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Ever since Michael was around 10, he had this desire. He wanted to be fat. He was a scrawny 140 at that time, way too small in his opinion, he knew his parents would deny his request to gain weight purposely unless his health was in danger and he needed to gain weight. When he was 16 and got a car, he was able to drive hinself to fast food restaurants and stores to get whatever the fricking fuck he wants, thus causing a weight gain that he has to admit, he was rather proud of. Now, he was 19 and at 210 pounds, having a desire to be so much heavier, having a desire to be immobile. He was laying in bed in his apartment, looking through a feeder blog on his Tumblr and he felt jealous of all the big fat bellies he saw, wanting one of his own. Well, he did have a rather large belly, it was jiggly and soft, he loved to pinch and poke it, rubbing it was always nice too, especially when it was stuffed and the skin wouldn't sink it all from how tightly packed it was. Michael rolled onto his back, turning his phone off and resting his hands on his soft tummy, he liked to be shirtless when he was alone so he could feel his belly more, his mind wandered as he day dreamed of what it would be like to be immobile from how fat you were. He'd be getting asked questions like "How does it feel to need a moving trunk to carry you around everywhere?" and "Do you ever stop eating?". "What a life that would be?" Michael mumbled to himself and he turned on the TV, seeing an ad for a pill that helps you loose weight and he scoffed. "You've got it all wrong you idiots, gaining is so much better than loosing." Michael scoffed at the TV ad, then he started thinking. What if there was a weight gain pill? One that can keep you from getting your health in danger and still be as fat as you please. "Oh my god!" Michael exclaimed as he jumped up, picking up his phone and calling one of his close friends who worked in the medical industry. "Louis? Yeah, it's Mikey. I have an idea for what I think is a miracle pill." Michael smiled. And so, "Ballon up" was born. Michael was the first to test it and within a week, he made sure to gain as much weight as possible and when he got back to Louis at 260 pounds, they saw his body was in no physical danger from his weight and he got so happy knowing his pill worked and he could fulfill his dream. It was only a month that "Ballon up" had been available to the public and Michael was already getting tons of calls for interviews and of course, he gladly accepted most of them, but he had to admit one thing, he was nervous of what the public would think of his figure. Like would they be disgusted or in love with what? Like what would they think? Michael had grown a lot in size since inventing the pill, his belly was round like a basketball, his love handles tripled in size, his arms were beginning to sag, his hips were wider, his thighs were thick, his bum was plunper, and his double chin was beginning to make some of his neck disappear. He was sitting backstage, getting ready for an interview on the Sunday Brunch show, his best mate's were there to support him. "You think they'll like me?" Michael asked, tugging on his tight tshirt to cover his lower belly, "Mikey, they're gonna love you." Calum smiled and hugged the blue haired boy from behind, squeezing his soft waist. "Tonight we have a special guest from Sydney. He invented the "Balloon up" pill. Here's Michael Clifford!" The host exclaimed and the crowd cheered as Michael walked onstage, his belly jiggling as he walked. Michael sat down on the small couch, feeling it dip from his weight, "So, you, a 19 year old, have created what people are calling the miracle pill. What made you come up with it?" The host asked and Michael bit his lip. "Well, it's kind of a long story." He chuckled, "Ever since I was like 10, I wanted to be overweight, I dreamed of one day becoming immobile. Long story short, I saw an ad on TV for a weight loss pill and I thought that was just stupid, so I thought why not a weight gain pill? Thus, "Ballon up" was created." Michael explained, "You've always wanted to be overweight?" She smiled and Michael nodded, "I've put on quite a lot of weight and I'm still gonna put on loads more." The blue haired boy smiled. "Do you have a goal for yourself? Like a limit?" She asked, "Well, I don't have a limit, but my goal I've set for myself is around....1,000 pounds." Michael mumbled, shrugging a little and people were a little shocked at how high that number was, he heard gasps. "The pill stops my body from being in danger so I'll be fine! Just not able to move!" Michael laughed at the crowd, "So, what do you imagine being that heavy will feel?" She asked and Michael thought for a moment, "Amazing. Incredible. Lovely. Delightful." The pale boy listed, chuckling a bit. Most interviews were like this, asking about the pill and how big he felt he should be, but he didn't mind, he loved talking about it. A couple months went by and Michael's gained as much weight as he could, now at 600 pounds and he was getting too heavy for his apartment. He had broken several chairs from his weight, popped dozens of buttons, and broken too many seams for him to count, this all made him proud. He