Baby fat

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Not mpreg (sorry misleading title)

- vomit

Slight daddy kink (you'll know later)

Okay but his tummy poking out in the gif!!!!!

Tummy tummy tummy!!!!!

Michael's tummy is my obsession in case you haven't noticed

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Michael and Luke had been roomates for about 2 years, becoming best friends over time and Luke may or may not be developing a small, tiny, itty-bitty crush on the black haired boy. Luke had been chubby his whole life, the baby fat never really leaving his body, which Luke didn't really mind, but what he did mind is his roomate commenting on his chubby frame. Michael would always make little comments about his belly, teasing him about the accumulation of pudge on the younger boy. Luke was currently sitting on the couch, Michael sitting on the floor at his feet and playing some video game. Suddenly, Michael paused the game and got up, sitting next to Luke and poking his belly. "Michael, stop it." Luke mumbled as Michael kept poking his tummy, "I can't help it, it's so squishy!" Michael giggled and Luke pushed his hand away, "Why you so snappy? Did someone steal your food?" Michael snickered and Luke's blood boiled in anger, the black haired boy was taking this too fucking far. "Fuck you Clifford." Luke mumbled and got up, storming up to his room and locking the door, Michael knowing not to follow as Luke needed to time to cool off, the older boy sighed and went up to his room, falling asleep. The next morning, Michael walked downstairs and saw Luke cooking breakfast, the black haired boy sat at the breakfast bar and sighed. "Look, Luke I'm sorry. I went too far last night." Michael mumbled and Luke shrugged, putting a stack of pancakes infront of him, "It's fine, you were just kidding." Luke smiled and Michael raised an eyebrow. "You're not mad?" Michael asked as he ate the syruppy pancakes and Luke nodded, "Okay then, still I'm sorry about it mate." Michael mumbled with a mouthful of pancakes and Luke smiled at him. Michael had no idea what Luke was really thinking, the blonde was still pissed at him for saying that, deciding to do a little revenge on Michael. He was gonna put weight gain powder in Michael's food and drinks, making him gain weight without even being aware of it. So, over the next couple months, Michael had gained around 30 pounds because of Luke's plan, now being around 210 pounds with a round belly and slightly saggy chest. Michael walked downstairs one morning and plopped down on the couch next to Luke, his belly jiggling as he did so and Luke decided to poke it, his finger sinking in a few unhealthy inches. "How did you get all squishy?" Luke smirked and Michael blushed, pushing his hand away and tugging on his tshirt. "Look at chubby you got!" Luke giggled and Michael blushed harder, but not saying anything. Then, Michael put his hand on Luke's tummy, pinching it and jiggling it, "Been eating well lately?" Michael smirked and Luke was fuming once again, going upstairs and getting a pair of handcuffs someone gave him as a gag gift. "Luke, that's some pretty kinky shit." Michael laughed as he saw the handcuffs amd Luke lunged at him, cuffing his hands behind his back and Michael started to thrash around, "What the actual-" Michael began, cut off as a beer bong hose was shoved in his mouth and he gave Luke a "wtf?" look. "Since you think it's so funny to have a belly, let's see how funny you think it is." Luke retorted and he opened a gallon of weight gain shake, pouring it down the beer bong amd Michael had no choice but to gulp it down, almost whimpering at how heavy it was in his belly. Michael groaned after he drank the whole thing, his belly swelling up amd it feeling full, "Ooooh, we're just starting piggie." Luke smirked and Michael had to admit, he was fucking scared. Luke kept pouring weight gain shake down the beer bong and then stuffed sugar cookies into Michael's mouth, stuffing him past his limit and after about an hour of this, Luke swore Michael was gonna pass out from the Luke on his face. " hurts so bad." Michael whimpered as he panted heavily, sweat forming on his forehead and guilt rushed through Luke's veins, making him quickly uncuff Michael and the black haired boy's hands rubbed circles in his beach ball belly. "Fuck, Mikey I'm sorry, I went way too far." Luke rushed out and Michael just whimpered, "I-I don't f-feel so good." Michael mumbled and Luke sat him up, "You gonna be sick aren't you?" Luke mumbled and Michael nodded, Luke placing a trash bin under his chin and Michael threw up everything Luke had force fed him, the blonde's heart sinking as Michael made horrible retching noises. "Fuck Michael, I'm such an awful person." Luke sighed and Michael put the bin down as he finished, hugging Luke and sitting on the floor. "Lukey, don't best yourself over it. Not gonna lie.....being stuffed feels pretty good." Michael mumbled and Luke's eyes widened, "Will daddy stuff me again?" Michael mumbled and went beet red when he realized what he had said. "I dunno....does my piggie want it again?" Luke smirked and Michael bit his lip, making Luke kiss him softly.

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