We can do this

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Request by @muke_cake_lover.

Pt.2 for It isn't easy......

-eating disorder
-self harm

Sorry if it's short


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"We can do this"

"Mikey, please just a few bites." Calum cooed as Michael stared at his small bowl of raspberries, the anorexic boy just shaking his head. Ever since they found out Michael was anorexic as well as cutting himself, they have been trying to get him better, it was a very slow process as the pale boy was refusing to eat more than basically a single grape. "Too m-many calories." Michael mumbled as he pushed the bowl away, Ashton stopping him as he pushed the bowl back and Michael frowned. "Baby boy, it's just fruit, it's healthy." Luke cooed and Michael gulped, picking up one and eating a raspberry, chewing it slowly and then swallowing it, making his boyfriends smile. "You think you can eat any more of it?" Ashton asked, "I-I can try." Michael whispered and then picked at the small bowl of red berries, eating about half of it before he pushed the bowl away, his boyfriends smiling proudly and kissing his face, a small smile on Michael's face. "I'm sorry." Michael mumbled, biting his bottom red lip as it was stained red from the fruit. "Why baby?" Calum asked and Michael looked down at his lap, "B-because, I'm not e-eating enough." Michael mumbled and Luke held his hand, tracing circles onto his pale skin. "Babe, don't worry, we're gonna keep doing this until you get better. No matter what, just take your time love." Luke cooed and Michael smiled, then he felt the raspberries he ate came barreling back up his throat and he jumped up, rushing to the bathroom and bright red vomit shooting out of his mouth and into the bowl, his boyfriend following and comforting him, a sob left Michael's lips as he finished and Ashton pulled him into a hug. "I-I-I tried keeping it-it down." Michael sobbed, clutching onto Ashton's shirt and Luke flushed the toilet, "Don't do that babe, it's bad for you." Calum cooed and Michael sobbed harder, then Ashton carried him to the bedroom and they all laid down in bed, Michael's head resting in Ashton's lap, Calum holding his hand and Luke playing with his hair. "We will love you no matter what Mikey." Ashton cooed as he wiped tears from Michael's cheeks, "Please never leave me." Michael sniffled. "We'd never even think of it." Luke smiled and Michael smiled back, closing his eyes and falling asleep where he always wanted to be, with the boys he loved. After about a year of helping Michael gain his weight back, the pale boy had become a healthy 210 and he was assured that it was okay for his age at now 17. His body was like it was before he developed the eating disorder, Michael now actually liking his body somewhat and his boyfriends made sure to give his chubby body lots of love whenever the could. You could tell the four were deeply in love, by the look in each others eyes, a little bit by Michael's expanding waistline, and they rings on each others fingers, sure it was early but they didn't wanna wait.

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