Excuse you?

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs

It looks like he's burping in this pic so that's why I used it :D

Sorry if he's not as rude as you wanted

This is bloody awful, I'm so sorry

Hope you kinda like it tho ♡

{903 words}
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A knock on the door echoed through Rachel's apartment, "I'm coming, I'm coming." She tutted as she walked downstairs and opened the door, seeing Michael with some candy and soda, as well as a couple DVDs. "I wanted to spend sometime with my baby girl." Michael smiled shyly, Rachel then taking his hand and pulling him inside, he put all the stuff down on the coffee table and then turned to Rachel, pecking her lips and smiling. "So, are we just gonna sit here all day and relax?" She asked, "No, we're gonna eat candy and watch movies too." Michael smiled, "And maybe do some naughty stuff." He smirked, making Rachel giggle and he kissed her again, then turning around and putting in a random movie, then pulling Rachel onto the couch and grabbing a bag of candy, turning on the movie as he opened it, eating some. "Hey, I want some too." Rachel pouted and he playfully held the bag to his chest, "No, it's mine." He mumbled with a small smirk, "Miiiiiiiikey. I wanna piece." She whined and Michael put a single piece of candy in her hand, "There, you gotta piece." He smirked and she snatched the bag from his hands, "Freaking piggie." She snickered and Michael pouted playfully, "I'm not a piggie." The blonde boy mumbled and she pecked his pouty lips, laying back down in between his legs with her back against his tummy as they watched the movie. Michael grabbed a soda bottle and opened it, chugging all of it in what seemed like 5 seconds flat and since Rachel was laying on his belly, she could actually hear the air bubbles rolling around in his tummy and it honestly didn't sound good. "Hey Rachel." Michael mumbled and she hummed in response, "Take my advice and never chug a soda bottle that fast." Michael moaned. Rachel turned around and sat next to him, sneaking her hand under his shirt and rubbing circles on his little chubby tummy, making him smile a bit. Rachel wrapped her arms around his waist after rubbing his belly for a bit, turning her attention to the movie that Michael was pretty engrossed in, also stuffing his face with candy and drinking more and more soda as time went on, they had watched about 5 movies and all the candy and soda was gone, well, mainly Michael had eaten it but Rachel ate a fair share of it. They were currently watching Frozen, per Michael's request as that was one of his favorite Disney movies of all time, Rachel and Michael laying on opposite sides of the couch and their legs tangled together under a blanket, Michael's belly was fairly bloated from all the sugary stuff he consumed, it poking out a little and he was rubbing it slightly as they watched the movie. "BRRUUUUPP!" Michael belched, but then acting like nothing even happened, not excusing himself or anything, just staring at the TV. "Excuse you." Rachel mumbled and he just hummed in response, resting his chin in his left hand with his gaze still locked on the TV. Rachel rolled her eyes, thinking that was rather rude and pretty gross may she add, "You sleepy Rach?" Michael mumbled as he poked her slightly with his foot, "No, are you?" She giggled as she poked him back and he chuckled, shaking his head. Boredom was obviously setting in between the 2, but they weren't showing it, although Michael was looking like he was gonna crack soon. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped and again, did absolutely nothing! He didn't say a word! "Excuse you." Rachel scoffed and Michael shrugged, he fucking shrugged! She was getting rather angry with it, he had only done it twice but he had done it 2 times too many. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched once again, and once again he didn't do shit about it! "Mike, what the hell?" She scoffed and he turned to look at her, "What?" He asked, looking completely clueless. "You're being a pig!" She snapped, "I'm being a what now?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "A pig! You're burping basically as loud as possible and not even excusing yourself afterwards!" She shouted as she stood up and Michael kinda just sat there, his face looking completely emotionless. "It's disgusting and just fucking rude!" She exclaimed and Michael got up, "I'm sorry." He mumbled before leaving the room, walking upstairs and locking himself in the bedroom. Rachel sighed and followed him, knocking on the door and getting no response, "Mike, are you okay?" She asked, "Oh yeah totally. I'm fine, just the girl I love called me a pig, it's no big deal." He shrugged and Rachel could hear the hurt (and sarcasm) lacing his tone, "Can I come in?" She asked and he grunted, but not moving and she couldn't get in since the door was locked. "Mikey I'm sorry okay? It was just kinda rude and kinda gross. I didn't mean to blow up like that, but it just happened and I'm-" Rachel began, but cut off as Michael opened the door, slamming his lips onto hers. "I'd forgive you." He mumbled into the kiss.

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