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Calum sat at home, hearing knocking on the door and he got up, opening it and seeing Michael nearly on the floor from being so drunk. "Callyyyyy!" Michael whined and flopped into his arms, "I missed wou!" He slurred and Calum giggled, "Missed you too kitten." He smiled and helped Michael stand, "D-don't feel good Cally." He whimpered and Calum looked into his glassy eyes, picking him up and carrying him to the bedroom, "What's wrong baby boy?" He cooed as he laid Michael down, "My belly huwts." Michael slurred with a small pout and Calum lifted hi is tshirt, seeing that he was rather bloated and Michael yawned, rubbing his eyes and his belly loud out a loud rumbling noise, making him whimper like a puppy and Calum's heart fell out of his ass at the sound. "Huwts Cally." Michael cried, being an emotional drunk when it came to tines like this, too much alcohol led to a bad tummyache for him. "Fix ittttttt." He whined and the younger boy giggled, pulling Michael in closer and sneaking his hand under Michael's tshirt, rubbing his bloated tummy and Michael closed his eyes as the pain was relieved slightly. Michael then blushed as he realized Calum was touching his bare stomach, insecurity spreading through his chest and he sniffled as tears pooled in his green eyes, "Oh princess what's wrong?" Calum asked, "I'm fat!" Michael wailed and started sobbing into Calum's chest, the Kiwi boy rubbing his back and holding him close. "Baby, you're beautiful. You are not fat at all, just chubby and I love your chubs." Calum cooed and Michael sniffled, "Pwomise?" Michael babbled and Calum nodded, rubbing Michael's round belly more and the blue haired boy shook his belly, giggling and he heard the swishing sound the contents of his tummy was making. "It's so silly." He giggled and shook it some more, giggling uncontrollably as he poked and wobbled it, this making Calum giggle too. Michael continued playing with his belly, finding it amusing and funny, not able to stop giggling as he tummy made swishing and gurgling sounds. He stopped after awhile and yawned, falling asleep in Calum's arms and the brunette kissed his round belly, biting it a little as he left behind a hickey and then fell asleep too, holding Michael close.

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