were happy. Michael and Niall were having trouble getting around, their weights were getting too much for their systems to hold up, they were waddling rather early into the experiment, only about a month into it and they were waddling as well as weighing 600 pounds each, but that was 4 months ago. Now, they were 800 each, almost immobile. They had done a few interviews with diffrent medias and news channels, but what they didn't expect was to gain popularity along with the weight, they thought fans would become a rare thing, but oh no we really they wrong. They had their own fucking fandom and they were becoming a commonly shipped couple, Nike, Niall and Mike, or Miall. They loved who they had become. After another 2 months, they had hit that milestone, they were immobile and had reached 1,150, they had broken the record for the fattest people on earth and boy was that and celebration. They're former bandmates came over and fed them a huge feast each to celebrate, after 10 main courses and 10 courses of desserts, they were stuffed to the brim, they're guts were resting on the floor with almost 100 pounds of food in them. The two were in heaven, they couldn't believe they had gotten so damn lucky, thank god for their metabolisms.

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