Candy Land

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. If you haven't listened to The girl who cried wolf yet then you seriously have to. Sorry if it's short
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"You just had to forget the map didn't you?" Michael groaned as him and Niall trudged through the woods, trying to find someone or something to help them get back home. "Stop complaining Michael it's not getting us anywhere." Niall scolded and Michael groaned, sitting on the grass beneath a tree and then his belly growled. "I'm starving." Michael pouted and rested his head in his hands, running a hand through his platinum blonde hair. Michael huffed and stood up, rubbing his empty tummy through the fabric of his red flannel as he continued walking with Niall. Michael smelled something really sweet and he followed the smell, his eyes widening at what he saw as he stepped out of the woods. It was a real life candy land! There was huge lollys as trees, the path was made of candy hearts, there were glass bottles of pink soda that were "growing" on bushes, rocks were chocolate hearts, and everything was pink and red, it was like a land for Valentines Day. "NIALL! OH MY GOD COME LOOK AT THIS!" Michael exclaimed and Niall came out from the woods, "Holy crap." He gasped, "IT'S FUCKING MADE OF CANDY!" Michael screamed and ran over to a lolly that was sprouting out of the ground like a flower, he pulled it out and licked it, it tasting like lemon-lime. "You hungry?" Niall laughed as Michael devoured multiple candies, "Hell yeah I am!" Michael exclaimed with a mouthful of chocolate. Michael's belly was started to poke out as he filled it with candies, he was munching on chocolate, chugging down pink soda, eating cotton candy, licking lollys, chowing down on gumdrops, and pigging out on all the candies he could grab. "Mikey, you may wanna slow down." Niall sighed as he sat next to the platinum blonde on the ground and Michael opened up a soda bottle, "Why?" He asked before chugging down the soda that reminded him of root beer, the buttons on his flannel burst open and his belly puffed out more, it now looking like a beach ball. "Your flannel is busted open." Niall chuckled and Michael tossed a couple candy hearts in his mouth, "So?" He asked as he washed them down with yet another soda, patting his belly as he put the empty bottle down. "You're gonna burst." Niall laughed, "No I'm-BRUUPPPP-not." Michael belched, not even bothering to muffle it as he was just with his best friend. "Whatever you say, I'm not rolling you home." Niall sighed, "Shut up Horan and eat some candy." Michael scoffed and nibbled on some cotton candy, "No way, I'm not getting a gut like you." Niall smirked and poked Michael's tummy, it sinking in a little. "You're just jealous of how big of an appetite I have." Michael mumbled with a mouthful of gummy candies, "Nope, I'm really not." Niall mumbled, "Liar but okay." Michael laughed and picked up a pink frosted cupcake, eating it in one bite and then his belly puffed out a lot, he had to spread his legs because of how big his gut was getting. "That hit the spot-BRUUPPPP!" Michael belched and patted his bulging belly, feeling the button on his jeans snap open and his gut fell out onto the ground. "You feeling stuffed at all?" Niall asked, "Maybe after a few more cupcakes, that one made me bloat up a bit." Michael chuckled and picked up another one, doing the same thing and his belly expanded just like before. He kept shoving cupcakes in his mouth and his gut kept growing each time, he had pink frosting all over his mouth and crumbs rested on his exposed gut, "Dude, you have to stop." Niall sighed, "Just one more." Michael smiled and ate another cupcake, his belly bloating up more. "And now wash it down with a soda." He smiled and chugged down another soda, putting the empty bottle down and then letting out a deep burp. He leaned back on one hand and rubbed his bulging gut with the other, feeling how tight his skin was, like a drum. "Ugh, maybe that last cupcake was a bad idea." Michael groaned as he began to get the hiccups, too many air bubbles rolling around inside his yoga ball sized gut. "Let's get home." Niall smiled as he stood up, Michael nodded and tried getting up, but his gut was too big and he just flopped onto his back, "I can't move, those cupcakes really did a number on me, oooooooooh." He groaned and burped, licking his frosting covered lips. "Don't tell me I have to roll you to the car!" Niall laughed and Michael glared at him, "It's not funny Horan!" Michael snapped, "Oh yes it is. You look like you ate Santa." Niall laughed and Michael blushed, "Just fucking roll me." Michael huffed and Niall rollee the stuffed boy to the car, possibly bumping into a few things on the way thanks to Michael's enormous gut. Niall had a bit of a struggle getting Michael into the car, but eventually got him into the backseat of the truck and he laid down on the leather seats, his huge gut pointing to the ceiling and it jiggled whenever they hit a bump. "Maybe you should forget the map more often." Michael laughed as Niall rolled him inside their house, helping him onto the couch. "And roll you everywhere. No thanks, I'm good." Niall laughed and Michael rolled his eyes, rubbing his drum tight gut until he fell asleep.

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