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This is short and I did such a shit job with this

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Rachel woke up, seeing that it was a cloudy and gloomy day, she walked out onto the balcony in just one of Michael's tshirts and a robe, looking out at the view of the ocean they had. She looked out at the view and just watched boats sail by for awhile, then going back inside and laying next to her blonde boyfriend, who was still snoring away in a deep sleep. She poked his cheek over and over, trying to wake him up, "Miiiiiiiikey." Rachel whined as she continued poking him, "Shhhhhhhhh, I'm sleeeeeeeping." He mumbled as he pushed her hand away, rolling onto his side and Rachel sighed, pulling him back towards her and he looked at her with tired eyes. "You need to get up Mikey." She cooed, "I don't have anything to *yawn* do today." Michael yawned, rubbing his eyes. "You have to get up eventually." Rachel laughed and got up, pulling him onto his feet and he whined as he dragged him downstairs. "I wanna cuddle in beeeeeeeed." Michael whined as he hugged her from behind, "I am not staying in bed all day Michael." She chuckled and he pouted, resting his head on her shoulder. "I'll make you hot chocolate." She smiled, "With a gazillion marshmallows?" He smirked and she nodded, making him cheer like a 2 year old before going into the living room and flopping onto the couch. Rachel made breakfast, making Michael the hot chocolate she promised him and then walked out to the living room, finding Michael nodding off on the couch and she giggled as she set the food down. Michael sat up and she sat next to him, the blonde boy resting his head on her shoulder and sipping the hot chocolate from his mug, "Thanks baby girl." Michael smiled and snuggled up to her. "You know what I wanna do today?" He mumbled and she hummed in response, "I just wanna lay here with you and sleep the day away." He smiled as he laid her down, kissing her neck. "We can't be lazy asses all days." She chuckled. "Why not?" Michael pouted, "Because it's a nice day out." She smiled, "It's cooooooooooolllllddddd." Michael whined as he cuddled closer to her. "Wear a jacket." Rachel smiled, "It's wet." He stated, "Well, too damn bad." She laughed. "Let's eat breakfast." Michael mumbled as he sat up, eating breakfast and drinking his hot chocolate, after eating probably too fast and drinking too fast, his belly felt weird. Not like he was gonna be sick, but like it was just bubbling. "My belly feels weird." Michael mumbled as he laid his head on Rachel's lap, "What's wrong?" She asked, "It feels like its bub-BRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped and he clapped his hand to his mouth, going beet red and Rachel laughed. "I was gonna say bubbling." Michael mumbled with a little chuckle, "Just air bubbles I guess." Rachel shrugged and he muffled a burp with his fist, his eyes half closed. "Why are you so tired?" She asked and he shrugged, snuggling into her. Michael just laid there, not wanting to get up or move because he just wanted to sleep for god sake, he was just so damn tired. "Mikey, can we go do something?" Rachel asked and Michael whined, burping a few times. "C'mon, it's a nice day." She giggled and he groaned, "I just wanna snuggle." Michael mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her, "Miiiiiiiikey, c'mooooooon." She whined and he huffed, "Fiiiiiiiiine." He groaned as he got up and Rachel cheered, making him chuckle as he shuffled upstairs, changing into skinnies, a Harley Davidson jacket, a Metallica tshirt, and a beanie. Rachel followed him and changed as well, Michael kissed her cheek and held her hand, walking to the car and he got inside, almost falling asleep in the car. "Were you up all night on your Xbox or something?" Rachel laughed as her boyfriend let out another yawn, "I slept all night, I don't know why I'm so damn tired- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped and blushed again, Rachel giggling a bit. "It's not funny." He pouted as they got out of the car, "It kinda is." Rachel giggled and he pouted, "You're a meanie." He mumbled sleepily as they walked around the outdoor mall. Michael was burping literally every other step, it beginning to annoy the both of them, although it annoyed Rachel more that he was starting to talk about it. "It won't stopppppppp." He whined as they sat down to take a break, "My tummy feels weird and I can't stop burping." Michael pouted, "Yeah, I know." Rachel mumbled and he burped again, making Rachel roll her her eyes slightly. "Make it stopppppppp." He groaned as he snuggled into her, he was always clingy when he was tired or not feeling that good, being both right now. "It's getting kinda rainy now, we should probably go back home before-" Rachel began, cut off by a clap of thunder that made Michael jump out of skin and jump up. "Yeah, let's go home." She smiled and Michael raced to the car, hating thunder and lightning with a passion. He had his ears covered the entire time they were driving back home and he rushed inside, whimpering as he heard a loud crash of thunder. "Mikey, it's okay. Let's just have dinner." Rachel cooed, trying to be nice as she was still rather annoyed. Michael nodded and went into the kitchen, seeing what they could make or have, which was just some leftover Chinese food. They finished dinner and Michael kissed Rachel before heading upstairs to bed, annoying Rachel more because well, she wanted to be with him a bit more. She was sat on the couch, in one of Michael's hoodie and some sweats, listening to the rain hit the window and the thunder was actually calming her down. She got tired and went upstairs, expecting to see Michael asleep but instead a shaky mess under the covers, making her heart melt a bit. "Mikey, baby what's wrong?" She cooed and a loud clap of thunder echoed through the house, making the blonde boy yelp and curl into a deeper ball. Rachel walked over to him and laid next to him, he immediately clung onto her like a koala. "Sorry about all the burping earlier." Michael mumbled into her neck, still shaky, "Don't be baby. I understand it." She smiled and kissed his forehead, rubbing his back and humming him to sleep.

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