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More Niall and Mikey

Mpreg, Niall is pregnant

Warning, cute feels ahead :)

If you haven't tried dipping your fries in your shake, you must. It's the best thing ever omg


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It was Christmas dinner, Niall and Michael had there families over, the married couple happy to have a break from all the fame and just spend time with their families, feeling like they had ordinary lives for awhile. But, Michael noticed something, Niall was looking a bit nervous and when he was offered alchol, he declined and that confused the reverse skunk haired boy a bit, Niall usually loved red wine and seeing him decline it, especially on a holiday dinner like this, was new to Michael, so when he saw Niall cleaning up his dishes in the kitchen, Michael decided to ask. "That was really good babe." Michael smiled as he hugged Niall from behind, resting his head on Niall's shoulder, "You're gonna enjoy dessert more." Niall smirked, "You're trying to make me fat aren't you?" Michael giggled, "No, just chubby." Niall chuckled. "Um, babe, I have a question for you." Michael mumbled as he let go of Niall, "Last time you said that, you proposed so what could this be?" Niall chuckled, "It's nothing big like that." Michael grinned, "Um, why didn't you have any of the wine? I bought it specially for you." Michael asked with a little pout, "I can't really drink for awhile." Niall mumbled, "Why? Is something wrong?" Michael cooed, now a little worried about his Irish husband. "No, um, I'm pr-pregnant." Niall mumbled and Michael gasped, his face lighting up. "Th-there's a baby in there?" Michael asked, pointing to Niall's tummy and Niall nodded. "We're having a baby!" Michael exclaimed and picked Niall up, spinning him around and making him laugh, Michael put Niall down and smiled wider than he ever has, then kissing him softly and Michael's tattooed hand traveled to Niall's tummy, smiling when he felt the small curve it had as of now. "I can't wait to see your tummy grow." Michael whispered, making Niall's cheeks turn a soft shade of pink. Well, 2 months later and Niall's tummy grew quite a bit, at 4 months it was like a half a balloon and to say Michael loved it was an understatement, you would always see Michael's hand on it, he was in pure bliss knowing his and Niall's baby was in there. At 4 months, Niall was getting some pretty strong cravings, which were mainly fast food cravings, such as McDonald's. But, whenever Niall ate, so did Mikey and since Michael wasn't eating for two like his husband was, he gained weight faster. It was around midnight and Niall was wide awake, craving a triple cheeseburger and he really didn't wanna wake up the reverse skunk haired boy that he called his husband, but he couldn't drive because his belly was getting too big, so he had to wake him up. Niall turned over and before he shook Michael awake, he watched him sleep for awhile, looking at his chubbier features that he adored. A tummy that was squishy and soft, thick thighs, double chin, his arms were beginning to sag, his hips were wider, chest was sagging a bit too, and a bubble butt that was plumper than before. Niall lightly shook Michael awake and the pale boy whined, "I'm sleeeeeeeping." He mumbled as he rolled onto his tummy, "But, I'm hungry." Niall pouted. "What do you want angel baby?" Michael yawned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. "A triple cheeseburger." Niall mumbled and Michael pecked his lips softly, "I'll be back in a few." Michael smiled as he got up, pulling on a AC-DC tshirt, that was a little tight around his torso and arms Niall might add, then Michael left. Niall sat up in bed, leaning back a little and rubbing his tummy, "I let your daddy top once and you happen." Niall chuckled, talking to his baby bump. "But, I still love you with every part of me. And so does daddy, I promise." Niall whispered and then the door creaked open, Michael walking in with a bag from McDonald's and 2 large shakes. "That was fast." Niall giggled as Michael sat next to him, "Told you I'd be back in a few." Michael smirked as he handed Niall his triple cheeseburger and fries, as well as a chocolate shake. "You're the best." Niall smiled as he bit into his burger, "Eh, I try." Michael shrugged as he sipped his shake, dipping his fries into the ice cream like treat. "You're gonna get a belly bigger than mine if you keep eating as much as I do." Niall laughed as he finished his