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Cool kids Pt.2

The title is so strange idek


{1239 words}
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Michael snuck up behind Rachel at the bus stop, grabbing her from behind and spinning her around, earning a shriek from her. "Gotcha!" Michael laughed as he out her down, "I hate you." She smiled, "Awwww, love you too babe." Michael giggled as he kissed her neck, turning his head and letting out a burp. "Is it one of those days?" Rachel as he laid his head on her lap, he nodded she put his hand on his rock hard tummy, feeling the air bubbles rolling around inside. "It hurts." Michael pouted and he groaned as he stood up, holding Rachel's hand as they got onto the bus and sat in the back, "Kiss it better?" Michael pouted as he gave Rachel the puppy eyes, making the brown haired girl giggle and kiss him softly, feeling him smile against her lips. He pulled away and pulled her onto his lap, "I was wondering if you, maybe want to spend the weekend at my house? My dad is out of town so it's just my mum, but she'll be gone until Sunday morning, the disorder is a little crazy so it's okay if you don't wa-" Michael began, cut off by her lips on his. "I'd be glad to." She smiled and the bus stopped, "I'll see you later lovebug." She smiled and he blushed, kissing her goodbye before she left the bus. Michael slumped in his seat and put his headphones on, rubbing his belly to try and ease the cramping inside him, then groaning a bit as the bus stopped and he had to get off, going home and cleaning up a bit, wanting to impress Rachel in the slightest. The couple had been going out for about a month now, Michael had gotten a lot more comfortable around her and her friends, still a little insecure about his disorder but Rachel made sure he felt loved when he needed it most, she even told him once that they were kinda cute and he couldn't stop blushing that day. He finished cleaning and flopped onto the couch, the door opened and he jumped up, grabbing her again and holding her close, "You're my baby girl!" Michael exclaimed as he squeezed her tight, "You're squishing me!" She squealed and Michael giggled, but then burped really loud right in her ear, he quickly put her down and moved back, looking redder than a tomato and his hands were on his mouth, he'll even his knuckles were red because he was so flustered. "I am so so so so so sorry." Michael mumbled, thinking Rachel would walk right out the door, but she just stood there. "I'll close my eyes so it's not harder than it should be." Michael mumbled as he closed his eyes, expecting to hear the door shut but instead felt a pair of lips on his and he opened his eyes, seeing Rachel kissing him and he closed his eyes again, wrapping his arms around her waist and deepening the kiss, slipping his tongue in and her fingers got tangled in his soft blonde hair, his hands traveling down to her bum and squeezing it slightly, then they heard the door open and they quickly pulled apart as they saw Michael's mum walk in. "Mum, I thought you were coming home Sunday?" Michael smiled nervously, "The trip was cut short." She smiled, "Oh and fix the sex hair Mikey." She smirked and Rachel laughed as Michael went beet red, fixing his blonde hair. "So, is Rachel spending the night?" Ms.Clifford asked, "The whole weekend miss." Rachel smiled, "Finally Michael." Ms.Clifford smirked and Michael flustered up again, "Mum!" He whined and then took Rachel's suitcase along with her hand, pulling her upstairs. "USE PROTECTION!" Michael's mother shouted and Michael blushed harder somehow, Rachel still laughing as they entered his bedroom. "I'm sorry about my mum." Michael laughed as he pulled her onto the bed, Rachel hovering over him as he plaid with her soft hair. "Don't care." She shrugged and kissed him, a groan leaving his lips as she accidentally pushed on his belly and he quickly turned his head, a flurry of burps escaped his lips and Rachel sat him up, "I'm sorry, if it wasn't one of those days we wouldn't just be sitting here." Michael mumbled as he put a hand on his belly and Rachel giggled, hugging him and kissing his Adam's apple. "Cuddling will satisfy me." Rachel giggled and snuck her hand under Michael's tshirt, rubbing his pudgy tummy for him as she laid him down again and he cuddled closer to her, smiling and moaning slightly as her hand massaged circles into his cramping belly, he wrapped his arms around her and let out a belch, apoligizing. "You're the best you know?" Michael smiled as he kissed her head, "Yeah I know." Rachel smirked and Michael chuckled, closing his eyes and falling asleep. The weekend went by rather, well the first half of it was as Rachel was having a good time with Michael. Although his burps were starting to worry her a bit, they were getting really loud and wet, she could tell they were hurting Michael and it was honestly freaking her out, wondering if he was alright. It was near midnight on Saturday, Michael having fallen asleep whilst they were watching Frozen and he had his bare arms wrapped around Rachel, her body pressed against his shirtless front. His burping was rather frequent before he had fallen asleep, she was worried but she didn't wanna ask him, afraid he might take offense to it or something. Rachel drifted off to sleep and was woken up by a really loud and wet "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" and she jumped awake, not seeing Michael in the living room and she got up, seeing him at the kitchen table and not looking well, scaring her and she went into the bathroom, forgetting to lock the door as she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and cried into her hands, scared for her boyfriend. "Rachel, sweetie are you okay in here?" Ms.Clifford cooed as she stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and walking over to Rachel. "It's just that Michael doesn't look w-well and his burping is getting worse, I-I-I'm worried about him." Rachel cried and Ms.Clifford hugged her gently, "He's fine Rachel, the disorder makes him a little nauseous sometimes and he gets stomach pains a lot. He's still perfectly fine, just a little unwell is all." She cooed and Rachel smiled, wiping her tears and calming herself down. She stood up after drying her tears and walked downstairs, seeing Michael hunched over the kitchen sink and gripping onto the counter tightly. "Oh honey what's wrong?" Ms.Clifford cooed, "I don't feel good mum." Michael groaned as he took deep breaths, Rachel walked over and rubbed his back softly, "You threw up huh baby?" Rachel cooed and Michael sadly nodded, hot tears falling down his cheeks and he let go of the sink, hugging Rachel and crying into her shoulder. "I'm sorry Rachel, I didn't plan our first weekend together to be like this." He sniffled, "Don't worry kitten, let's get you back to bed and we'll cuddle babe." She cooed and rook him upstairs, laying with him and rubbing his belly.

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