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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Fashion Line Pt.2!!!!!

I really like the pic okay

Ms.Green is Rachel from the TV show Friends in case you forgot what she looked like

Tiny little mentions of smut, but no smut scenes

Kinda Feeder and Feedee type relationship

This was one of the longest ones I've written and I probably forgot a few details

{2262 words}
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"Mikey! Stop sucking in your belly!" Ms.Green shouted for what was possibly the 10th time, "Sorry babe." He chuckled and let his gut go, it falling onto his lap and Ms.Green smiled as she saw Michael sigh in relief, his belly had grown some over the past couple months, ever since him and Ms.Green started dating. Mikey's modeling career was going extremely well for him, considering he was among the biggest of the models Ms.Green, or Rachel now, had hired. Michael's belly had tripled in size since when they first met, it now looking like a beach ball all the time, his thighs were thick like tree trunks, his arms were sagging a bit, his cheeks were a lot fuller, his double chin was bigger, and he had gotten mini moobs. Of course, Michael was a bit worried for his health, but he was happy with his job and Rachel was perfectly okay with it, he'll she was excited when he gained more weight. "Okay Michael, you're done." The photographer smiled and he stood up, unbuttoning the tight jeans he had on. "A large is not big enough for my fatass guys!" He laughed and waddled to the snacks table, grabbing a muffin and eating it, Rachel came up to him and kissed his nose, "Meet me in my office okay big guy?" She smiled and he nodded, following her into her office and he sat down in a chair, hearing it creak under his weight. "Mikey, I need you to consider something." Rachel smiled and he nodded, "I would like to know if you'd be willing to gain weight." She stated and Michael bit the inside of his cheek, "How much?" He asked, "Until you're 700 pounds." She stated and Michael gawked, "I-I don't know sweetie, my-my weight is already pretty unhealthy." Michael stammered and he wasn't wrong, "Mikey, is that all you're worried about?" Rachel asked and Michael nodded, he had to admit he felt sexy with the added pudge on his body, he liked when he and Rachel made love that she had to top because he would get to tired too fast from all the movement, he liked when he shook his belly or rubbed it after he/she stuffed him, it was just his health he was scared of, it was difficult to move around and it was gonna be a lot harder with 300 more pounds on him. "Michael, my friend is a chemist and I talked to her about something and she gave me this." Rachel cooed and handed Michael a pill bottle filled with bright red pills. "It's a pill that you have to take once a day until the bottle is gone and it's so you can be as heavy as this job requires without worrying about your health." She explained and Michael's face lit up, "R-really?!" He gasped and she nodded, he stood up and pulled her in for a hug, putting the pills in his pocket before pulling away and putting his lips on hers, stroking her cheek with his thumb as they kissed passionately, their lips moving together in sync in a love filled kiss. Michael pulled away, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now." He grinned and twirled her hair around his chubby fingers. Michael's belly growled loudly and he blushed, "Let's go home and fill that gut of yours." She smiled and he nodded, holding her hand as they left the building and Rachel drove them home, the two lived together and Michael's friends had moved in, the 3 story house big enough for the 5 of them. Rachel took Michael inside and pulled her up to their bedroom, quickly saying hi to the 3 aussies that sat on the couch. "USE PROTECTION YOU TWO!" Calum shouted upstairs, "Depends if Mikey's belly burst before his clothes do." Rachel smirked and Michael blushed, his friends knew of his weight gain and their relationship. Michael knew exactly what to do and he laid on the bed, pulling off his flannel and quickly taking off his too tight jeans, "Eager?" Rachel smirked as walked over with 3 large pizzas, "Only 3?" Michael pouted. "Don't worry, they'll be plenty more." She smiled and fed Michael the pizza, Michael quickly devoured the cheesy bread and wasn't even feeling close to full once he swallowed the last bite, then the blonde walked over with a large bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, making Michael's mouth water and his belly growl, he opened his mouth and gladly accepted the food as it went down his throat and into his empty belly. 3 bowls of pasta and 4 large pizzas later, Michael's gut was bulging out onto his lap and Rachel slowly rubbed it for him, knowing he enjoyed it. He was burping a lot, every time Rachel pressed the tiniest bit on his protruding belly, a flurry of burps left his lips and of course some in between. "Is it gonna be like this every night until the goal is reached?" Michael asked, "Well, you're appetite will grow so this could be a normal meal by the time I'm done." She smiled and Michael bit his lip. Rachel's phone rang and she picked it up, getting off the bed to speak and after a couple minutes, she hung up and kissed Michael's forehead. "I have to go back to work baby." She cooed, "You can't just leave me like this." He pouted, "Sorry Mikey, I'll be back as soon as I can be." She smiled and kissed his forehead, then giving his stuffed belly a few kisses before leaving. Michael leaned back into the headrest and shut his eyes, groaning loudly from how packed his tummy was, he rubbed large circles in it and then fell asleep stuffed to his max. He woke up the next day, considering he did fall asleep at 1 am, and he noticed his belly was still a bit puffed out since he was retaining the weight from the previous stuffing. He stood up and took one of the red pills before getting dressed in sweats and a tight black sweater that showed his every roll, bulge, and curve before he headed downstairs and he slipped shoes on before heading out the