Biggest Gainer

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This picture made me have a freaking feels attack okay?

And he's wearing an NWO tshirt and me and my brother like WWE a lot so it caused even more feels

Btw, I think I'm gonna be able to do a oneshot a day now, possibly 2 sometimes but it will usually be 1. Hopefully it stays like this for awhile :)

This is shitty because I'm tired, oops

Mainly focuses on Mikey Wikey

And Youtubers are their trainers, I was trying to think of singers but I couldn't so you have

Dan Howell

Phil Lester

Felix Kjellberg a.k.a Pewdiepie

Tyler Oakley


{1423 words}
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Michael and his bandmates were sitting at home, eating Chinese food for dinner because they were too lazy to cook anything. They were watching a random news channel, they heard their names mentioned and Michael turned it up a little, almost spitting out his food when he saw the video that was taken. It was a video of them when they went to a buffett, mainly showing Michael stuffing his face with fatty foods, "5 seconds of summer went out for a little feast the other day, deciding on a buffett to eat their meal at they had quite a lot. Specifically Michael Clifford walking out stuffed full with a big round belly." The news reporter stated and Michael was flustered with embarrassment. He was super hungry that day, forgetting paparazzi was there to take pics of him and his friends, "This is just fantastic." Michael mumbled and the phone rang, "Hello?" He asked, "Hey Mikey, nice belly by the way." Niall laughed. "You saw the news didn't you?" Michael mumbled embarrassed, "Yep." Niall smiled and popped the 'p', "And I had a question for you." Niall asked, "I was wondering if you 4 would like to be on the Biggest Gainer?" Niall asked, "Oh my god what?!" Michael gasped, the mention of his favorite TV show ever made his heart jump. "Is that a yes?" Niall laughed, "Hell yeah that's a fucking yes!" Michael exclaimed and Niall bid his farewells, hanging up. "Oh my god! We're gonna be on the Biggest Gainer!" Michael beamed, "We are?" Luke asked, "Fuck yeah we are!" Michael shouted and did a his little happy dance, "Okay, dude calm down." Calum laughed, "Are we going now?" He asked, "Um, I don't-" Michael began, cut off by his phone ringing and he saw a text. "Never mind, I know where we're going." Michael smiled and they got to the car, he drove to the studio where the show was filmed, they went inside and Michael ran to Niall, giving him a big hug as he hadn't seen him in awhile. "You excited?" Niall asked and Michael rapidly nodded, "Well, I'd like you to meet your trainers." Niall smiled and 4 teenage boys walked out, well 2 trainers looked a little older than the rest. The 2 were pale and had black hair, not too mention one was in all black and the other was in a bright tshirt and black skinnies. "Ashton you are assigned to Tyler , Luke you are with Felix, Calum with Phil, and Michael with Dan." Niall smiled and they each went to their trainer, Mikey walked to the pale, but not as pale as him, boy and shook his hand. "Dan Howell." He smiled, "Michael Clifford." Michael smiled back and he stood next to him, almost the same height though Dan was a couple inches shorter. "So, the rules for this TV show are rather simple. You must eat everything your trainer gives you, gain as much as you can, and stuff yourselves as often as possible. You will be here for a month. Is all that clear?" Niall asked and everyone nodded, "There is a separate room for each of you with your last name above the door along with your trainer's name because they will be staying with you as well. We'll see you in a few minutes." Niall explained and they all ran off, Michael finding the door with 'Clifford & Howell' above the frame right away and they went inside, seeing a king size bed obviously for Michael when he gets heavy enough and a queen bed for Dan. There was a kitchen as well as a buffett set up that had a sign on it that read 'For week 4'."Mikey, I'm gonna warn you. I don't take no for an answer." Dan smirked in his thick British accent, "Also, I brought this to put in your food." Dan showed weight gain pills and powders, resulting in a book bag full of them, Michael smiled at Dan, thinking he and his trainer will work together quite well, suddenly Niall walked in with a clipboard. "Time to be weighed Mike." He smiled and Michael stood on the scale. "195. That's 35 more than your bandmates." Niall wrote down and Michael beamed with pride, "Okay, go ahead and eat." Niall smiled and left the room, Dan went to the kitchen in their room and immediately started cooking, adding crushed up pills and powder to the foods. "I don't think I can eat that much Dan." Michael gulped as he saw plate after plate be added to the table, "You can and you will. I don't take no for an answer Michael." He stated as he sat the last plate down, the table covered in plates piled high with food. Michael sat down and before he could pick up a fork, Dan started feeding him breakfast foods. Michael eating everything that was put into his mouth and Dan even tied his hands behind the chair so Mikey didn't fight later on. "Oh god." Michael groaned, looking down at his soccer ball belly sitting on his lap, "Don't even think about quitting, you're only halfway through!" Dan scolded, "But, I-I'm full." Michael gulped, "No you're not." Dan mumbled and stuffed Michael's face more, forcing feeding him french toast, pancakes, waffles, cheesy omeletes, bacon, sausage, and buttery toast, also chugging orange juice. "I'm gonna burst!" Michael exclaimed as he finished the food, his beach ball gut resting on his lap, "You did great Mike." Dan smiled as he helped Michael to bed, Michael laid down with his huge gut pointing to the ceiling. "Get some sleep piggie." Dan smirked, "That is definitely the right word." Michael groaned and closed his eyes, falling asleep. Week after week, Dan stuffed Michael to his limit every day during every meal. Michael's girth grew at alarming rates, everything was being filmed for the final day, which was getting cower and closer and Dan needed one last stuffing to give Mikey. He had prepared him with 20 gallon tubs of strawberry ice cream and a 6 tier triple chocolate cake for Michael. When Michael saw this, his jaw dropped and he didn't even question it as he stuffed his face with all the food, sleeping off his stuffed gut once again. It was finally the night and everyone was excited, especially Dan, keeping Michael backstage to surprise the crowd. Each member was weighed, all of them at 650 and when it was Mikey's turn, everyone heard thus and slated the doors opened, showing Michael with a sauce covered bib, barbecue sauce all of his face and fingers, and a stuffed tummy. Everyone gasped at the sight, Dan helping him to the scale and the numbers hit 750. "Someone looks stuffed." Niall laughed and Michael burped, "Sorry, I had a lot of barbecue wings." He shrugged as he patted his belly, "Well, Mikey you win a lifetime supply of piza!" Niall exclaimed and a forklift came with 100 XL pizza boxes, Michael immediately opened them and stuffed his face, "Mikey, no one wants to see you explode on TV." Niall laughed and Michael shrugged, burping loudly as he finished the pizza. "I'm fine." He mumbled as finhished.

About a month, they had checked up on the boys, seeing something didn't think they would. All of them had gained 100 pounds, Mikey immobile now at 800 and Dan had stuck with him, helping him with everyday things, like eating. The camera focused on Mikey eating and bragging, the boy showing off his weight and how much he was eating. Stuffed with basically a breakfast buffett, his gut was jam packed with food, "Ugh, it takes a lot to stuff me these days." Michael groaned as he rubbed his belly and burped, "That was a breakfast of champions." He smiled before the camera turned off.

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