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Major air inflation and Water Inflation

I got way too carried away with this one oops

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"Calum, what are you watching?" Michael asked as he walked up behind his boyfriend, seeing him watching someone chug gallons of water and watching there belly grow. "Water Inflation." Calum shrugged like it was nothing, "Is she doing that on purpose?" Michael asked and Calum nodded. Then the Kiwi boy went to a diffrent video, a video of a girl stuffing another girl with what Michael saw was 10 pizzas. "I can eat more." Michael smirked as he walked off and he saw Calum's eyes widen a bit, "I was kidding." Michael laughed and then Calum paused the video, going up to Michael and hugging from behind, turning him around. "Do you think maybe we could make a YouTube channel?" Calum asked, "About that stuff?" Michael asked and Calum nodded, making Michael gulp a bit. "Like water inflation, air inflation, and stuffing." Calum explained, "What if I explode?" Michael asked and Calum chuckled a bit, "You won't explode babe. You'll just get bloated." Calum cooed and Michael still looked a little skeptical, "How about we first just stuff you okay? Just food and we'll hold off the inflation until you're comfortable. Does that sound okay?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "Shall we start?" Michael smiled and Calum smiled, kissing Michael's cheek as he pulled him to the table, sitting down and Calum went onto the laptop, creating their youtube account. Michael saw Calum type in the name "Mikeyisapig" and he pouted, "I'm not a pig." Michael pouted playfully, "You will be eventually." Calum smirked and Michael felt a tingling feeling in his tummy, was he getting turned on by this? Yes, the answer was yes. For the bio in the channel name, they put down "Intense feeder and feedee relationship, inflation and stuffing" and if Michael said he didn't have a tent in his pants, he would be lying. "Shall we start our first video?" Calum smirked as he stood up and grabbed the video camera from the computer desk, Michael nodded and Calum grabbed his hand. They went upstairs and Calum had Michael sit up on the bed, leaning back so he could tie his wrists to the headboard, Calum set the camera up on a tripod then he rushed out of the room, coming back with 4 large pizza boxes and two 2 liters of cola, making Michael a wee bit nervous. Calum set the pizza and cola down on the desk next to Michael and then turned the camera on, "My little piggie is hungry." He smirked and to the camera and Michael's breath hitched as he walked over, the green haired boy honestly didn't know what to do so when Calum put food to his lips, he just ate it, he was getting full after the 2nd one and his belly had puffed up a rather large amount, looking the he swallowed a basketball and Calum started rubbing his stuffed belly through the fabric of his now super tight AC-DC tshirt, it clinging to him like body paint. "Look at how big and bloated you're getting, but you're still too small piggie." Calum smirked and then shoved more pizza into Michael's mouth, the bloated boy chewing it rather slowly from how full he was getting. He was on the final piece of pizza and he thought he was gonna burst, he was sweating like a pig, his tshirt was riding up above his naval, and his gut was starting to look like a over-inflated beach ball. "Just one more piece piggie and then you can have something to drink." Calum cooed as he fed Michael the last piece and the green haired boy slowly ate it, it difficult to swallow to he last bit but he did it. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched and huffed, Calum rubbing his bulging belly before making him chug the 2 bottles of cola, this only making his gut stretch more. Michael had to admit, all the air bubbles, soda, and pizza in his belly wasn't really comfortable, it kinda hurt for his tummy to be holding that much. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He burped again as Calum untied his hands, "That's my good piggie." Calum cooed as he sat Michael up, taking off his tshirt to give his huge gut more room and Michael let out a sigh of relief, making his jeans pop open and Calum rubbed his belly before getting up and grabbing a tape measure, wrapping it around Michael's wode waist and the pale boy bit his lip. "32 inches. You're so big and beautiful." Calum whispered as he pecked his lips, Michael letting out a heavy sigh as it was a bit difficult to breathe from how packed his gut was, Calum got up and turned the camera off before sitting back down with Michael. "You feeling okay?" Calum cooed, "It feels.....good." Michael mumbled as he leaned back into Calum, getting his stuffed belly rubbed. "Well, I mean it's kinda uncomfortable but it does feel nice." He smiled and Calum kissed his cheek, "If you keep eating like this, you're gonna become a piggie in no time." Calum smirked as he kissed Michael's neck, a moan escaping the boy. Calum laid the stuffed boy down, pulling the blanket over him and he kissed his forehead as he saw his eyes already closing, letting drowsiness take over as he drifted to sleep. Whilst Michael was asleep, Calum uploaded the video with the title "Mikey's first stuffing" and he was proud to say in not even an hour it already had 20 likes and a few comments. Every day they posted a video, all of them so far were of stuffing Michael because he was still skeptical of the idea of inflation, but he was beginning to think more about it, people in the comments kept asking "When will there be inflation?" and Calum had asked Michael a couple times, but yet he was still getting the same answer from the growing boy, "I'm still thinking about it". Calum was coming home from the store, seeing Michael sitting at the diner table shirtless, his belly was puffed out quite a bit, it was like a basketball all the time from the weight he had put on from the stuffings, he