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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Mike-matter Pt.4!!!!!!!

Extreme belly expanding! Mikey's gut's gonna be huge!

{1457 words}
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"No way in hell Niall!" Michael snapped, "C'mon Michael, it's not even that hard." Niall shrugged, "Easy for you to say, you don't look like you swallowed a damn beach ball and you don't get stuck in places!" Michael retorted, giving his gut a slap and it wobbled back and forth for a bit. "Your fault for having a pig out session at midnight!" Niall shot back, "You're just jealous Niall! I can eat tons more than you!" Michael smirked, "You still have disadvantages! You got stuck in 5 windows yesterday on our robbing spree!" Niall exclaimed, "Hey! It's not my fault you're stomachs too weak to eat what I do!" Michael snapped, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Louis yelled and both villains stopped bickering, "Michael, you're going to do it whether you like it or not." Louis huffed, "But boss, I can't just sneak into their house and put another camera in! They shoved the last one down my throat!" Michael exclaimed, "My gut was like a freaking rave party for a week from the sparks inside me." He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "It's simple, its past midnight, you know very well they're all in bed before then." Louis smirked, "Fine, but if I'm forced to eat another camera I swear I'm done with all of you." Michael grumbled as Liam handed him a bag, getting into the Mike-mobile and driving to his old home, he parked and sighed in relief when he saw every light was out, he snuck in through the front window with a little difficulty thanks to his huge belly, but he managed to get in, but also hit the hard wood floor face first, "Ow." He mumbled as he held his nose, knowing he was probably gonna have a bruise later. He went around the house and installed all the cameras around the house, after he put up the fifth one, he backed up too far and fell back over the coffee table, making a vase crash and a loud thud came from his head hitting the floor. "Son of a bitch." Michael grumbled and sat up, then his vision spun from the massive blow to the head, making him fall back down and he saw 3 figures standing over him, but everything was too blurry and his mind was too foggy for him to make out their voices, then his eyes shut and he was out like a light. When Michael woke up, he was tied to a chair and infront of an empty indoor swimming pool, his eyes widened when he figured out where he was. "Hey partner." Ashton scolded, Michael was at a loss for words at Ashton's new figure, his muscles had tripled in size and his costume looked like if he flexed, the seams would burst. "Like the upgrade?" Calum smirked as he picked Michael up from across the room, is arms stretching long enough and then he let go, Michael screwed his eyes shut as he waited for the fall, but Luke had made him float in mid air with telekinesis, then slowly put him back down. "H-how?" Michael stammered, "That's not important, but I have a feeling Mike-matter is a little scared?" Calum smirked as he walked over, "No I'm not." Michael scolded, "Really? Not even afraid of these?" Luke smirked and brought a huge contianer of peas and carrots over, making Michael almost gag at the smell. He's eaten way too many veggies this year in his book. "Of course not." He lied, "So you wouldn't mind if I, oh I don't know, fed you the entire container?" Ashton asked and Michael heart raced, "Not at all." Michael gulped. They each began forcing him to eat spoonful after spoonful of the vile veggies, Michael even gagged a couple times from the taste that seemed to stick in his mouth like glue, "You need something to wash that down now don't you?" Luke smiled and Michael nodded, wanting something to get the horrid taste out of his mouth, but he almost screamed when he saw the gallon of carrot juice Luke was bringing over. Calum made Michael chug the orange colored liquid, now Michael had even worst taste in his mouth, not to mention his gut was fucking sitting on his knees. "You full yet?" Ashton asked and Michael shook his head, a little afraid to speak. "Mikey, I forgot, do you like pineapple?" Calum asked and Michael shrugged, when he really hated fruit, fruit and vegetables were his main weakness and when he got weak, his belly would swell a lot faster so if they were gonna keep feeding him like this, he was sure in trouble. "Oh, I guess you wouldn't mind me doing this then." Calum smirked and shoved a spoonful of cut up pineapple in Michael's mouth, the platinum blonde chewed and swallowed as fast as he could, the quicker it was inside his growing tummy, the better. Michael practically inhaled the food, wanting it to be gone quickly but his belly was growing at an alarming rate, it was getting bigger each time he swallowed, that couldn't be good. Michael swallowed the last bite and he heard something hit the ground, then he saw his belly had finally reached the floor, "Oh-oh god." Michael gaped at the huge mound of flesh that had hit the floor. "Damn Michael, you've really grown put haven't you?" Calum smirked and poked Michael's gut, "My tummy's huge." Michael mumbled, "Oh no way you can call that thing a tummy, it's a belly now." Luke smirked and they continued force feeding Michael fruits and vegetables that he despised, making gut grow more and more. Meanwhile, his partners in crime were waiting for him back at the lair, "Where the he hell is he?!" Niall exclaimed, pacing around, "I'm sure he's-oh no." Louis began but cut himself off as he looked at the screen, seeing Mike-matter being force fed. "Is that his gut?!" Liam gaped and Louis nodded, "He's gonna burst." Niall mumbled, "Then we stop them." Louis stated and they rushed out to their truck, speeding to their lair. When they got there, they could hear Michael's panting and his former partners making remarks, "Are you ready to give up Mike-matter?" Ashton smirked as they followed the noises, "Never! I'm invincible!" Michael shot back and they went into the rub, gawking at the size of Michael's belly, it was filling the pool from being so huge. "Let him go!" Louis exclaimed as a spoonful of peas was shoved into Michael's mouth, "Thank god you're here!" Michael shouted as the villains rushed over, Liam immediately tackling Ashton and Calum to the floor, Niall bolting towards Luke. "Mikey, you okay?" Louis asked as he untied him, "Take one look at my gut and tell me if I look okay." Michael scolded, "Chill dude, we'll get you out of here." Louis mumbled, "How? You're gonna need 3 forklifts just for my gut alone." Michael whispered, "We'll find a way. Wait, I got it!" Louis exclaimed and then bolted out of the room, coming back with a bottle of green liquid. "I swear if that's some type of vegetable or fruit juice I'm gonna-" Michael began but Louis stopped him, "Relax and just drink it." He sighed and Michael drank the green liquid, his gut groaned and he hiccuped. "What's this gonna *hic* do?" Michael asked and he slowly began to float, "Woah!" He gasped as he now a few feet off the ground and Louis was tying a rope around his gut. "What're you *hic* doing?" Michael hiccuped, "Saving your assm" Liam mumbled as he Niall walked back over, Michael's former partners knocked out on the floor. All 3 boys began pulling Michael out to the truck, then strapping him down inside the open trunk and Michael burped as the liquid's effects wore off, no longer making him float. "Never make me set up cameras again, oh my god I'm gonna b-burst." Michael groaned, leaning forward and resting his head in his hands on his huge belly. "Just go to sleep Michael." Liam smiled and Michael was out cold in seconds, snoring loudly and they drove away, having to make Michael drink another bottle of the green liquid to get him inside the lair and into the "recovery room" from past experiences, they had decided tog build one for Michael so he could just sleep until the swelling in his belly went down. "Until next time." Louis huffed as they sat down in the living room, the 3 of them relaxing.

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