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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. (Credits go to her for ideas on her requests)

Chanukah and Christmas included!!!

Mikey looks so cuddly-wuddly in Christmas sweater

I skip the part when people light the candles for Chanukah, I don't know the prayer by heart and it's just simpler without it

Fyi, kippahs are the little caps that Jewish boys/men wear

And latkes are like hashbrowns that are in the shape of circles, but crisper and more oil is used

Idk if Mikey is Jewish or not, he just is in this oneshot



This is shorter than I wanted but I did the best I could when a sinus headache was attacking my brain lol


{1490 words}
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Everyone was getting into the holiday spirit, people were celebrating Chanukah currently as it was the 6th night of the Jewish holiday, others were getting ready for Christmas, Michael was Jewish and he had been enjoying the holiday so far, gladly sharing the tradition with his bandmates. All the food they had been consuming; latkes, jelly donuts, and so much more, caused them to pack on some pounds, at least 40 pounds each and they were super oblivious to it. "Stupid pants!" Michael cursed, currently trying to get into a pair of jeans and he tried to pull the tabs together, failing for the millionth time. "Mikey, you okay?" Luke asked as he stepped in the room, "My pants won't button." The pale boy grunted as he struggled to button them once again, just giving up and sighing, his face red from trying so hard. "They shrunk I guess." Michael mumbled and he pulled sweats on, fixing the black kippah on his head and smiling when he saw Luke was wearing the penguin kippah he had bought him. Luke walked over and grabbed Michael from behind, making him squeal as he took him downstairs and tossing him onto the couch. "Stopppppppp!" Michael squealed as Luke tickled him, just being the best friend they were and Luke laid ontop of Michael, Ashton and Calum walking through the door suddenly and the smell of McDonald's breakfast filled their noses. Ashton and Calum set the bags down and they all dug in immediately, stuffing their faces with the panckaes, bacon, sausage, eggs, McMuffins, and hashbrowns that were bought. Their tummies were growing as they shoved more and more food inside of their mouths, soon all of the food was gone and the 4 boys were stuffed and bloated, Michael's belly by far the biggest. "I'm gonna burst." Calum mumbled as he rubbed his round tummy, "Ooooh." Michael huffed, falling back into the couch as he rubbed his huge belly, "I have never felt so full." The red head moaned, "What about during Thanksgiving?" Luke smirked and Michael burped in response, "Have anyone else's clothes been getting tighter?" Ashton asked and they all nodded, "They just shrunk in the wash I guess, it's not like we're getting fat or anything." Calum chuckled and then they heard a small snore, turning their heads and seeing Michael fast asleep, his arms wrapped around his waist and he shifted in his sleep, resting his head on Calum's shoulder and they all smiled. "Well, I need to start cooking our big dinner." Ashton smiled and got up, tugging on his tshirt and walking, well kinda waddling, to the kitchen with Luke behind him. Calum pulled Michael closer and Michael smiled as he woke up but kept his eyes closed, letting out a burp and a puff of air, his tummy stuffed. "I'm so fucking full." Michael grunted as he put a hand on his belly and rubbed it softly, not noticing how huge his gut was as all of them were extremely oblivious to their sizes still. Calum played with Michael's hair as the red head was drifting back into his food coma and letting out another snore, Calum eventually falling asleep too. When Michael woke up, Calum was still asleep so he gently crawled out of his grasp and kinda waddled into the kitchen, seeing Ashton over the stove and cooking some mac and cheese, the kitchen counter filled with many diffrent foods. Michael snuck over and took a latke, eating it and then his eyes almost popped out of his head. Holy fuck that was the best latke he had ever tasted! He sneakily grabbed a whole plate and rushed back to Calum, who was now awake, and Michael shoved a latke in his mouth. "What th-wow these are good." Calum mumbled as he cut himself off and kept eating what Michael handed him, keeping their bellies full until dinner. "DINNER IS READY!" Ashton beamed and Michael rushed in, Calum following him and they all sat down, the table was filled dozens of plates of mac and cheese, pasta, fried chicken, latkes, jelly donuts, brownies, cookies, and liters of soda. They immediately dug in, stuffing themselves even more and making their round bellies grow out as more was shoved in there. It took almost 4 hours for them to finish and when they did, the only noises in the house were the very stuffed boys' burping and groaning, their huge bellies bulging out infront of them and their hands rubbing it softly. "Oh god I'm gonna explode." Michael groaned out and they all nodded in agreement, "Uh oh....." Calum mumbled as he tried getting up, not budging and Michael laughed. "You can't even get up!" He laughed and leaned back in his chair, hearing a small creak and then a louder one, but continued laughing. They all heard a loud snap and Michael crashed to the floor, making him groan as his belly shook roughly. "Mikey, you alright?" Luke asked, "I'm fine." Michael mumbled as he struggled to stand up, but giving up and laying back down as he was too stuffed to move well. "I'm just gonna sleep here though." Michael huffed and chuckled as he watched his mates wiggle their way out of the chairs and lay on the floor to, all of them falling asleep. For the next couples weeks, the boys continued gaining weight, getting rather heavy as they basically tripled in size, yet they were still oblivious until it was the day before Christmas. Michael had just finished off an XL pizza, his belly puffed out and his chubby hands rubbed circles into it, he never realized how soft his tummy was, or how.....big either. He sat up and lifted his tshirt up, looking at how the pale flesh hung down and rolled out on to his lap, his eyes widened in shock. How did he get this big?! "Guuuuys?!" Michael called and they came in, just as big as him and he stood up, "We-we got fucking fat." Michael mumbled, the red head then pulling his mates to the bathroom to be weighed, each boy weight 500 pounds. "Mikey, relax. It's just holiday weight, no one cares." Calum cooed and Michael smiled, "You're right." Michael smiled and they waddled downstairs, grabbing a 5 gallon tub of ice cream each and going to the couch, eating straight out of the tub whilst watching whatever they felt. After 2 hours of straight eating, the 4 were stuffed and bloated with ice cream, Michael actually had the tub on his head to lick all the ice cream out. "I think I'm gonna blow up." Luke groaned and Michael grunted in agreement, taking the tub off his head and lifting his tshirt up, rubbing his rock hard belly to soothe the small aches. "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve." Ashton reminded them, "Oh god, we're gonna burst aren't we?" Michael smirked and that earned a pillow to the face by Ashton before they all fell asleep with their full bellies on display. The following day, Ashton and Luke cooked all day long in the kitchen, no one had eaten at all that day so they could stuff themselves silly that night with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pasta, brownies, pie, and cookies. When dinner was ready, oh boy did they pig out! They stuffed themselves silly and could feel their bellies stretch with each bite they took. After 5 hours, all 4 boys were on the floor and rubbing their gargantuan bellies with their chubby hands, "Mikey, why?" Calum groaned, the red head having force fed them their last slices of pie and Michael just giggled, but then moaned as his belly rumbled. "One more sip of water or another crumb and I'm gonna blow." Michael grunted and his bandmates exchanged looks, before they scooted over to Michael and force fed him the last plate of cookies and made him chug the last bottle of soda. "Oooooooooh." Michael moaned as he cradled his tummy, "He, you didn't blow up." Luke smirked and Michael glared at him, continuing to rub is drum tight belly and all of them slipped into a food coma, their bellies extremely full.

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