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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, Toddler Mikey, Papa Harry and Dada Niall. Since Mikey is 3, I made him say a few words incorrectly and stuff just to make it cuter. I'm a bit tired, so it may get a little bad near the end.
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Niall and Harry adopted a 3 year old boy named Michael. Michael had blonde hair, a chubby little tummy, cute little chipmunk cheeks, soft pale skin, little thunder thighs, beautiful emerald green eyes, and a cute little bum. Mikey was a little shy around his new 'Dada' and 'Papa', considering he had just been taken home and introduced to his new home. Niall opened the door and the first thing Michael thought was how freaking big the house was! He just saw the foyer but it looked huge! "Welcome to your new home Mikey." Harry smiled as they walked in, the British lad set Michael down on the tile floor and he stood up, looking around. Michael sat on the floor and laid flat on his tummy, "I loves my new home." He smiled and Niall picked him up, "Wanna see more buddy?" He asked and Michael rapidly nodded, they showed Mikey around and he was so excited to see his room, he said and I quote, "I gots my own room!". Michael wasn't at all shy anymore, he had been in this house for not even an hour and he already loved it and was so happy, he was so excited to have his own room and his own toys, and of course his new daddies. After they showed him around, Mikey's tummy growled really loudly, "My tummy talking dada." He giggled as Niall picked him up, "What do you like to eat?" Harry asked. "Food." Michael smiled, "You like food?" Niall laughed and Michael nodded, "I love food too, I could eat it forever, I think you're gonna be really happy here." Niall smiled and kissed his nose. "I'll make dinner." Harry smiled and went into the kitchen, Michael babbled random words as Niall put him down on the floor, the toddler stood up and teetered into the kitchen, following Harry around as he cooked dinner, the blonde boy sneaking food. Niall noticed this and he picked Michael up, he still had food in his mouth, "Mikey, I know you're hungry, so am I, but you have to be patient." Niall cooed and Michael stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, "But I hungwy now dada." He pouted as he looked at Niall with puppy eyes, "I know buddy, but I promise your little tummy is gonna be packed full and you won't want to eat another bite, okay?" Niall smiled and Michael giggled when his dada poked his tummy, "Okay!" Michael smiled and clung to Niall, nuzzling his face in the crook of Niall's neck. "Wanna go play with your toys?" He asked and Michael nodded, Niall taking him upstairs to his bedroom and Michael took out his blocks, stacking them up as high as he could and then standing up, knocking them down. "RAWR! I'M DA FOOD MONTER AND I'M HUNGWY! RAWR! FEED ME!" Michael exclaimed as he kicked his blocks around and pretended to 'destroy' stuff because he's a monster. "Dinner's ready!" Harry called from downstairs and Michael cheered, "Time for yum-yums dada!" Michael cheered and Niall picked him up, carrying the giggly boy downstairs and placing him in his high chair, Michael's licked his lips as he saw what was on the table. Turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken, and mac and cheese. Michael put his stuffed lion Daniel on the table so he wouldn't get messy with food and Harry put a plate on Michael's highchair tray for him, Michael gobbled it up in minutes, the blonde boy held out his plate, "More pwease?" Michael asked with a cute little pout and Niall put more of everything on Mikey's plate, this repeating about 5 times before Michael was stuffed. Michael's belly was bloated and round, it looked like he swallowed a balloon, "Stuffed dadda and papa." Michael groaned and let out a little burp, his little body not able to make big ones. Michael made grabby hands to Harry and he picked him up, "Me too buddy, I'm full too." Niall smiled and patted his tummy, Michael yawned and snuggled into Harry's chest, "Sweepy papa." He mumbled and Harry carried him upstairs, laying him down in his crib and tucking him in, kissing his forehead and tummy, giving him Daniel to cuddle with. "Goodnight dada and papa, I love you." Michael smiled sleepily, "We love you too buddy, get some sleep." Niall smiled before they left the room. That's how Mikey's meals went, he would have about 5 or 6 servings and then have a stuffed tummy, he would be burping and rubbing his belly, his daddies rubbing it for him sometimes. As Mikey began to put on weight, so did Niall, he realized how his clothes weren't fitting too well anymore and his jeans wouldn't button. "Harry?" Niall called as he put on some sweats, "Yes baby?" He asked, "Can you get me some new clothes? They're getting too tight." Niall mumbled and Harry chuckled, "Of course, you watch Mikey while I get them okay?" He asked and Niall nodded, Harry went downstairs and left. "Dada? Papa?" Michael called and Niall went into his bedroom, seeing the chubby toddler standing up in his crib, "I hungwy dada." Michael pouted as Niall picked him up, a growl emitting from his belly. "Okay buddy, let's go get something too eat because I'm hungry too." Niall smiled and walked downstairs, sitting Mikey in his high chair and making 2 big sandwiches for them, Michael squealed slightly when Niall put the sandwich in front of him. Niall tied a bib around Michael's neck and he did the same thing, "I wear bib like dada." Michael giggled and then bit into his sandwhich, Niall eating his as well. "Yummy!" Michael giggled and ate his huge sandwhich, his belly swelling up as he stuffed it. After he was done, he had a messy bib, crumbs all over his face, and a big bloated belly, "My tummy gonna go KABOOM!" Michael exclaimed as he rubbed his belly, making grabby hands to Niall as the Irish boy stood up, he took off his bib and Michael's and then lifted him up, "Rub my tummy dada?" Michael asked as they cuddled on the couch, Niall nodded and Niall unzipped his onezies, rubbing his tummy softly and Michael smiled, snuggling into Niall's chest and falling asleep, Harry coming home and seeing them fast asleep on the couch together. After another month, Mikey and Niall were really packing on the pounds, both at 400 pounds each, the other day Niall tried picking Michael up, but the toddler was too heavy for him. "Look how big I am dada!" Michael exclaimed as he lifted up his shirt and rubbed his big belly, "You're too big for me to pick up now buddy." Niall laughed, but thankfully Harry was able to pick him up. Michael had ripped multiple onezies, broken multiple high chairs and cribs, his daddies had to buy special furniture so they didn't keep breaking stuff. Michael was sitting in his high chair, his tummy growling loudly as he waited for dinner, and when it came, he chowed down. He stuffed his belly with basically a Thanksgiving feast, Niall stuffing himself as well, Niall had to unbutton his jeans and Michael kept burping from his stuffed tummy. After dinner, the two were both stuffed to their max, "That was delicious babe, but if you keep feeding me like that, I won't be able to move much." Niall laughed and Harry chuckled, kissing his forehead and they heard a groan, seeing Michael leaning back in his high chair, onezie unzipped and his belly drum tight, the blonde boy drifting in and out of sleep. "C'mon Mikey, let's get you too bed." Harry cooed as he picked Michael up, "Wanna cuddle with dada." Michael mumbled as they walked upstairs, Niall having a little trouble doing so, Michael was laid next to Niall in bed, his dada rubbing his big belly. "C'mon baby, go to sleep." Niall cooed and Michael fell asleep wi th his dada, stuffed and happy.

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