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Mayor! Mikey

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Michael was eating at the nearest buffet with his best mates, having eaten his 10th plate and almost stuffed to his very max. "Mikey, when's the baby due?" Calum smirked as he patted Michael's basketball belly and Michael glared at him, "I was hungry, fuck off." Michael groaned and rubbed his belly, leaning back in his chair and he moved his hand under his belly, kind of cradling it like a pregnant person and he let out a small burp. Everyone at the table turned their heads to the sound of a rough cough, Michael's eyes blowing wider than the moon when he saw a blonde boy choking and he got up, standing the boy up and giving him the heimlich maneuver as quick as possible. The pale boy patted the stranger on the back, "You okay man?" Michael asked and the blonde boy nodded, "Th-thanks, you just saved my life." He mumbled and Michael shrugged, "It wasn't a problem, felt the need to help." Michael smiled. "I'm Niall Horan." The boy stated as he shook Michael's hand, "Holy fuck." Michael mumbled as he put his free hand to his mouth, realizing he just saved the fucking mayor's life. Niall chuckled and Michael was still in awe, "Listen, I am being forced to step down and was told to find a new mayor.....and since you just saved my life, would you like to be mayor?" Niall asked and Michael froze, "M-m-me?" Michael stammered and Niall nodded, making Michael rapidly nod in awe and his bandmates walked over to him, "Shall we go down to city hall and make it official?" Niall asked and Michael nodded, then the 5 of them (well plus Niall's security of course) walked down to Niall's limo, getting inside and Michael couldn't stop fidgeting, more than excited at this point. The lino stopped and they all went inside, being led to the back office and Michael started to shake in anticipation, Niall went into the drawer of the wooden desk in the back of the room and pulled out a badge, walking over to Michael and handing it to him. "Put it on once you get into a more suitable outfit for this job." Niall smiled and Michael almost squealed, thanking Niall and then the Irish boy bid them goodbye, leaving the red head in charge. "Oh my god I'm fucking mayor!" Michael exclaimed and then a camera crew walked in, a woman walking over to Michael and putting a blazer over his tan button up tshirt. "What're you doing?" Calum asked, "He needs to announce he is the new mayor." A man stated and Michael shrugged, putting the badge on and then the cameras started rolling. "Hey everybody, I am Michael Clifford. Your new mayor as of 2 minutes ago." Michael smiled at the camera, "I promise to make this city better in more ways than one, make improvements, and make it well known all around the world. And don't forget, bigger is better." Michael smirked at the end and then the cameras stopped rolling. "I can't believe you are actually the mayor." Ashton smiled as Michael sat at the desk, "I know right!" Michael beamed as he leaned back, trying to put his feet up on the desk but having leaned too far and he fell backwards, causing his friends to burst into laughter. "Very funny you asshats." Michael mumbled as he stood up, sitting normally and leaning on the desk. Ashton handed Michael a piece of paper, "They want you to write down what you want to add or take out of the city, like what you wanna change." Ashton explained and Michael smirked as he took out a pen, "This is gonna be awhile." He mumbled as he immediately started listing what he wanted out of the city and what he wanted in. "We're gonna go Mikey." Calum smiled as they hugged him goodbye, making Michael's cheeks squish and he smiled, muttering a "goodbye" as they left. The next day, Michael stood behind stage, butterflies fluttering around in his tummy and a faint blush on his cheeks from nerves. "Mike, relax." Niall cooed, "I'm nervous, I-I-I've never given a speech before." Michael sputtered and Niall put his hand on his shoulder, "You're gonna do perfectly fine." Niall cooed and Michael let out a shaky sigh, hearing people clap ad his name was announced and he walked out, almost gasping at the amount of people as he walked up to the podium, his speech on a typed paper infront of him. The crowd went silent and he took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. "Um, hi. I'm your new mayor, Michael G. Clifford." Michael smiled into the microphone and people started clapping, making him blush. "I know I may be young to be at the position I am in, but I know I can make this city better if I tried and I promise to do so. For this city, I plan on eliminating the healthy based restaurant chains, such as Salad Farm and Subway, replacing them with fast food restaurants and diners, as well as increasing the size of the food products." Michael