came home one day, walking to his bed and setting his black cane down, he was getting so heavy he needed to a cane to walk around, he laid down on his bed and heard a loud snap sound before the bed shifted sideways, causing him to fall to the floor and he gasped a bit. His face lit up as he realized what he had just done, he grabbed his phone and called one of his friends, "Calum, guess what I just did?!" He exclaimed, "Cleaned out a buffett?" Calum smirked, "No, I did that last week." Michael chuckled. "I broke my fucking bed with my fatass!" Michael exclaimed, "Dude, you need to get new furniture." Calum laughed, "I know, I know, the new house should be done soon though so I'll be able to keep fattening myself up without having to worry about breaking everything." Michael smiled as he put a piece of chocolate in his mouth, "Well, get some sleep bud, you need it." Calum smiled, "It's not gonna be hard, I'm stuffed." He huffed as he laid down on his back, rubbing his exposed beach ball belly, his flannel had popped open while he was out. "Just go to sleep." Calum laughed as he hung up, Michael set his phone down and fell asleep in seconds. The next week, Michael was moved into his new house, well mansion actually. It was at least 10 stories, furniture to support his growing girth, a water slide connected to his bedroom that sent straight into the pool so he didn't have to go too far if he wanted to go for a swim, he had his own private buffett in the dining room, the fridges and cabinets stocked with supplies he needed, he was in his dream home. His 3 best friends had voluntarily taken jobs as being his servants, wanting to make their blue haired mate as happy as possible and help him when he needed it. "Oh my goooooood, this place is perfect!" Michael smiled as he sat at the dining table, an erray of fatty food in front of him. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, and pasta. "This is just the main course buddy." Ashton smiled and Michael's face lit up at the thought of how bloated he would be, he started shoving food in his mouth and ate whatever his hand came in contact with, eventually his gut getting too big for him to lean forward to grab food, so his best mate's feeding him and also rubbing his belly for him, he actually ate everything they had cooked for him and he looked like he would pop. "You wanna go lay down in bed?" Calum cooed and Michael nodded, his friends helping him up and basically dragging him to the elevator to get to his bedroom, finally getting him in bed and he huffed, rubbing his yoga ball sized gut. "God, I'm so fat." He mumbled as he patted his belly, "Only 400 more pounds." Luke smiled and put a chocolate strawberry to Michael's lips, knowing he couldn't resist it so the blue haired boy at it. "I think I have a 100 pounds of food in here alone." He chuckled as he was fed chocolate strawberries and Ashton fanned him a bit, the 3 boys didn't mind doing this because it made Michael happy and he obviously enjoyed it. He fell asleep after awhile of stuffing and they knew his gut was at its max considering when they poked it the skin wouldn't sink in at all, they left the room so he could sleep and about 5 hours later, Michael woke up and his belly was a lot smaller than before. He got up and took off his tshirt, rolling, yes rolling, to the water slide that led to his pool and he slid down it, not expecting to land in a 10 foot deep pool of chocolate weight gain shake. He surfaced and floated on his back, his big hello sticking up out of the thick creamy liquid and he grabbed a long straw from the side of the pool, sticking one end in his mouth and the other in the shake, sipping it and the cold thick cream going down his throat and into his gut. After about 5 hours of slurping the liquid, the pool was now empty and Michael's belly looked like a huge water balloon that would burst if you breathed on it. "Mikey, what the hell are you doing?" Ashton laughed as he saw the extremely bloated boy in the pool, "Just having a-BRRRUUUUUUUPPP!- swim." Michael shrugged, burping in the middle and they raised the pool floor, rolling him onto the cement and you could hear the contents of his belly sloshing around when hear moved. "I think I'm gonna pop, ugh." Michael groaned and they rolled him inside, taking him back to his bedroom and laying him back down in bed, Michael falling asleep in seconds. A month later, he woke up and smiled as he saw his servants bring in his breakfast, the blue haired boy now 1,000 pounds and now immobile. His belly was a huge mountain of flesh that touched his knees, his arms sagged, his love handles were enormous, his butt was round and plump, his thighs were thick and meaty like tree trunks, his double chin covered most of his neck, and his face was really round. The fed him his breakfast buffett of cheest omelets, french toast, pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, and made him chug gallons of weight gain shake. "It takes a lot to stuff me these days, but oh god I'm gonna burst." He groaned as he rubbed his protruding belly, "Go back to sleep and we'll wake you up for lunch okay?" Calum smiled and Michael nodded, falling back asleep, feeling better than ever.

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