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His little tummy is what I live for I swear!!

Can you tell me in the comments what your fave hair color Mikey has had so far is? Mine is the lilac and purples

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"That's enough soda for you." Rachel chuckled as she snatched the bottle from Michael's hand, "Hey! I was drinking that." Michael pouted, "You've drinken 10 and I think you're little tummy has had a enough." She smirked, "Fine mum." He mocked and she playfully smacked his shoulder, "It's getting late Mikey. We better go to bed." She smiled, "Uuuugh, I don't wanna go to bed." He whined like a child, "Are you 3?" Rachel laughed as she took Michael upstairs. "I'm 19 for your information." Michael mumbled, "Then act like it." Rachel smirked as they got into bed, Michael grunting as he laid down, now in just boxers. "What's wrong?" Rachel asked, "I drank too much soda." Michael whispered, cheeks red as he admitted to it. "Really now?" She smirked, "Shut uuuuuuuup." He whined, "Can you rub my tummy?" He pouted, "I'm tired Mikey." She mumbled, "Pleeeeeeeeeease?" He whined and she quickly rubbed a few circles, "There, I rubbed it." She smirked. "I wanted a tummy rub not whatever that bullshit what." He laughed and she rubbed his tummy for a bit, making him whine when she stopped. "Just go to sleep." Rachel yawned and kissed his nose, making him scrunch his face up in that cute little kitten way he does, Michael gave her a little peck on the lips before closing his eyes, but not able to fall asleep as the air bubbles in his belly kept rolling around, causing a tummyache. He opened his eyes and saw Rachel was practically asleep, she was a kinda heavy sleeper so he thought, why not let the air out? He slowly pressed harder and harder on his tummy, a tiny burp coming up, then he pushed fast and hard and he burped rather loud, looking at Rachel and seeing she wasn't awake, or at least she didn't look like she was awake to him. He started rubbing his belly a little, not really wanting to risk waking up Rachel if he had really loud and wet ones, which he had often. But, the pain was increasing and air bubbles were coming up painfully slow, "Fuck it." He thought and he started pressing down onto his belly, causing a loud kinda painful sounding burp to come up and he noticed Rachel stir, making him freeze in his place. He cautiously got up and walked to the bedroom bathroom, thinking it would be simpler to do it in there and it would muffle the noise a bit, he pressed down on his belly and another loud and wet burp come out, and this time, Rachel woke up. She heard Mikey continuously burping and she walked over to the bathroom, half asleep. "Michael, stop for fuck sake." She groaned and he stepped out, cheeks red with embarrassment, "Did I wake you up?" Michael mumbled. "Uh, yeah. Michael, you know I need to get up early for work tomorrow, I need to get sleep." She scolded, "I'm sorry, I had to get them out." He mumbled, "Do it quieter, please." She sighed and laid back down, Michael went back into the bathroom and did the same, only pressing lighter but this time a flurry of burps left his lips and he clapped his hand to his mouth, eyes widening. "Oh my god Michael stop!" Rachel snapped and got up, grabbing a blanket as she went downstairs and laid on the couch, falling asleep. Michael walked out of the bathroom, seeing Rachel wasn't there and he frowned, laying down and then hugging the blanket to his chest, needing something to cuddle to even come close to sleep, he kept dozing off but never went fully asleep, maybe because he didn't have Rachel, or because he felt guilty about waking her, or because he made her upset, it was probably all 3. He kept tossing and turning, air bubbles still rolling around in his belly since he couldn't get all of them out because it was getting too difficult to press exactly on the bubble and make it go up. Michael laid in dozens of ways, starfished, flat on his tummy, flat on his back, curled in a ball, sprawled across it, but he just couldn't sleep and he was getting really anooyed, giving up and he went on his phone, having to turn the brightness down because when he turned it on, it felt like his eyes exploded from the change in light. He blinked a couple times and went through Twitter, smiling at all the kind comments about him and Rachel, giggling when he found someone had called them 'Rakey' (Rachel and Mikey). He yawned and put his phone down after an hour or two of retweeting and favoriting, he laid on his side and was finally able to fall asleep, just as it began to rain. Meanwhile downstairs, Rachel had woken up to the pitter-patter of rain hitting the window, snuggling back into the blankets and tried falling back asleep, but then heard a crash of thunder and jumped, she wasn't afraid of it, she just didn't like loud noises. Again and again it crashed, even some lightning struck and that made her crack, she jumped up and ran upstairs, jumping onto the bed and landing on Michael, making him groan from the impact. "Hey, baby girl, what's wrong?" He cooed and she clung to him like a koala as she got comfortable on the bed, "I'm sorry for snapping, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Rachel repeated, "Shhhh, baby its alright." Michael cooed and kissed her head, "I'm sorry." She mumbled. "It's okay babe." He smiled and pecked her lips, "Just go to sleep yeah?" He smiled and she nodded, "I love you Mikey." Rachel smiled, "Love you too." He smiled, "To the moon and back?" She asked, "To the moon and back."

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