was obviously bigger in size, his arms were beginning to sag, his hips were wider, his thighs were thick, his belly was soft and had several stretch marks already, and his double chin was beginning to make some of his neck disappear, Calum had never seen him as gorgeous as he was now. Calum walked over to the green haired boy, noticing that he was drinking a chocolate shake of some kind and Michael swallowed what he had in his mouth, "Hey babe." He smiled, "Hey kitten, whatcha drinking?" Calum asked and Michael showed him the half empty bottle of chocolate weight gain shake. "I wanted to surprise our subscribers by gaining weight faster." He mumbled, "How many did you drink?" He asked. "5." Michael muttered before burping a bit, then Calum stood him up and let Michael lean on him, the pale boy had his arms wrapped around his belly as he rested his head on Calum's shoulder. "You wanna try a little inflation today?" Calum asked and Michael looked up at him, "It's just a small one, just coke and mentos and if you like it, then we can try inflation." Calum cooed, Michael bit his lip in thought and then he nodded, "Go wait upstairs on the bed beautiful." Calum smirked before went upstairs, the tan boy followed him and saw him already sat up in their bed, his hands on on the headboard so Calum could tie his hands easier, Calum set down the 2 liter of diet and coke and the 2 rolls of mentos. Calum smirked and tied Michael's hands down, then turning on the camera and walked back over to Michael, he opened the first pack of mentos. "Just swallow them okay?" He cooed and Michael nodded, swallowing the white mint candies one by one as he ate the 2 large rolls of mentos. As Michael swallowed the last one, Calum opened the 2 liter of diet coke and put it to Michael's lips, the green haired boy chugging it as it was poured into his mouth and he could feel the soda and mentos begin to make bubbles inside him, he swallowed the last bit of soda and burped a bit, feeling the contents of his tummy gurgling inside of him before his belly started to grow, his eyes sent wide as he watched his belly get bigger and bigger, it making the button on his jeans burst open as it continued to grow, making him groan and he let out a huge burp, his belly stopped growing once it was a beach ball size. "Fuck." He groaned, burping a bit as Calum untied his hands and rubbed his belly a bit. "I think I'm gonna explode." Michael mumbled, rubbing his belly as Calum helped him stand up, getting out the tape measure and wrapping it around Michael's shirtless torso, the green haired boy burping several times from all the air bubbles inside of him. "36 inches." Calum smiled and kissed his cheek before turning the camera off, "You think you're ready for more inflation?" Calum asked as he hugged Michael from behind, rubbing his belly. "Yeah, I think I'm ready." Michael smiled and Calum pecked his lips, "Can we do air inflation first?" He asked and Calum nodded, then Michael yawned a little and Calum laid him down on the bed, pulling the blanket over him and kissing his cheek and his belly before he fell asleep. While Michael was sleeping, Calum uploaded the video and titled it "Mentos and Coke bloat", after that he went to the store and bought an air tank for the air inflation that he was planning on doing the following day to his little piggie. He got home and saw Mikey was still sleeping, he laid next to him and wrapped his arms around his wide waist, pressing a soft kiss to his neck and rubbing his still swollen gut with his thumb, falling asleep as well. Calum woke up and he set up the air tank and camera for the inflation, "Whatcha doing?" Michael asked as he walked downstairs and then he smiled, "You ready for this babe?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, sitting down on the chair Calum had for him and then he tied his hands behind his back, the tan boy turned the camera on and walked back over to Michael, "You ready?" Calum asked and Michael nodded before an air hose was put in his mouth, he turned it on and Michael's eyes widened as he immediately began ballooning up, he grunted as his waist expanded and became a sphere shape, it feeling awfully strange. Michael felt that he was getting a little too big as he heard the chair creaking, but with the hose in his mouth, he couldn't say anything or make a loud enough for Calum to stop, making him panic a bit. Michael's body was still growing at an alarming rate, the chair broke and the furniture was being against the wall as Mikey's girth was expanding. Michael could feel the air in his belly gurgling and he shut his eyes, not really wanting to see the damage he was most likely causing as he continued to grow. After what seemed like forever, Mikey was so full of air that the hose popped out of his mouth and he groaned, opening his eyes and almost screaming at how big big he was, he was the size of the goddamn room! Michael grunted before lettting out a huge burp and he deflated somewhat, he felt Calum push against his belly and he groaned, "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" Michael belched and his body deflated more, causing Calum to continue applying pressure to push the air out of Michael and help him deflate. It took about 2 hours until Michael was almost completely deflated except for a bit of bloating in his belly, the green haired boy hunched over and holding his tummy, Calum turned off the camera and walked over to Michael, "You okay baby?" Calum cooed and Michael groaned, "My tummy hurts." Michael whined. "It probably got too stretched out." Calum mumbled and Michael's belly made a strange rumbling noise, but before either of them could react, Michael let out a monstrous burp that actually blew Calum into the wall, making a dent from where he hit the wall. Michael went over to him and stood him up, "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Michael asked and Calum nodded, making Michael smile. They didn't upload that video