Alternative ending

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Alternative ending for the previous oneshot.

This one's fluffier and goes more with the whole WG theme


{398 words}
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Michael was shopping at the grocery store, back to his muscular physique he used to be after working hard for almost a whole year with Harry. Michael wasn't gonna lie, he had developed a crush on the brown haired boy, not happy when he found out he already had a boyfriend, who was actually Michael's old personal trainer Louis. Michael was no longer a vegetarian since he dropped all the weight, now extremely thankful he was able to eat meat again because fucking hell did he miss it. Michael had his earbuds in, the hoodie of his jacket up as he looked through the aisles and he felt a tap on his shoulder, making him jump a bit and he turned around, his jaw dropping at who he saw and he took his earbuds out. "A-Ashton?" He stammered, "Hey." The curly haired lad smiled, "Hi, how have you been?" Michael asked, "Awful, I can't stop thinking about how you left." He mumbled, "You broke my heart." Michael frowned, "Michael, I am so so so so so damn sorry and I'm gonna be honest, I originally did it for money but then as you got bigger, I fell in love with you and when you kissed me......I knew that nothing else mattered but you. I feel so awful for what I did and I was so pissed at Calum for weeks. I just want you back in my life, I want you to be my piggie again, I want to love you again, please please please give me another chance." Ashton begged and Michael had no words, he was speechless as Ashton was almost on his knees begging for another chance to make Mikey his big piggie again. "D-did you r-really love me?" Michael stammered and Ashton rapidly nodded, "I still love you." Ashton whispered. Michael stepped closer to Ashton and cupped his face, kissing him and Ashton kissed back. Michael pulled away and looked into Ashton's eyes, "Please let me feed you again?" Ashton asked, "I'll be your piggie anyday." Michael smiled and kissed him again. As the years went by you could tell they were happy by Michael's expanding waistline, the rings on their fingers, and the baby girl Michael was always cradling.

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