Fairly Oddparents

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Luke and Calum are Michael's fairly oddparents!

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The eating scenes are kinda short, sorry about that

{1524 words}
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Michael's belly growled loudly once again, "I'm staaaaaaaarving." He groaned, "Ashton's cooking dinner." Luke smiled as he flew above Michael, sitting down on the teenagers tummy. "Uuuugh, I can't wait any longer." He groaned, "Mikey! Dinner's ready!" Ashton called and Luke got off, "He told ya." Calum smirked, "Shut up." Michael laughed before bolting downstairs, sitting at the table and waiting for pizza or Chinese food to be put on his plate, but what he got was just plain veggies and he grimaced. "What is this?" He grimaced and pushed the broccoli around with his fork, "It's dinner." Ashton smiled, "This isn't dinner. Where's the meat? The pizza? The Chinese? This is just.....yuck." Michael grimaced and stuck his tongue out, "We're gonna start eating healthier, it's better for us and I'm sick of all the junk food." Ashton mumbled, "Ugh, I'm going to my room." Michael sighed and went upstairs, leaving the food untouched. He sat on his bed with a huff and his belly growled extremely loud, Calum spun his wand and a huge burger and huge pile od fries appeared infront of Michael, "Thanks Cal." Michael smiled and bit into the burger, devouring it quickly and munching on the fries, laying back and rubbing his soccer ball shaped belly, burping. "I'm guessing dinner wasn't that good." Luke chuckled, "Not at all, it was awful. Ashton only put vegetables on my plate, I'm not a fucking rabbit! I need to do something about this." He graoned, "Make a wish." Luke smiled. "I've got it!" Michael exclaimed as he jumped up, but then sitting back down, "Bad idea." He groaned. "Are you gonna tell us?" Calum asked, "Yeah, I wish that every food was just desserts. No vegetables or anything. Just desserts." Michael smiled and they exchanged worried looks, "Are you sure Mikey?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "That's what I want." Michael smiled and they both waved their wands, sparkles flying around for a split second. "Wait until morning Mikey." Luke smiled and Michael smiled, laying in bed and Luke and Calum sat on the beanbag chair in Michael's room, cuddling up on it. When Michael woke up, he smelled something baking and he stood up, going downstairs and seeing an array of desserts on the table. Sundaes, cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, and candies. Michael sat down and immediately dug in, stuffing food in his face and his belly expanding as he shoved more and more inside him. He was getting food all over his face and he had to spread his legs to give his growing gut room, Michael burped and leaned in his chair, "Oh, I'm stuffed." Michael groaned and Ashton stood up, helping him stand and Michael noticed he had a little bit of a tummy. "You need help upstairs?" Ashton asked, "No, I'm good." Michael smiled and walked upstairs, flopping onto his bed and rubbing his beach ball belly in slowly circles, his fairy friends eating a candy themselves. "I'm loving this wish." He smiled, "I can't wait for lunch." Michael patted his belly, then grabbing his game controller and turning on his PS4, playing COD whilst he waited for his tummy to digest all the sugary contents it contained and as he waited for lunch to be ready. He was talking with his friend Niall through his headset whilst the played the video game, "Did your brother make you dessert for breakfast?" Niall asked, "Yes! It was so good and stuffed me up real nice. I wished for desserts for every meal last night." Michael smiled without realizing what he said until the words came out of his mouth, "On a shooting star?" Niall asked, "Yeah yeah, a shooting star." Michael lied and Luke and Calum gave him reassuring smiled. "Dude, you're gonna get so fat." Niall laughed, "No I won't, maybe I'll get a bit chubby-" Michael began, "You're already chubby." Niall interrupted, "Fine chubbier, but I won't be fat." Michael laughed. "Lunch is ready Mikey!" Ashton called from downstairs, "You're gonna get fat Clifford." Niall smirked, "Shut it Horan." Michael retorted and turned off the gaming system, going downstairs and sees an even bigger amount of food on the table. "Eat up little bro." Ashton smiled, "Don't have to tell me twice." Michael