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Kinda nerdy Michael

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A little violence

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"Are you stupid Calum?" Michael scoffed as he sat down at the cafeteria table, "I'm just saying if you like her so much, ask her out." Calum shurgged. "It's Rachel for fucksake!" Michael snapped, "The popular girl that everyone loves, the most perfect girl on the face of this Earth." Calum smirked before Michael could continue, knowing the blonde boy was gonna say those exact words. "And I am just the nerdy pig that can't control when he-BRUUUUUUPPP!" Michael belched, clapping his hand over his mouth and blushing a bit. "She'd never like me." Michael mumbled as he played with his water bottle. The pale boy had a burping disorder, unable to control the belches that left his mouth, plus he was a nerdy boy, something the popular people didn't go for. Rachel was Michael's crush since the 6th grade, she was perfection in his eyes, one of the most popular girls in school, everyone loved her and honestly, what the hell isn't there to love? "Grow a pair Michael." Calum scoffed, earning a smack to the back of the head by his pale best friend. The bell rang and Michael got up, going to class and he froze when he saw who was now sitting next to him, Rachel. He shuffled over to his seat and sat next, trying not to stare at Rachel as class went on, of course stealing a few glances and he blushed when she caught him looking, she would giggle at him because she was finding his blush utterly adorable. Rachel actually had a crush on the blonde boy too, but in all honesty, she was scared of being rejected by her friends and more importantly, Michael getting bullied more. The poor boy was already bullied for his disorder and being nerdy, being with Rachel would probably cause people making fun of him more because they would say she's just using him or something, like most popular girls do but she would never do that to Michael, he's too precious to get hurt. As the class ended, Michael rushed out of class and Rachel followed him, that sounds a bit creep but she wanted to get a chance to talk to him. "Michael!" She smiled as she caught up to him at the bus stop, "R-Rachel?" Michael asked as she sat down on the bench next to him, feeling his tummy begin to bubble up inside from nervousness. "Hey." She smiled, "H-hey." Michael mumbled, "So, I have been wondering if you wouldn't mind if I maybe was your girlfriend?" Rachel asked and Michael froze, "Is this some kinda sick joke that you and your friends she playing?" Michael asked. "No, Michael no. I really do like you." She cooed, "Please kiss me." He blushed and she connected their lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. "So, um, would you like to get coffee sometime?" Michael asked as she pulled away and Rachel giggled, "Is now good?" She asked, "Now is perfect." Michael smiled as they stood up, walking to the café near the school. They got their coffees and Michael insisted that he bought Rachel a slice of a cake, plus paying for it all. "Mikey, if you don't mind me asking, when did you get your disorder?" She asked as she sipped her drink, "Well, it was freshman year and uh, I was having bad tummyaches every so often, so my mum took me to the doctor and that's when I was diagnosed with this rare as fuck disorder." Michael mumbled, spinning his stray in his frappè. "Is it bad?" She asked and he shrugged, "Some days it's very suttle, like today, but like every other week it's insane. They're really big and loud and it's like I can't get a word out." Michael explained, "On those days, I can get bad pains too, I even got sick once from it, sometimes I wish there was something to stop it." He sighed sadly and Rachel cupped his pale face, pecking his lips softly, "I wish I could stop it too, but just so you know, I don't care about how big or small your burps are, I still wanna be yours." She smiled and he grinned wider than he ever has, kissing her again and tasting the chocolate cake and coffee on her soft lips. Michael pulled away and let out a tiny belch into his fist, apoligizing in between more burps, making Rachel giggle at his faint blush. As the weeks went on, Rachel's friends kept asking her the same question, "Why are you dating him?", and she would give the same amswer, "Because he's sweet and beautiful and funny and I don't care about the disorder". Her popular friends grew closer to Michael, only a couple being good friends with him and of course Mikey was still close with Calum, Ashton, and Luke, not able to let his best friends go. Although, popular kids were still bullying him sometimes, when Rachel wasn't around of course and he didn't tell her, not wanting her to worry about it. Michael walked into the school cafeteria and sat down at the table with Rachel's hand in his, a wide smile on his face. "Rach, are you seriously dating this pig instead of me?" Justin, one of the popular bad boys at Lincoln High and he had a not so secret crush on her, making moves in the past but always getting denied. "First off, he's not a pig. Second, he's not a rude jackass." Rachel retorted as she stood up, having to let go of Michael's head. "You know he can't control his burps right?" Justin scoffed, "I don't care about that." Rachel shrugged and Justin rolled his eyes, "He can't do half of them stuff I can." He smirked, "He can't make you feel as good as I can." He smirked and then grabbed her bum, making Michael jump up and punch him right in the nose, "Don't you fucking dare touch her ever again! Is that clear?!" Michael shouted as he gripped onto Justin's shirt collar, "I said is that clear!" Michael shouted and Justin rapidly nodded, Michael letting him go before he ran off. "Mikey, what was that?" Rachel asked, "He can't touch you like that." Michael mumbled, "You're my girlfriend and you have said no to him before, he needs to lay the fuck off now." Michael explained. "Michael that was so badass!" One of Rachel's friends exclaimed, "I had no idea you could punch like that!" Another one beamed and more of her friends kept complimenting him, making a wide smile spread across his face.

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