Faking it

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Minor fighting scenes

A little bit of sad Mikey

Minor air inflation

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"I'm not having the same fight with you again Rachel!" Michael snapped as he tugged at his blonde hair, "Then stop hanging out with all these other girls and making the paparazzi go insane!" She screamed, "Do you not want me to have fucking friends Rachel?! You aren't the only fucking girl in the world you know?! I can have fucking friends if I want to!" Michael shouted, "If there are so many girls out there then I guess I'll just leave!" She screamed and Michael froze, "L-l-leave?" Michael stammered, his heart breaking as she nodded slowly. "I'm leaving." She stated and made for the door, only for him to grab her arm and tears were falling down his face, "Rachel, please don't go." He whimpered and she sighed, he fell to his knees. "I-I n-need you Rachel." Michael cried, "No you don't, you just need a girlfriend and I'm not the only woman in the world. You said so yourself." She mumbled and tugged her arm out of his grip, the words hitting Michael extremely hard and he sobbed as she left, he went upstairs and laid in bed, sobbing. He woke up and got a text from Rachel, his face lighting up a bit but then falling when he read it and it just told him he was coming by to get some stuff. "Fuck." He mumbled to himself and stood up, getting an idea and he went to the closet, digging in the far back of it and pulling out an inflating pump someone gave him as a joke for his birthday, "Well, the joke's one them isn't it?" He smirked to himself, a kinda mean plan forming in his head. He could just pretend to be a little sick and Rachel would take care of him, it was kinda mean and of course he would feel guilty afterwards, but he couldn't just let her leave him.....right? He stood up and sighed, "Here goes nothing." Michael mumbled and stuck the hose in his mouth, starting to squeeze the small pump and swallowing the air the flowed into his mouth, he put his hand on his belly and felt it had puffed out a little, 'Little more' He thought as he continued to squeeze the pump, his tummy puffing up and he took the air hose out, "Ugh, enough." He groaned and he rubbed his bloated belly, his tummy feeling tight and it kinda hurt with all the air inside it. He looked like he was 3 months pregnant and he rubbed his tummy, putting the inflating pump back into the closet and he rushed downstairs, looking through the fridge for something he could use as fake puke, "Ah-ha!" He whisper-yelled to himself as he found a container of what looked like some old soup that was a yucky looking color. He went to the bathroom and dumped some into the toilet, let wetting his hair a little so he looked sweaty and then he put the container back, hearing the door open and he rushed upstairs, going into the bathroom and making gagging and vomiting noise, his burping making it sound more real. "Michael?" Rachel called as she walked upstairs and and he burped a couple times before answering as weak as he could sound, "In here." He mumbled and she opened the door, her face softening as she saw him. "Oh babe what's wrong?" Rachel cooed and Michael mentally smirked knowing his plan was working, "I feel like- BRUUPPPP! - shit." Michael groaned, burping in the middle and Rachel bent down, feeling his forehead and cheeks. "You're kinda warm babe." She cooed and he whined, "You gonna be sick again?" She asked and he shook his head, she flushed the toilet and helped him stand up, taking him back to bed. "Mikey, why is your stomach so bloated?" Rachel asked and he shrugged, rubbing it as he let out a small belch. "Air I guess." Michael mumbled and Rachel played with his hair, "Sorry about before, I just let jealous take control." She whispered and he cracked a small smile, "Baby, it's okay, couples fight, it's part of all relationships." Michael cooed and put his fist to his mouth, burping a bit. "Get some rest kitten." She smiled and kissed his forehead, then leaving and Michael felt guilty. He was lying right to her face about being sick, he sighed and rolled onto his back, letting out another burp and he rubbed his flatter belly, closing his eyes and he sighed, guilty taking control and he got up, going downstairs and hugging Rachel as tight as possible. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He apoligized, "Mikey, what do you mean?" She asked, "I'm a dick, I lied about being sick so you would take care of me and we wouldn't be breaking up. I'm sorry, I just need you so bad." Michael explained and sniffled, beginning to cry and Rachel wiped his tears. "Baby, it's okay. Don't cry, no its okay." She smiled and smiled a little. "How did you keep burping though?" She asked, "I, um, I'll must show you." Michael mumbled and took her upstairs, taking out the inflating pump. "I swallowed air that's all." He shrugged and stuck the hose in his mouth, blushing a bit as he swallowed more air and his belly swelled up, he took the hose out of his mouth and burped a bit, laughing when he saw Rachel's grimace. "Now you're gonna be burping all night, ewwwww." She grimaced and he laughed, "But you love me." Michael giggled and hugged her, "Sadly, yes." She smirked and he pouted, Rachel kissing it away.

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