chuckled and sat down, stuffing himself to the max. Michael chugged a gallon of milk to wash it all down and let out a monstrous burp, "Ugh, that hit the spot." Michael smiled and patted his huge belly, "Can Niall come over for dinner?" Michael asked as Ashton helped him stand, "Of course bud, go take a nap, you look sleepy." Ashton cooed and Michael nodded, going upstairs and smirking at the sight of his fairies, see them laying on the floor surrounded by wrappers and big guts pointing to the ceiling. "I see you two enjoyed lunch." Michael smirked as he shut the door, "Yep." Luke smiled, burping. "I'm stuffed like a turkey." Calum groaned, "Just wait until dinner, you'll be superstuffed." Michael smiled and laid down on his bed, "I think I ate too much." He mumbled, rubbing his protruding gut. "Sleep it off Mikey." Calum cooed and the blonde teen fell asleep, being woken up when the door slammed shut and he jumped, seeing Niall with with a full tummy and Luke and Calum now they're puppy form to stay hidden, but they were super chubby. "Someone eat too much?" Michael chuckled as Niall laid next to him, resting his head on Niall's chest. "A little. When's dinner?" He asked, "6 hours." Michael stated, "Good, I don't wanna burst." Niall laughed and Michael laughed with him. "I didn't know you got dogs, I thought Ashton wouldn't let you." Niall chuckled as he bent down to the floor, playing with Luke and Calum, "He changed his mind." Michael lied, "They like you though." Michael smiled as they kept licking Niall, making him laugh. They spent the next 6 hours playing video games, playing with Luke and Calum, and sleeping, eventually getting called down for dinner and to their surprise, there was no food. "Where's the food?!" Michael exclaimed, "Mikey, relax, we're going out to eat tonight." Ashton smiled and they left the house, going to the buffet down the road and it served every dessert known to man, all of their mouths watered at the sight and they immediately stacked their plates, stuffing their faces with dozens and dozens of desserts, not stopping until they were forced to since they had eaten every last crumb. They went back to the car and it creaked under their weight, Niall and Mikey almost falling asleep but Ashton forced them to stay awake, saying he couldn't carry them inside and they whined, but stayed awake and they all waddled into the house, trying to climb the stairs but sitting down on the 3rd step because that's as fair as they got, "Let's sleep down here tonight." Ashton mumbled and they all nodded, falling asleep. Over the next month, their girths kept growing and growing, Luke and Calum couldn't fly anymore because they were too heavy, none of Michael's tshirts fit so he had wear huge sweaters that were once like dresses on him but now were tight, we was extremely lazy and only got up to get food or to go to the bathroom, Ashton was feeding Mikey more and more, making the blonde boy gain weight quicker, and now all 6 of them were 500 pounds and Mikey had broken a few beds. Ashton walked into Mikey's room with an 8 tier chocolate cake, handing it to Michael and he stuffed his face into it, "Eat up buddy, Niall will be hear later." Michael nodded at Ashton's words and Calum and Luke finished eating, well Calum did because Luke couldn't reach his last candy bar. Michael finished the cake and then Luke and Calum changed into their puppy forms as soon as Niall walked through the door. "You need to get an escalator." Niall panted, "I know, Ashton won't do it and I think it's bullshit." Michael chuckled. After talking and a huge dessert feast for dinner, Niall was playing with Luke and Calum and he noticed how chubby they were, "What did you feed your dogs?! They're huge." Niall laughed and Michael froze, "Um....um just leftovers mainly, we don't get dog food and they seem to like it more so." Michael lied and Niall nodded believing him and Michael sighed in relief. "I'm getting kinda sick of desserts now." Michael mumbled after Niall left and his fairy friends were back, "Niall was right, I did get fat." Michael laughed and grabbed his belly, "Do you want to change it back?" Calum asked, "Yes please!" Michael exclaimed and they spun their wands, sparkles flying around for a split second. "Wait until morning." They smiled and they all went to bed, when Michael woke up, everything was back to normal and he was super happy about that.

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