Star Wars

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Insecure Mikey

Okay but Michael looks so fucking hot in his Han Solo costume


Thank god for tight shirts and belts

This is really short I'm sorry honey

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When the boys got told they were gonna be dressing up as Star Wars characters at their next interview, they were ecstatic about it, Michael the most excited because let's be honest....he's a total nerd and he's not ashamed to show it. They walked into the dressing room and Michael rushed over to the Han Solo costume, "DIBS!" He screamed and then his bandmates chuckled at his enthusiasm, all of them grabbing their costumes and changing right infront of one another, too close of friends to care. As Michael was changing, he noticed how tight the sleeves were on his chubby arms and the white shirt was clinging to his pudgy waist, making him frown slightly and he tugged the pants on, trying to get them to button and struggling. "Mikey, you okay?" Luke asked as he noticed Michael's struggle, the red head huffed and flopped down onto the couch, putting his face in his hands. "Hey, Mike what's wrong?" Calum cooed, halfway in his costume so he didn't look too weird while comforting the boy. "I'm too fat for the costume." Michael pouted and started crying, not even trying to hold them in as the rush of insecurities spread through his chest. "Mikey, don't cry it's okay." Ashton cooed, "N-no it's not." Michael sobbed, "I can't even button the damn pants!" He wailed and Calum hugged him tight, "Mikey, you aren't fat." Luke cooed. "Look at me!" Michael snapped and sat up straighter, roughly grabbing his belly and shaking it, "It's like fucking jello!" Michael shouted and Ashton held onto his hands as he saw how hard Michael's was pinching his pudge. "Kitten, you're beautiful. Every inch of you is gorgeous." Ashton cooed and Michael sniffled, "I-I-I gained 40 pounds from our last tour." Michael frowned, "We don't care if you gained 100 pounds or lost 10, we'll always love you." Calum cooed and Michael smiled a bit, Luke stood him up and grabbed Michael the 2nd pair of pants, this size fitting him and making Michael happier, less insecure of his cute tumtum.

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