burger, seeing Michael had also finished everything and he threw the trash away in the bin next to the bed. "Oh well." Michael mumbled as he pulled off his tshirt, "Ugh, I'm full." Michael groaned and burped into his fist. Niall threw his trash away and wrapped his arms around Michael, the pale boy lifting up Niall's shirt a bit and kissing his tummy, "I love you baby." Michael smiled. "Guess what I found out today?" Niall asked and Michael looked up at him, "We're having a boy." Niall whispered and Mikey's face lit up, "Yes! I knew it!" Michael whisper-yelled, "Everyone thought it was a girl, but I knew it." He smiled and Niall giggled at his overjoyed husband. "Go to sleep now kitten." Niall cooed and Michael nodded, snuggling into his chest and giving Niall's tummy one last kiss before falling asleep. As time went on, Mikey's and Niall's bellies grew, they were practically the same size, but Niall was just a wee bit bigger as he was now 9 months along, getting closer and closer to his due date, and as for Michael, he was getting bigger and bigger, now 400 pounds. Niall was now experiencing Braxton Hicks quiet often, Mikey always paranoid that he would just go into labor when he wasn't there, so Mikey was never gone for too long. Michael's bandmates were coming over for a little writing session for their new album, Mikey expecting a few jokes about his chubs, not minding it at all as long as they were jokes. His bandmates walked through the door, seeing Mikey and Niall cuddled on the couch, "Hey guys, so who's pregnant again?" Calum smirked, "Ha ha, very funny, 'Michael's got a fat gut ha ha'." Michael scoffed, laughing as well. Michael got up and kissed Niall softly, "I'll be upstairs, just scream if you need anything." Michael smiled before going upstairs with his bandmates and Niall may or may not have stared at his bubble butt the entire time. After about an hour of writing and joking about Mikey's tummy, they heard a scream and Michael jumped up, rushing downstairs and seeing Niall leaning forward, holding his belly. "Baby, what's the matter?" Michael asked as he helped him stand, "It hurts." Niall whimpered and Michael knew what was going on, Niall was in labor. "Guys! We gotta go now!" Michael shouted upstairs, all of them rushing downstairs and getting into the car, Michael sitting in the back with Niall and holding his hand, helping him through each contraction and getting him inside, Niall immediately going to the delivery room for a C-section and Michael was glad to be with him, holding his hand as they performed the surgery and when they heard a loud cry fill the room as their son was born, Mikey started crying. They took Niall to a hospital room and after Niall held their son, Mikey held him and their went the waterworks. "Hey baby boy, I'm your daddy. You're the cutest thing I've ever seen, you've got my hair, my nose, but you've got your papa's beautiful blue eyes and beautiful skin. I'm gonna love you until the day I die Miall and so will your papa." Michael whispered to the newborn, kissing his forehead and then their 8 best mates slowly walked in, Ashton somehow getting to hold Miall first. "Hey little rockstar, I'm your uncle Ash and I'm gonna spoil you so much that you're gonna be fatter than your daddy." He giggled, "Hey, I'm not that fat." Michael pouted jokingly, Ashton shrugged and then passed him to Luke. "Hey little guy, I'm you're uncle Lukey and we all love you so much and anytime your daddy or papa need me to take care of you or need help, I'll be right over to feed you or cuddle you or anything else." Luke whispered and then Calum held him. "Hey Miall, I'm uncle Cal and I love you so much already, more than you'll ever know. I can teach you how to play bass and we can play soccer with uncle Lou. We'll love you forever little, well big guy." He smiled and then gave him to Harry, "Hey little dude, I'm your uncle Harry and I'm gonna teach you how to get all the girl's when you're older." He smiled, then passing him to Louis, "Hey future soccer star, I'm uncle Lou I'm gonna teach you how to play soccer and hopefully you won't be fat by then." He chuckled and then Liam held Miall. "Hey little one, I'm your uncle Liam and I'm gonna feed you so much you're gonna be obese by the time you're 5. I'm gonna be the #1 uncle out of all of us, we'll love you forever and ever Miall." He smiled and Michael looked at Niall, pecking his lips softly.

Miall Jamie Horan

Born October 4th, 2015

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