door, driving to a nearby store and he went to the very back of the weight loss section, grabbing a ton of the bottles of shakes and powders he needed, then quickly buying them and going home. "Hey Mike, what do you have in the bag?" Luke smirked and Michael froze, "Um, actually I kinda need help from you guys." Michael mumbled as he saw his 3 friends on the couch. "What's up?" Ashton smiled, "Well, Rachel wants me to gain more weight, 300 pounds more to be exact, and she seemed really happy to do so, she even got this pill for me so I could still be kinda healthy and my heart was in danger or anything." He rambled on as he fiddled with the bag in his hands, "Get to the point Mikey." Luke smiled, "I bought these to surprise her." Michael mumbled and took out 4 bottles of weight gain powder and 10 cans of weight gain shake mix. "I kinda went crazy." He blushed, "Kinda did." Calum chuckled, "Each shake is 2,000 calories Michael!" Luke exclaimed and Michael blushed. "Why do you need our help?" Ashton asked, "Can me?" Michael mumbled. "Go upstairs and we'll meet you there in a bit." Calum smiled, "Thank you so much!" Michael exclaimed and rushed upstairs, panting by the time he got to bed and he sat there, waiting for what seemed like centuries before his friends walked in, Ashton and Calum were each holding 15 XL pizzas, which was a total of 30, and Luke held milk jugs filled with what looked like some kind of thick strawberry flavored liquid. "You hungry Mikey?" Ashton asked and Michael nodded, they all fed him the pizzas and he noticed they had put weight gain powder on each pizza, the pale boy could practically feel the weight adding up on his body as he was fed pizza after pizza. After he swallowed the last bite, his belly was double it's size, but he still had room inside there. "You thirsty Mikey?" Luke asked and Michael nodded, making the skunk haired boy chug 3 gallons of strawberry weight gain shake, a huge burp erupting from his lips and he rubbed his exposed tummy, his sweater now riding up above his belly from the huge growth, his gut now yoga ball size. "Oh my god...." He groaned, the food inside his belly packed tightly and he kept burping. "I need a nap." He yawned and they chuckled, letting him sleep off his stuffed feeling as much as he could. Michael woke up to someone rubbing his belly and he turned around, seeing his thin girlfriend with a wide smile on her face and he took the red pill from her hand, swallowing it. "So, weight gain powder and shakes?" She smirked, "I got them to help faster." He mumbled. "Whatever works for you." Rachel smiled and patted Michael's bulging belly, "If we keep this up, you're gonna be 700 pounds in no time." She smiled and kissed him softly. "You think you can get to work today?" She asked as he stood up, his gut hanging over the waist band of his sweats. "Yeah." He smiled and tugged on his sweater, his lower belly still poking out at the bottom. They drove to work and Michael went into the room where the were doing the shoot, "Mike, take of your shirt." Lola, the photographer, smiled and Michael slowly took it off, exposing his entire taut and somewhat saggy chest. They got side view shots of his belly since it was bulging out so much and he was told to lay on so they could show how high his belly stuck up, it was like a milky white hill. Michael's belly was resting on his knees as they took more pics of him sitting up, he smiled at how proud Rachel looked at how large his girth was. Rachel then came over and put a stack of XL pizzas next to him, "Eat up." She smirked and they took pictures of him stuffing himself with the food, he noticed that she added weight gain powder to them too as he chowed down on the 20 pizzas, his gut swelling as he ate more and more and doing a few more pcitures of him on his back to show how bloated he got. "That's enough for one day Michael." Rachel cooed and Michael stood up with a grunt, she handed him a suit then he put it on once they got into her office, "Um, babe?" He gulped as he walked into her view, "I'm way bigger than a large." He chuckled as he pointed out the straining buttons and seams on the suit, "I know." Rachel smiled as she sat him down, bringing over a huge cart of burgers and fries, as well as a few gallons of weight gain shakes. "I can't eat all of that." Michael gulped, he probably could but not on a somewhat full stomach. "You have to or you're fired okay?" She smirked and he gulped as he nodded, being fed the greasy foods and his gut was stretching quickly. After only 10 burgers and fries, he was sweating and panting and he was only halfway through, as well as having the shakes left. He went to unbutton his pants and shirt but Rachel hit his hand, "You're gonna eat your way out of those." She stated and he gulped, eating what he was given and he swallowed the last of the burger, the buttons and seams were still somehow together. "Ugh, I don't know what will burst first, my belly or the suit." He groaned and she chuckled, giving him the shake to wash down the burgers with and after he chugged it, the suit gave out and all the buttons and seams burst open, giving his gut more room and he sighed in relief from the release of pressure. He drank the last 2 and then he leaned back, "Can't move-BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" HE belched, but then smiled as he was happy that he was making Rachel happy. He must've been a sight, gut almost rolling off his lap, panting, sweating, burping, and a ripped suit. Rachel sat on a chair next to him and rubbed his bulging belly, "I don't think I can go home tonight, ugh." He groaned, "It's perfectly fine." She cooed and continued rubbing his tummy until he fell asleep. About About a month later, Mikey had finally reached the goal, "RACHEL!" He shouted and she rushed in, then he pointed to the scale and she read the number before hugging him tight, "720 pounds." She smiled, "Its gonna be hard to to get me to work." He chuckled, "I can bring can bring work to you then." Rachel smirked and kissed Michael, squeezing a roll on his side with her hand.

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