explained and was expecting to hear protests, but instead the only sound was cameras clicking and people breathing. "I am taking away every physical fitness center in the city limits, taking out healthy options in grocery stores. Schools will no longer be allowed to follow the healthy criteria, as well as P.E classes being eliminated and replaced with some other subject of the student's choice. Finally, there will no longer be clothing stores with sizes that are any lower than a large, all stores must own sizes for the big and tall because that is what this city's population will grow to be!" Michael smiled into the microphone and the crowd roared, making him smile wider. He exited the stage and was immediately hugged by Calum and Luke, "They love you!" Niall exclaimed and Michael smiled, "I thought they would hate my ideas." Michael mumbled, "But.....aren't you a little worried about what can happen in the future?" Ashton asked and they started walking back to the limo. "Why would I be?" Michael asked as they sat inside, "You're basically forcing the entire city to become morbidly obese and are putting their health at risk." Ashton explained and Michael just shrugged, "So they'll get a out of shape, it's not gonna be that big of a deal." Michael mumbled as they walked into his office, the red head sitting at his desk and typing on his laptop. "You're an idiot sometimes Clifford." Ashton muttered and Michael looked up from his desk, "How?" Michael asked, "You're putting their lives in danger! Did you forget about the health risks of obesity?!" Ashton snapped, "I'm gonna run this city the way I want to because first off, I'm mayor, secondly, the people don't seem to be protesting against me! It's my way or the mother fucking highway Irwin!" Michael shouted as he stood up from his chair, glaring daggers at Ashton and the oldest male stormed out of the room, the 20 year old huffed and sat down. "This job is gonna cost me friends." Michael frowned, "Cheer up Michael, he'll get over himself." Calum cooed and Michael smiled at him, "He better." Michael chuckled and his two friends bade their goodbyes, leaving the pale boy to continue with his work. He sat on his computer, listening to his IPOD whilst tapping away at the keys on the MacBook, typing out a plan for a new theme park in the city and smirking to himself a bit, knowing the public would adore this idea. The next morning, he gave the idea to Niall and he sent it to some friends that were architects, building the theme park for him and Michael was super excited, knowing everyone was gonna love this. It was about a year later and the theme park was halfway, it getting close to being complete and Michael was currently sitting at his desk, Skyping with Niall about the theme park. "Most of the rides are 50% finished at the least, the rest of the park will take awhile longer though." Niall mumbled and Michael nodded, "How much longer? Year or so?" Michael asked as he leaned on his hand, his cbubbier cheek squishy against his hand. "Around a yesr, possibly 2." Niall shrugged and Michael nodded, "Oh! How is this waterfall edition coming along?!" Michael exclaimed, remembering his favorite part of the park. "They actually completed." Niall smiled and Michael's face lit up, "Oh my god no way." Michael mumbled and Niall nodded, "They also want you to test it." Niall smirked and Michael literally jumped up out of his desk chair, his round belly jiggling violently as he did so. "Fuck yeah!" Michael exclaimed, "I can see your gut Mike." Niall chuckled and Michael tugged on his button up tshirt, sitting back down. "Sorry. When do they want me to test it?" Michael asked, "Today if possible." Niall smiled, "I'm there!" Michael beamed, "I guess I'll see you in a couple hours." Niall chuckled and Michael waved goodbye, signing off and he cheered, his tight shirt riding up as he raised his arms in the air, then pulling his shirt back down and he patted his basketball belly, proud of how big it has grown. Michael has basically tripled in size, now at 400 pounds and he was proud of how big he was getting, only wanting to keep growing as well as the rest of the city was. Michael's belly growled and he went into the food cabinet behind him, pulling out a 5 foot hot dog and eating it literally whole, his friends walking in just as he ate it and they stood there, wide eyed. Michael leaned back as the gargantuan hot dog made his belly puff out and pop a couple buttons, making him groan from the sudden stretch. "What?" He asked as he saw his mates, "N-nothing." Ashton mumbled and Michael shrugged, standing up and putting a blazer on over his button up. "Where are we going?" Calum asked as they went down to the limo, "They want me to test something out at the theme park." Michael smiled as they got in, rubbing his beach ball belly and burping a