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Separate Ways Pt.2

-self harm
-minor mentions of depression

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{1311 words}
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Michael was curled up against Rachel on the couch, always being the little spoon because he liked to be held, it was comforting to him. The blonde boy was running a fever and having tummy problems, Rachel deciding he should stay home and get rest instead of worry about school, both of them knowing it was the best decision. It was about 2 months after they had gotten back together, a month of Michael being clean from self harm, 2 months of Michael and Rachel being happy. Michael's depression was still around, but he was getting a lot better, although he had those days where he just couldn't leave his bedroom. Rachel heard Michael's belly gurgle quietly and he burped into his fist, letting out a small puff of air as he snuggled closer to Rachel, her hand felt his forehead and he smiled a bit, leaning into her touch and she pouted a bit at how hot he felt, knowing his fever had risen a bit. Michael kissed her cheek and she smiled, sneaking her hand under his tshirt and rubbing his soft tummy in soothing circles. "Oh my god thank you." Michael moaned as he closed his eyes, the bubbling pain going away slightly. "Hurts that bad?" She asked and he nodded, getting drowsy as he relaxed from her soothing touch, "Awww, kitten get some sleep." Rachel cooed as she tucked some fringe behind his ear. "Don't wanna." Michael mumbled, "I wanna be with you." He pouted and Rachel giggled, "Then let's sleep together." She suggested and he nodded, falling asleep as she rubbed his pudgy tummy, making him feel better. Rachel had to admit, the disorder he had developed bothered sometimes, it scared her every so often as well. The Hispanic girl (is that correct?? If not I'm sorry) remembers days where he couldn't get a word out in edge wise from the burps and those were the days she got freaked out the most, mainly from worry. She feared that Michael could wind up in the hospital from it, he had thrown up and gotten high fevers because of it, Rachel was just freaked out if he would pass out eventually. The thought of the disorder causing Michael to faint made her cry, tears streamed down her face as he played with Michael's hair, smiling weakly at his peaceful face as he slept, her thumb caressing his chubby cheek and a small smile creeped upon his face whilst he slept. Michael's eyes fluttered open and his emerald eyes showed worry as he saw Rachel crying, "Babe, why are you crying?" Michael whispered as he wiped her tears away with his sweater sleeve. "Your disorder worries me Mikey, I'm just worried it'll put you in the hospital one day." She sniffled and Michael frowned, "Don't think about that Rachel, I'm not gonna lie, it's a possibility, but we'll worry about it if it happens okay?" He cooed and she nodded, sniffling and he kissed her cheek, closing his eyes again and resting his head on her chest, Rachel feeling how hot his forehead was and she grabbed the thermometer from the table, putting it in his ear and Michael whined like a child, pouting at her as she saw if his fever had risen, which it sadly did to 102.6. Michael's face paled and he suddenly jumped up, running to the bathroom with his fist to his mouth and Rachel hot on his trail, finding the blonde boy knelt down infront of the toilet and holding his belly, swallowing hard and Rachel couldn't tell he was trying to puke. "Mikey, you gotta let it out." She cooed as she knelt down next to him, "I-i-it h-hurts too much." Michael whimpered and let out a wet burp, spitting into the toilet bowl and Rachel wiped her eyes as she rubbed circles in his back. "Ooooh." Michael moaned out and then put his head into the toilet bowl, vomiting and his back arching as he did so. Rachel frowned as he boyfriend brought up whatever was left in his aching tummy, "Ugh, Rachel help me." Michael whined as he rested his head on the toilet, his cheek squished against the white plastic. "I'm so sorry Mikey, let's get you to bed okay?" She cooed and Michael nodded, shakily standing up and flushing the toilet. "Thank you for staying with me." Michael mumbled as she laid him down, laying next to him. "I just thought I might scare you again and I never wanna do that again." Michael sniffled and she pecked his cheek, "I love you Michael, I don't wanna loose you ever again." Rachel smiled and he weakly grinned, cuddling up to her as he wrapped his long arms around her waist, snuggling into her chest and being the little spoon like always. Snores left his plump pink lips and Rachel played with his soft hair, smiling a bit and then frowning at one of the particularly sad days they shared.
It was about a week after they had gotten back together,it was one of Michael's bad days and he had opted to stay home that day, texting Rachel he had a fever and had thrown up, but he made sure to tell her not to come over until after school. Well, school had let out early and Rachel had gone to Michael's house, not seeing him on the couch or making himself something to eat. "Miiiiiiiikey?!" She called as she searched throughout the house, "Rach?! Why are you here so early?!" Michael shouted and Rachel could hear the slight panic in his voice, "School got out early today, you alright kitten?" She asked as she walked upstairs, "Oh, um, yeah I'm alright! I'll be out there in a min-fucking hell!" Michael cursed and Rachel went to the bathroom, seeing him pressing a bloody rag to his arm, seeing blood pouring out from multiple cuts on both of his arms, the right one bandaged whilst the other continued to gush blood. "Oh god Michael." Rachel rushed out and rushed over, holding the towel to his pale skin and he let out a sob. "I'm so sorry." Michael sobbed out and she began bandaging his bleeding arm, "Baby, take deep breaths, relax." Rachel cooed as she saw his hands trembling as his body racked with sobs. "I-I-I'm trying to st-stop, but i-i-its h-hard." Michael choked out and Rachel took the sobbing boy to the bedroom, laying him on the bed and letting him sob into her chest. "Pl-please help me." Michael cried and she kissed his warm forehead, "I'll always be here to help Michael, I'm never leaving you." Rachel cooed and held his shaky hand, "Pr-promise?" He choked out and she pecked his lips, "Promise." She cooed.
Rachel felt Michael beginning to stir and he was mumbling in his sleep, a frown on his face and he squirmed around. "Don't leave me.............I'm sorry." He whimpered out and then burst into tears, still asleep and Rachel shook him awake, Michael's eyes snapped open and he threw her arms around her, sobbing into her chest. "What happened baby?" She asked, "I-I-I was in the h-hospital because of the d-disorder and-and you broke up with m-me because it was t-too hard f-or you." Michael sobbed out and Rachel's heart sank, "Mikey I'll never leave you, you'd have to kill me to get rid of me." She cooed, "R-really?" He sniffled, "Really." She smiled and pecked his lips, "I love you." Michael whispered, "I love you too lovebug." She smiled

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