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Cute drunk Mikey!!!!!


He looks so chubby in this pic and fuck I love it


{1128 words}
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Michael's boyfriends sat on the couch, waiting for the 20 year old to get to their shared apartment. The door jiggled a bit and then they heard a small thud, Ashton getting up and opening it, seeing a very drunk Michael on the floor of the hallway, resting against the wall. "Heyyyyy, you got the door open!" Michael exclaimed and Ashton helped the platinum blonde stand, "How much did you drink tonight?" Calum asked as Ashton brought him inside, smelling the strong scent of tequila off of Michael. "I only had 1 round of shots." Michael giggled, "And?" Luke asked and Michael burped a bit, putting his hand on his bloated belly and rubbed it, "My tummy icky." The drunk boy pouted like a 5 year old and Ashton helped him to the bedroom, "Ashy, there is a storm in my belly." Michael hiccuped, giggling like mad. "Time for bed." Ashton mumbled and Michael whined, "I'm not tiiiiiireddddd." Michael whined and Ashton was loosing his patience with the drunk boy. "Let's just cuddle okay?" Luke cooed as he and Calum walked over, Michael nodding and they laid down with the drunk boy, who lifted up his tank top and put his round tummy on display. "I gotta beew belly." Michael slurred as he rubbed the soft skin, "It's very cute." Calum smiled and Michael giggled as he pulled down his shirt, cuddling up to Ashton and giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek, "Night night." Michael slurred and he fell asleep, his boyfriends falling asleep as well. This had become a routine for them, the platinum blonde having gone out to drink every day and coming back totally hammered, his boyfriends were getting really worried about him, wanting to know why he was acting this way. When Ashton woke up, he heard the 20 year old gagging and he got up, going into the bathroom and seeing Michael leaning over the toilet, hugging his belly and puking his guts out. The curly haired lad bent down next to him, rubbing his back and his heart sinking as he saw a couple tears sliding down his cheeks, Michael fell to the side and rested his upper body on Ashton's lap, groaning. Ashton flushed the toilet and helped Michael stand, taking him to the couch and sitting him down, "Where are you going?" Michael pouted, "I'm getting meds for that headache of yours." Ashton cooed and Michael gave him puppy eyes, obviously just wanting to cuddle and Ashton sighed, laying down with the hungover boy and cuddling him. Luke and Calum woke up, going into the living room and cuddling as well,"I feel like shit." Michael groaned as he closed his eyes, his head pounding. Calum, Ashton, and Luke broke away from the cuddle, Michael whining in protest, "Mikey, why are you doing this every night?" Calum asked as he sat Michael up, the look on Michael's face showing confusion as well as anger. "You have been getting drunk every other night and it's worrying us......is there something wrong?" Luke cooed and Michael shook his head, "Everything is fine, I'm just having some fun." Michael mumbled, "Having some fun isn't getting hammered every other night......that's dangerous Mikey." Ashton sighed, "Why do you guys have such a big problem with this?! I'm just drinking! I'm a fucking adult and I'm old enough to make my own damn decisions!" Michael snapped and stood up, going to the bedroom and coming out minutes later, dressed and he went out the door, everyone knew where he was going. After 5 hours and still no Michael, the 3 boys had lost their patience with the pale boy, "We need to do something about this." Calum stated, "We could always punish him." Luke suggested. "I was thinking that, but how exactly?" Calum mumbled and Ashton took out his laptop, typing in diffrent types of punishments or behavior controls, avoiding all the BDSM. "We could, um, stuff him?" Luke mumbled, thinking the idea was crazy. "No, Luke don't be embarrassed, that's actually a smart idea." Ashton cooed and the blonde smiled. "We better order some food then." Calum chuckled and they went online, ordering from pizzerias and bakeries to get plenty of food to stuff the platinum blonde. It was around midnight, all the food had arrive and they heard the door bust open, a shit-faced Michael just falling to the floor and hiccuping, black out drunk and Ashton dragged the basically unconscious boy onto the couch, Michael letting out a loud snore and the 3 boys sighed, letting him rest before they put their plan into action. After another 4 hours, Michael had woken up to the smell of pizza and pastries, slightly confused and Luke sat him up, "Morning princess." He cooed as he held Michael's hands together, "What are you doing?" Michael asked and almost screamed when he felt his hands being tied around his back, "What the fuck?!" Michael snapped, getting a donut shoved in his mouth and he ate it, actually rather hungry. "Shut up and eat okay?" Luke scolded and Michael looked down, feeling bad and a tear slipped, "No." Michael mumbled, "You're gonna eat everything." Ashton stated and Michael shook his head, only for Ashton to shove pizza in his mouth and pinch his nose closed so he had no choice but to eat what was crammed into his mouth, this went on until all pizza, donut, and pastry boxes were empty, the food now resting in Michael's gut. "F-fuck." Michael whimpered out, his belly was stretched out to his knees and it was difficult to breathe from how tightly packed it was, Luke untied Michael's hands and rubbed Michael's exposed tummy, the stuffed boy starting to cry and his boyfriends hugged him, "I-I-I'm sorry." Michael sobbed, "I-I was drinking s-so much because people were s-sending me pictures of you with other boys out at the mall and stuff, saying that you guys were over me-me and had found someone n-new." Michael sobbed and their hearts broke. "Oh no baby, we would never do that honey. We love you." Ashton cooed, "We were out because we were planning on something special." Luke cooed and Calum got up, going into the bedroom and bringing out a small velvet box, he bent down infront of Michael and opened the box, the platinum blonde gasping at the sight of the diamond ring inside. "Michael.....will you marry us?" Calum asked, "Yes." Michael sobbed out, the ring being placed on his finger and all of them exchanging kisses.

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