because, well Mikey didn't want people to see him squish Calum against a wall and the video was over 2 hours long. They waited a couple days before uploading another video so Mikey could "recover" from the huge stretch his belly was given from the air inflation, their subscribers were getting a little anxious for the next video and Michael wanted to give them what they asked for; inflation. "Mikey, you really wanna do this?" Calum asked for probably the millionth time since he came home from the store, "I'm sure, I wanna do water inflation today." Michael smiled as he filled the 50 gallon tank with water. Yes, 50 gallons of water. Michael sat on the chair next to the tank and Calum turned on the camera, walking over to the green haired boy and put the hose in his mouth, turning it on and water flowed down Michael's throat. Michael took huge gulps of the water and his tummy started expanding, his flannel buttons popped off as well as his jeans and his belly flowed out onto his lap, Michael took deep breaths through his nose as his belly filled with water and he put his hands on his gut, feeling it grow. The tank finally emptied after 30 minutes and Calum took the hose out of his mouth, Michael leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath, looking down at his bulging gut that was so big he had to spread his legs to make room for it. It was the size of a yoga ball and it was practically touching the floor, "Ugh, I feel like a *hic* water balloon that's *hic* about to pop." Michael hiccuped, Calum poked his belly and it wobbled for awhile. "You can hear the water in there!" Michael gasped as he heard it sloshing inside of him and Calum helped him stand, his gut shaking again and Michael let out a hiccup, Calum wrapped the tape measure around his waist. "You're getting so big, a big beautiful piggie. 60 inches." Calum smiled and kissed him softly, making Michael smile before Calum turned off the camera. They continued doing this weekly, not wanting to make Michael sick from doing what they were doing to his body on a daily basis. The amount of subscribers they had increased daily, they were ecstatic whenever they saw Michael geting stuffed to his very max and seeing him get measured, his waist expanding each time. The boys had even used a wall to measure how wide Michael's waist was getting, the one thing that drove Michael and the viewers crazy was when Calum played with Michael's belly, making it jiggle and wobble was a huge turn on for them. Michael was currently looking through the comments on their last video, then he noticed something and he gasped. "Calum!"
Michael shouted as he jumped up, rushing to the kitchen where Calum was, panting a bit from running as he got to him. "What baby?" Calum asked, "We did it!" Michael exclaimed as he showed Calum the laptop screen, "We hit a million subscribers!" He beamed and put the laptop down, Calum embracing him in a full body huge and pressing their lips together, it getting a little heated before they pulled away. "I think this calls for a feast for my big piggie." Calum smirked as he pinched Michael's gigantic love handles and Michael nodded, kissing him again. The next day, Calum spent all day cooking the celebratory feast for Michael and the green haired boy had a little surprise off his own for the viewers, he was dressing up in a tight pig costume for them. Michael came downstairs just as Calum put the last bowl of food sown on the huge table, "You like it?" Michael asked as he showed off the pink costume that was so tight on him it looked like body paint. "I love it." Calum smiled as Michael sat down and he turned on the camera, "In celebration of reaching a million subscribers, Mikey is gonna have his own feast." Calum smiled to the camera and began feeding Michael enormous portions of food. A whole turkey, a whole chiken, mashed potatoes and gravy, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, pasta, mac and cheese, cake, brownies, cupcakes, sundaes and cookies. Michael devoured every single thing, all of it going into his belly and making it expand, Michael ate the last cupcake and groaned, burping as he rubbed his belly. "I'm gonna explode." Michael huffed and Calum kissed his cheek, "You did so well piggie. I didn't think you could eat it all." Calum cooed, Michael burped again and Calum stood him up, helping him lean against the wall as he measured his wide waist. "You're getting bigger and hotter everyday." Calum smirked after measuring him, then turning the camera off and Michael just laid on the couch, slipping into a food coma. The following week, Calum had set up the camera and he stood infront of it, smiling. "Hello, Mikey has grown out a lot since he started this channel. He used to be this skinny little thing and was only 185 pounds, but now he's my big beautiful piggie." Calum smiled, "Miiiiiiiikey." Calum called and he heard soft thuds as Michael entered the room, wearing a messy bib and his belly packed. He sat down on the chair and was panting, out of breath from walking such able short distance. "Ugh, I'm not gonna be able to walk soon." Michael groaned, rubbing his gut that was sitting on his knees, "Fuck I'm so stuffed." He grunted. "This beautiful piggie is 600 pounds already." Calum smiled, "I'm your piggie." Michael smirked as he kissed Calum, the tan boy taking off the messy bib and he threw it away, then walking back over to Michael. "Mikey, I've loved you for years and I've never loved you as much as I do now, I didn't even know that was possible. And I would be honored to be able to call you my piggie forever, so Michael." Calum began as he got down on one knee, taking out a velvet box. "Oh my god." Michael mumbled as tears came into his eyes, "Michael Gordon Clifford, will you marry me?" Calum asked and Michael sobbed, rapidly nodding and Calum slid the diamond ring onto his chubby finger, kissing him softly and feeling Michael smile into the kiss.

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