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Fluffy Muke fluff

Slight Muke Smut

Feedee Mikey

Feeder Luke

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Michael laid on the couch, his head resting in Luke's lap as the blonde rubbed circles in the platinum blonde's protruding belly, having been stuffed about 10 minutes ago. "How's your belly Mikey?" Luke cooed, remembering that Michael had mentioned his tummy hurt, "It's full." Michael mumbled, shifting a bit and snuggling closer to Luke. "Feels good." Michael muttered and Luke smiled, kissing his cheek. Luke and Michael were in a feedee-feeder relationship, they hadn't always been together. At first they were best friends, then they started dating and both too shy to share their kinks with one another. One day, Luke had accidentally walked in on Michael stuffed to his max and rubbing his beach ball belly, thus causing them to share their kinks and now here they were. Michael at around 400 pounds and getting near immobility, having Luke to help him carry his growing weight around and feed him anything he pleased. The two were in love and it was obvious by mainly 2 things, Michael's expanding waistline as well as the sliver band on Michael's ring finger, the big day only a month away. Michael sat up a bit, it difficult from the size of his stuffed gut and Luke sat him up a bit more, kissing him softly and tasting the chocolate on his lips from earlier, the platinum blonde wasting no time kissing back and Luke turned Michael to face him, the pale boy's belly resting against Luke's toned stomach and their lips moved in sync. Michael closed his eyes, letting his body slowly fall onto Luke and his belly getting a slight pain as it was being squished underneath him, Mikey opened his mouth a bit and Luke slid his tongue in, it getting heated and then Michael pulled away, realizing he was too full for any of this tonight. "Sorry, I'm just too full." Michael mumbled as he rested his head on Luke's chest, caressing his cheek with his thumb and smiling. "I love you so fucking much Luke." Michael mumbled, "I love you more kitten." Luke smiled. "I just.....I'm so lucky to have someone like you. Someone willing to make me this big and only bigger, someone who loves my fatass, someone who wanted to put a ring on my finger, someone who loves me." Michael smiled and Luke gently kissed him, turning Michael onto his side and rubbing his belly for him. "I'm the luckiest man in the world to be marrying you Michael." Luke whispered and Michael smiled, never loving someone as much as he loved Luke.

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