Seafood Dare

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5sos had finished a long day of recording, Michael had woken up late and had no time to get breakfast and the didn't get a break for lunch, so Michael was starving. They had decided to go to a seafood restaurant that was nearby, "I'm so hungry." Michael whined as he looked at the menu. "I could eat two of everything I swear." He mumbled, "If you're so hungry, I dare you to eat that." Calum smirked and pointed to the biggest meal on the menu. A 20 pound seafood platter that contained lobster, crab, shrimp, clams, the platter had sides of corn, garlic bread, onion rings, and a mug of beer. "Dude, there's no way you can eat that." Ashton laughed and Michael smirked, calling a waitress over. "No way Mike." Luke stated and Michael nodded, "Yes way." Michael smirked and then told the waitress his order with a wide smile, she nodded and walked away, thinking it was for the four of them to share. "If you can eat that, there's nothing you can't do." Ashton laughed, "Eh, what can I say? I have a huge appetite." Michael shrugged, but his eyes widened when he saw 2 people carrying it and then put it down on the table. "Holy shit." He mumbled as they walked away, "How are you gonna fit all that in there?" Ashton laughed as he poked Michael's tummy, it sinking in a little, "I think I can manage." Michael gulped, now doubting that his gut had enough room for 20 pounds of food and a liter of beer. "Then eat." Calum smirked and Michael gulped, then shoving some onion rings and garlic bread in his mouth, crumbs getting all over his face already. Michael was chewing as fast and swallowing as he could, trying to eat as fast as possible so he wouldn't get stuffed to quickly, "Mikey, slow down, you're gonna choke." Luke chuckled as Michael practically swallowed a piece of shrimp whole, "No I won't." Michael mumbled with a mouth full of garlic bread and then washing it down with beer, his belly was swelling up already, it looked like he swallowed a basketball already and he hasn't even eaten the crab or lobster yet. "Getting full?" Calum chuckled, "L-little bit-bruuupp." Michael huffed, burping at the end and rubbing his tummy. "Do you give up?" Calum smirked, "I never give up on a dare, I'm not a wuss." Michael scolded and then shoved a handful of shrimp in his mouth, "Michael Clifford is not a lightweight." He mumbled as he swallowed his food, "You sure about that?" Calum smirked, "I'm gonna eat all of this." Michael scolded and shoved more food in his mouth, using one hand to shove food in his mouth and the other one to drink or rub his belly. Michael swallowed the last of the crab and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his huge belly and burping. "Michael Clifford is not a lightweight." Luke smirked, "I'm not!" Michael snapped and looked at the plate, seeing he only had the lobster left and half of his beer. "Then finish up." Ashton smirked and Michael ate the rest of the lobster and chugged his beer, leaning back in his chair and groaning, putting a hand on his beach ball gut. "Jeez, I didn't think you could do it." Calum laughed, "Told you I'm not a lightweight." Michael smirked and burped, "God, I'm so fucking stuffed. I don't have any room left." Michael groaned, rubbing his tummy. "Not even for dessert?" Calum smirked and Michael shifted to get comfortable in the chair, "Okay, maybe a little room." Michael huffed, "Are you out of your mind?" Luke laughed, "What?" Michael hiccuped, "You look like you're about to pop." Ashton laughed, "So?" Michael huffed as he tugged on his jacket to try and cover some of his belly. "That's not gonna work you dork." Luke laughed, "Shut up." Michael mumbled and heard Calum order dessert for him, "You aren't getting me that gallon milkshake thing are you?" Michael asked and Calum shook his head, Michael sighed in relief but then he gawked when he saw what Calum had ordered him. "Calum, I said I had a little room, I didn't say I could eat a 10 pound banana split." Michael gasped, "C'mon, I thought you weren't a lightweight?" Calum smirked and Michael glared at him, gulping before he began eating the gigantic bowl of ice cream. There was 4 huge scoops of vanilla, 5 bananas, whip cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry ontop. Michael's spoon felt heavy as he ate, so stuffed already that it was a struggle to swallow, he had to spread his legs because of how big his gut was getting, hearing the chair creak loudly after he finished about half. "Oh crap." He mumbled and rubbed his belly, feeling that his shirt was riding up. "C'mon Mikey, you're halfway there." Ashton smiled, "I don't think I can do it." Michael huffed, "Then you're a lightweight." Calum smirked, "I'm not a damn lightweight Hood." Michael snapped, "Then, you got finish it." He smirked, "I wonder what's gonna pop first, my button or my gut." Michael mumbled as he stuffed the rest of the dessert in his mouth, his button popping off and then a loud creak coming from the chair. Before Michael could react, the chair legs snapped and he fell to the floor, groaning as he laid on his back, his huge gut pointing to the ceiling. His bandmates helped him stand and he groaned, "No more." Michael whined, "No way, you proved your point, you're not a lightweight." Calum chuckled as they helped him to the car. "Damn right I'm not a lightweight." Michael huffed as he sat in the car, a little tipsy from the beer he drank. "Get some sleep Mike, digest the 30 pounds of food you just ate." Ashton laughed as they drove home, Michael rubbed his overstuffed gut, feeling how tight his skin was. It was drum tight and there was pale pink stretch marks on the pale skin. Michael was burping and groaning the entire car ride, his bandmates almost had to roll him inside the house, but they managed to lift him onto his feet and get him upstairs, laying him down on his bed, the stuffed boy fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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