A pup named Niall

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

A pup named Scooby-Doo oneshot omg!!!!!

Fetus 5sos and Niall!

Anyway, hope you like it :)

{1140 words}
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"Go ahead and look around Mikey." Ms.Clifford cooed as she led her 10 year old son into the hybrid shelter. Michael walked down the aisle, seeing multiple female and male puppy hybrids with diffrent colored ears and tails, either sleeping or playing around, but none of them made Michael think "that's the one", until he went to the back and bent down infront of a specific cage. A pale blonde hybrid sat inside, eating cut up meat of some kind and he looked up at Michael, his ice blue eyes were filled with hope and his tail wagged. "I want him." Michael smiled to the shop owner, she opened the cage and the hybrid jumped onto Michael, tackling him to the floor and licking his cheeks, making Michael laugh and then Niall backed away his blonde tail wagging and Michael moved some blonde hair from his eyes, scratching his ears. "Do you like that food?" Michael asked and he rapidly nodded, then Michael hugged him really tight. "Niall loves Mikey." The hybrid smiled and Michael grinned, then both of their tummies growled and they both looked at each other, laughing and then Mikey stood up, Niall stand next to him and wobbling a little, grabbing onto Michael for support. "You okay?" Michael giggled and Niall nodded, still holding onto the blonde's waist tightly. Michael helped the hybrid walk out of the shelter and get him into the car, Niall crawling into Michael's lap during the car and the 2 fell asleep during the 3 hour drive, Michael's mother woke him up and the blonde boy shook Niall awake, helping him inside and Michael immediately took him to the kitchen. "This is just a little snack before we have our real lunch." Michael smiled, he opened the fridge and pulled out leftover pizza, opening the box and they both sat on the kitchen floor, eating the pepperoni pizza happily. After they were done and Michael threw the box away, they went on to the couch and Michael pulled Niall on top of him, hugging him tightly and he played with Niall's hair, petting his blonde ears and Niall's tail wagged side to side. Michael had fallen asleep and Niall was getting a jot bored inside the house, so shook Michael's shoulder to wake him up. "What's up buddy?" Michael yawned, the 10 year old still sleepy. "Niall go walks?" Niall asked, not having proper grammar and Michael made a mental note to teach him later on. "Sure Niall, just let me get my shoes on." Michael smiled and Niall got off him, the emerald green eyed boy put on his shoes and then helped Niall get on shoes, he wasn't gonna let him walk around barefoot. Michael held Niall's hand as they walked out the door, their arms swinging back and forth as they did so, but then Niall suddenly let go of Michael's hand and ran down the road, "Niall!" Michael shouted and ran after him, seeing the hybrid jump onto a brunette boy. Michael rushed over to him and pulled Niall off, "No, we don't pounce." Michael scolded and Niall frowned, "Niall want food." The hybrid pointed to the kid's candy bar and Michael sighed. "You get your own food, apoligize Niall." Michael scolded, "Niall is very sorries." Niall apoligized. "It's okay." The boy smiled, "What's your name?" He asked, "Michael, but everyone calls me Mikey." Michael grinned, "Calum and I'm 11." He smiled, "Luke and I'm 10." The other blonde chimed in, "Ashton and I'm 12." The dirty blonde smiled. The 4 boys started talking, Niall listening to their conversation on superheros, music, and animes, chiming in a couple times but he didn't really have a clue what they were talking about. Niall rested his cheek on Michael's lap, "Niall hungry Mikey." He pouted, "Okay, I guess we'll talk to you later." Michael smiled and waved goodbye as they walked away. Michael took Niall into the kitchen and they opened the fridge, seeing nothing and Michael gaped. "It was full a minute ago!" He exclaimed and looked through the pantries, seeing all the food was gone and he was speechless, all the food had vanished. "No food for tummies." Niall frowned, "We'll find food, I promise." Michael cooed and he told Niall to day put, then he went outside and called the 3 boys over, they rushed over and Michael took them to the kitchen. "Everything disappeared! We have no freaking food in this house! My and Niall's belly's are empty and we need food soon! I can't deal without food much-" Michael began but Ashton cut him off by shaking him by his shoulders. "Chill out mate!" Ashton exclaimed and Michael nodded, "It looks like we've got a mystery on our hands." Ashton declared, "Yuck!" Luke shouted as he stared at the yellow orangey substance he had stepped into, "Melted cheese?" Michael asked, "Why is there flipping puddles of melted cheese?" Calum asked and they all shrugged. They looked around and they heard a groaning noise, making Niall jump into Michael's arms, "Sounds like a monster." Luke stated and Michael went wide eyed, "M-m-m-monster?" Michael stammered and Calum nodded, Mikey and Niall gulped as they heard it again, "It's coming from the laundry room." Calum mumbled and reached for the handle. "Don't open it!" Michael shrieked but Calum pulled opened the door, all of them jumping in fear as they saw a orange monster in the corner, cheese dripping off it and it roared at them. "HEY! IT HAS OUR FOOD!" Michael snapped and pointed to the large pile of food that the monster was guarding, suddenly anger replaced the fear in Michael's veins, his fists clenching and Niall got out of his arms, copying Michael actions. Nobody dares to take Michael's food, nobody! Michael and Niall pounced onto the monster and they bit into it. "Nobody steals my food and gets away with it!" NOBODY!" Michael shouted and they both devoured the monster, it was gone in seconds and now sat in their basketball bellies. "Ice cream!" Michael shouted and grabbed a container of cotton candy ice cream, shoving spoonfuls in his mouth a Niall grabbed a sandwhich, the two boys shoved food in their faces, stuffing every last crumb into their guts. "You two are very serious about your food." Ashton asked and Michael nodded, burping and rubbing his belly. "I'm so stuffed." He groaned and Niall nodded, "Nice job at solving this mystery guys." Michael smiled, "It could be like a job." Like chuckled and Michael shot up, "It could! We could be a gang!" Michael exclaimed. "Mystery Inc?" Calum suggested and they all nodded in agreement, forming the group.

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