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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, it's not as long as I would've liked but oh whale, enjoy!
{1360 words}
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"Oh my god really?!" Michael exclaimed over the phone, "What? Mikey what's-" Luke began but Michael shushed him. "Yeah...uh-huh.. when....that is perfect. See you then, bye." Michael smiled and hung up, "Oh my god guess what?!" Michael exclaimed, "First of all, chill, second, what?" Ashton laughed. "McDonald's wants us to film commercials with 1D as a sponsor!" Michael exclaimed, "McDonald's!" Michael shouted and shook Calum's shoulders. "Michael, calm down." Calum laughed, "But....it's McDonald's!" Michael smiled and his tummy growled, "See, even my belly is happy about it." He grinned and poked his tummy. "What time do we have to be there?" Ashton asked, "Um....they said 4:00 and it's 3:45 right now." Michael mumbled. "I'm gonna get ready." He smiled and ran off to the bathroom, taking a quick shower and getting into a tight flannel and tight jeans, hoping to maybe pop the buttons. Michael rushed downstairs with a wide smile on his face, "Let's go! Let's go!" He shouted upstairs as his bandmates walked downstairs. "Mikey, relax." Luke laughed as they got into the car, Michael was acting like a kid on Christmas as they got closer to the commercial shooting and when they got there, oh my god he was ecstatic. He was full of energy just like Niall, the 2 boys super excited about filming for one of their favorite fast food places. During the commercial, Michael was full of energy and kept goofing around, some of the camera men were pissed off at the boy whilst others were laughing hysterically, Michael even shoved a burger in Niall's face and got ketchup all over his face, this ended up in the commercial. At the end, 5sos and 1D were given a crapload of free food as thanks, a fucking table full. "We'll be right back." Harry smiled as they walked away, leaving Mikey and Niall alone with the food. "They don't really need McDonald's do they?" Michael mumbled as he picked up a burger, biting into it. "No, but we do." Niall smiled and they began devouring the fast food, their bellies swelling up as they ate burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets. They finished it all and were sitting on the floor, rubbing their bellies and burping, "I'm guessing some people were hungry." Luke laughed as they walked into the room, seeing the 2 superstuffed boys that were stretching their shirts to the limit. "We can't get up." Niall mumbled and their bandmates helped them up, having to help them walk to the car as they were holding their bellies with both hands. "I'm gonna b-burst. Oh god." Michael groaned as they got in the car, his chubby hands rubbing his huge belly. Luke and Calum carried Michael inside, laying him on the couch and his huge gut pointed to the ceiling, Michael fell asleep on the couch. Everyday, 5sos and 1D were filming commercials and doing phtoshoots for McDonald's, getting free food and it was definitely showing as all the boys were now about 500 pounds, management had told them thy had to eat all the food and not fake it to show r hey were really into the fast food, which wasn't a problem for Mikey or Niall considering they ate from there almost everyday. Michael was convinced by management to even dye his hair red and yellow to help the campaign, which he actually thought looked pretty cool. They noticed posters with them pigging out on the design with the lines "EAT LIKE 5SOS AND 1D TODAY!", they were all happy about this, of course in the beginning hate was hitting them like trucks, but as they grew out, the media and haters payed less and less attention to their growing girths. Right now, it was midnight and Michael was wide awake, his belly growling every other minute and he just wanted some sleep. His phone rang and he picked it up, "Mikey, come to the front door." He heard Niall say over the phone and Michael mumbled "okay" out before going downstairs and out front, seeing Niall in the car and he got in, "You hungry too?" Niall asked. "Fucking starving." Michael groaned and Niall rubbed his belly, "Don't worry, you'll be stuffed." He smiled and Michael blushed as they pulled up to McDonald's, getting out of the car and some fans greeted them, getting pictures from the 2 boys before they went inside for a midnight snack. They each ordered the whole menu and they happily ate everything they ordered, they put fries in the burgers and they had to say it tasted fucking amazing, they ate the last bite of burger and then the steel chairs they were sitting in just gave up as they crashed to the food from their weight. Michael and Niall both blushed like mad and apoligized to the cashier who helped them multiple times, as well as paying for the chairs before they waddled out, "God I'm stuffed." Michael huffed as he waddled inside his house, rubbing his beach ball gut as he walked upstairs, panting and sweating by the time he was at the top, "We need to get like an elevator or something." He mumbled as he laid down, rubbing his huge gut as he fell asleep. The next morning, Michael was watching the news as he was eating a Big Mac from the pile he had on the coffee table infront of him, he saw a reporter begin speaking about them and he turned it up. "Guys! Get down here!" He shouted as his bandmates waddled downstairs and sat down, Calum trying to grab one of Mikey's burgers but his hand was slapped as Michael glared at him, "Keep your paws off my food." Michael mumbled and paid attention to the TV. "5sos and 1D have obviously played a major role in the reason for McDonald's price ratings to go through the roof, the 8 boys have been filming commercials and making posters for the fast food restaurant and it's quite obvious it's had an effect on their figures. Although they have packed on the pounds, in a recent interview Michael Clifford and Liam Payne opened up to us and had said "We've grown to enjoy the weight we've put on, sure its gotten difficult to move around and get up the stairs, but we're just helping out a company and we our enjoying the cause of it." Well, their fans don't seem to mind either as they have also pointed out how the boys also really able to 'make the extra weight work' in their opinions." The lady rambled on and they all sat there, wide eyed. "Wow, th-that's amazing!" Michael exclaimed as he jumped up, his belly jiggling violently. "It is!" Ashton beamed, then calling the 1D boys to go out and celebrate with some McDonald's. 2 months had gone by and the boy's had reached a new high in their weights, all of them weighed 1000 pounds, except for Michael and Niall who were 1150, and the 8 boys had become immobile, now in beds that could support their enormous weights. All the boys practically eat non-stop as their appetites had grown just like they're girths have, they had wrappers and boxes littering their room they all shared, piles of food next to their beds. All of them were eating and Niall kept trying to steal food from Michael's pile, but he got his hand slapped each time, "Stick to your pile Horan! This food belongs in my belly!" Michael snapped, he was pretty possessive over his food and he never shared it. Louis went to grab a birder but was unable to reach it, "Ugh, I can't get it." He grunted and Liam rang and bell, feeders coming to feed them their food. "Do you think this was a bad idea?" Luke asked and Michael and Niall scoffed, "Nope." They mumbled with a mouth full. They fell asleep with stuffed tummies and just to think, this all started with a commercial shoot.

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