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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.11. I tried to make it longer, hope you like it :)
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After Rachel's 18th birthday, her and Michael had started looking for an apartment together. They were trying to find one somewhat close to their previous homes so they could visit family easier as well as they would know the neighborhood better. It only took about a year to find one and it was perfect for them, it was affordable too. As soon as they got the apartment, Michael was so excited that he kept bugging Rachel to pack her boxes faster so they could move in quicker, he had his boxes packed before they even found the place, which wasn't the best idea he's had. When they finally got all their boxes into the moving van, Michael grabbed her and slammed his lips into her, but then pulling away to burp. "Sorry, I'm just so excited to be able to live with you." He smiled and hugged her really tight, peppering her face with kisses and making her laugh. "Mikey!" She laughed as he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, then he put her down as they got to his car. "That probably wasn't the best idea." Michael groaned, "Nausea has been acting up again. It's one of those days." He mumbled and Rachel hugged him from behind, kissing his cheek. "Do you want me to drive?" She asked, "That would be the best idea." He smiled and sat in the car, Rachel holding his hand the whole ride and at stop signs or red lights, he would steal a kiss and then giggle afterwards, when they got inside their new apartment, the first thing Michael did was grab Rachel and hug her as tight as he could, "I'm so glad you love me." Michael sniffled and she could tell he was crying from the way his body was shaking slightly as he tried to hold in his tears even though they still came out and dripped onto Rachel's (actually Michael's) sweater. "I don't wanna love anyone else." She cooed and kissed his neck, pulling away and wiping his tears, pecking his bubble gum colored lips. "Why me?" He mumbled and she sat them down on the white carpet floor, surrounded by boxes labeled in hers and Michael's hand writing. "Why did you choose me? I have a disorder that makes me burp uncontrollably." He mumbled and brought his knees to his chest, resting his chin on his crossed arms. "You really wanna know why?" She asked as she put some stray hairs behind her ear and he nodded mutely. "I chose you because you're special." She smiled and grabbed his hand, rubbing his knuckles. "You're pale skin is soft and smooth like porcelain, you're eyes are like bright green emeralds that I could look into all day, you're lips are soft and pink like bubble gum, your hair is soft and I love to play with it, your cute little chipmunk cheeks are great to kiss, your cute tummy is soft like a pillow and I love when I tickle it and you burst out laughing, your arms make me feel safe, your thighs are muscular and I love to sit on your lap when we cuddle, and this is just your looks." She rambled on and more tears were spilling down his cheeks. "You're personality is, you always seem happy, you're a little ray of sunshine even on bad days, you're so caring and sweet and make me feel so loved, you sing to me when I can't sleep, you may be an emotional person and that's great, you're not afraid to hide your feelings. I chose you because.....I'm in love you with you and no have been from the start." She finished and Michael furiously wiped his tears, "I love you so much, you don't even know." He sniffled and she hugged him tight, feeling him joyously sob into her shoulder. He pulled away and burped a couple times, "Ex-excuse me." He sniffled and she laid next to him, holding him close and kissing all over his face, pecking his lips several times. "Rach?" He asked, "Do you ever think about....ya and marriage and stuff?"

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