bit. "Stuffed?" Luke asked, "No, I will be though." Michael smirked as they pulled up to the theme park, it still under construction. They got out and they all walked past the metal gates, Niall already there and immediately leading them to the waterfall Michael had wanted. "Oh my fucking god!" Michael shouted as he looked at it, it was a 30 foot tall waterfall, it having two pools to catch the liquid that was pouring from the two sides of the waterfall, one pouring at beer and the other pouring out cola. "Wanna try it?" Niall asked and Michael rapidly nodded, Niall handing him a huge funnel rushing under the streams of liquid, he laid down and stuck the funnel in his mouth, it catching all the liquid and he swallowed as fast as he could, feeling his waist expand as the beer and cola filled him up, he grunted as his belly stretched more and more as he swallowed every last drop that poured out of the waterfall. Michael swallowed the last drop and pulled the funnel out of his mouth, rubbing his sphere shaped body and his mates rushed over, helping him sit on and Ashton brought a fat people scooter over, sitting Michael on it and he groaned as the handles pressed into his belly, burping a bit and then hiccuping. "You alright Michael?" Ashton asked and Michael nodded, "M'tired." Michael slurred, the amount of liquid in his stomach making him drowsy. "Let's get him home." Calum mumbled and Michael's head lolled back, a snore escaping him as they took him back home and got him to bed, hearing him hiccup and burp in his sleep every so often. Michael woke up the next morning, groaning at the pain in his head and he saw how bloated he still was. "Morning." Calum smiled, "Morning." Michael mumbled, "I don't think the bloating is gonna go down anymore." Calum mumbled and Michael's face lit up, "Fuck yeah!" Michael cheered, but then wincing from the pain in his head. "Well, you've got a speech to give in an hour." Calum stated and Michael went wide eyed. "A hangover and a speech, that's gonna work out." Michael mumbled and got up, Calum helping him downstairs after he got dressed and Michael got on his red scooter, having to use it now to get around as he was getting too big to move around on his own. Ashton, Calum, and Luke all got to Michael's limo, going to the building where Michael was giving his speech. "Mikey, don't you worry that people will eventually turn against you and these ideas?" Calum asked as they got there, "Sometimes." Michael mumbled as he was helped onstage, "But I think I'm okay." Michael smiled and then went over to the podium, "I hope everyone has been enjoying the improvements I have put on this city." Michael smiled and everyone cheered, although Michael heard some bad comments about it, shrugging it off though. "Now, my friends have pointed out to me that health is an issue here and I knew from the beginning but I was gonna find a way to prevent it." Michael mumbled, "Aside from the theme park and restaurants I have been designing with people, I have been working on yet another project with a few scientists." Michael smiled and everyone listened intently, "We have made a break through in science, where no one will have to worry about the health risks of obesity any longer." Michael smiled and a picture of a pink pill bottle appeared on the screen behind him. "This is Gain X, the pill we have created that eliminates all the health risks that come with obesity." Michael beamed proudly and everyone gasped, making him chuckle. "Yes this is a real thing, a real pill, a real miracle. This pill is available to the public as of tommorow and we will be able to keep growing as a society. Bigger is better!" Michael shouted and everyone cheered, then he was helped offstage and his mates hugging him. "Was that what you were working on basically 24/7?" Ashton asked as they were going back home and Michael nodded, "All our worries are gone." Michael smiled. It was yet another year later and Michael stood infront of the theme park gates, sitting on his scooter and smiling at the crowd of obese people infront of him. "Ladies and gentlemen, this theme park to exactly to years for some of the best architects to create. Some of the best features have been added to this place and I hope that you enjoy it." Michael smiled, "We have the waterfall with beer and cola, the ice cream waterslides, the cupcake merry-go-round, and much much much more! This is probably one of my favorite projects that we worked on and I couldn't be more proud of what it turned out to be!" Michael beamed, "And so, I present to you, GREASY WORLD!" Michael beamed and everyone clapped as he cut the red ribbon infront of the gates, being hugged by his now obese mates. "You made it Mikey." Ashton smiled as people walked inside, "I sure did." Michael smiled, "I sure did."

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