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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.14

This is kinda just fluffy and cute, not really any drama

Okay, but imagine Mikey stressing over you're wedding because he wants it to be perfect for you and he'd tell you he had everything under control, not wanting you to worry about anything you didn't have to

Comment a smiley face and/or a heart if you would kiss Mikey's cute tumtum and give him all the love he deserves !!!

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"Oh my god there's so much to do." Michael mumbled and he rubbed his hands over his face, running his hands through his now pastel pink hair. "Mikey, it's our wedding, as long as we get married, I don't care what's in it." Rachel cooed as she put a cup of coffee next to him, "I know, but....I want this wedding to be perfect for you. Even if I do burp during the goddamn ceremony." Michael mumbled, "For the billionth time, I don't care about the burps." She assured him, "Well, I'm assuming the rest of your family will, not everyone knows about this disorder and I don't want them to learn at our wedding." Michael chuckled, "Those words roll off your tongue so well." Rachel smiled, "What words?" Michael asked, "Our wedding." She grinned and pecked his bubble gum colored lips, "It rolls of your tongue better." He smirked and kissed her again, getting a little too into it and she pulled away before it went too far, "Do we have to wait until after the wedding to fuck?" Michael whined, "Yes, we made a deal." She smiled, "But, I wanna make love to you." He smirked seductively, "Stop it." She laughed as he playfully nibbled on her neck, pulling her into his lap. "My god, get a room." Calum grimaced as he, Ashton, and Luke walked into the house, all 3 making fake gagging noises. "This is a room idiot." Michael smirked and kissed her again, "Just because you're engaged doesn't mean you can fuck on the table." Luke laughed, "Just because you're our best friends doesn't mean you can barge into our house and steal our food." Michael shot back. "And plus, I'm not allowed because someone wants to wait until we get married." Michael chuckled, "You agreed to it doofus." Rachel laughed as she got up and walked upstairs, "Soooo, who's gonna be your best man?" Calum asked, "You." Michael shrugged like it was nothing. "Why him?" Ashton defended, "Well let's see, Ashton you're gonna be the minister because you called dibs, Luke isn't good with speeches and he he specifically asked not to be best man, and I've been friends with Calum since we were 8." Michael explained, "Oh yeah." Ashton mumbled and Michael facepalmed, "Ashton Irwin everybody." Michael smirked and slowly clapped, being an ass. "Go back to your wedding plans." Ashton scoffed, "There's so much to do and I told Rachel I'd take care of it all because I don't want her to worry about shit, she only has to pick out a dress and her maid of honor, that's it." Michael explained, "That's nice of you, but stupid at the same time." Luke chuckled, "Fuck off Hemmings." Michael smirked and started poking his cheeks as he thought, looking at flower arrangements. "Well, the more important thing is, you're bachelor party." Calum smirked, "I swear if you take to some sleezy strip club bar." Michael laughed, "Oh please, it's gonna be fucking amazing and of course a stripper or 2 will be there." Calum smirked, high fiving Ashton and Luke, making Michael roll his eyes. "If you're gonna plan the party, do it else where." Michael smiled and his 3 mates waved goodbye as they left, "Idiots." Michael mumbled to himself, then writing down what flower arrangements he knew Rachel would love in the wedding planner journal he had bought. He had brochures, magazines, books, and pictures laid out all over the dining table, looking through everything as he wrote down what he thought was perfect for them. It was nearing midnight and Michael was still sitting at the table, leaning on his hand with his cheek squished, dozing off and Rachel walked downstairs, seeing his head fall forward and hit the wooden table, making him curse in pain as he rubbed his forehead. "Honey, you've been at this for 12 hours straight, you need to go to sleep." Rachel cooed as she made Michael get up, "Fine, but I need to work on this tomorrow. " He yawned as she walked him upstairs, "Baby, we'll get what we can done okay? No need to rush." Rachel cooed as she rubbed circles in his back, laying him down in bed. "Our wedding isn't that far away." He mumbled as she laid down next to him, "It's a few months away, we have plenty of time to get every detail." She cooed, "No we don'." Michael argued sleepily, making him 10 times cuter than he always was. "Just go to sleep." She cooed and rubbed his tummy, knowing he would probably burp a couple times because of his stress levels at the moment and she was right as he burped a few times. "I wan' our wedding to be perfect for you." He mumbled, "As long as I'm marrying you, I don't care what else happens." She smiled, "A princess needs the perfect wedding." Michael smiled and she blushed, "Go to sleep now kitten." She cooed and played with his hair, making him fall asleep in seconds, she kissed his forehead and he smiled in his sleep, she pulled him into her chest and fell asleep with him laying peacefully in his arms, her face nuzzled in the crook of her neck.

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